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Noise Cancelling headphonesI am curious what people think of the noise cancelling headphones.
I borrowed an early version of noise-cancelling headphones from a friend, and was amazed at how well they worked.
PT-  I would be curious what you discover when you borrow your friend's headphones,and if you would find them better for some noises than others. Do the Bose, in canceling the sound-emit any signal you can hear?(when not using a jackhammer!)As to those earplugs, the noise reduction ones- Your very apt description is wonderful! Tony- Thank You very much for your reply on all counts!(hope your computer is cooperating today, as it seems like they have minds of their own sometimes.)And cheers to you as well!
Remember: Using others' images on the web without their permission may be bad manners, or worse, copyright infringement. Summary Statement: A presentation on the causes of hearing loss in construction, prevention and current regulations. This device automatically adjusts to the appropriate level each time you enter a new environment.
This device can zoom in and out on voices allowing you the ability to participate in conversations with ease. More people are turning on their computers and going online to go shopping for everything from tennis shoes, crafts and tools.

Believe it or not, hearing loss has many negative side affects other than missing out on conversation. Flex Technology Platform, 3 Channels & 3 Bands, Adjustable Compression System, Switchable Fixed Directional Mic.
Flex Technology Platform, 5 Channels & 5 Bands, Adjustable Compression System, Switchable Fixed Directional Mic.
4 Channels, Feedback Phase Inverter, Digital Noise Canceller, Program Button, T-Coil, Omni Directional Microphone, Audiogram Direct. If your neighbour has a party, you'll know that even a brick wall can't stop the low notes. Had a bit of hyperacusis at first, but that went away.The Bose muffs would be great for a mower.
Had a bit of hyperacusis at first, but that went away.Sorry to hear about the tinnitus, but glad your hyperacusis went away!Wish mine, and everyone else's, would take a long hike and it can take our tinnitus with it!Your description of what the Bose Headphones will do is quite convincing.
It generates low volume white noise to help you take your mind of the tinnitus sound, or ringing in the ears. I believe they somehow sense what sound waves are in the vicinity and produce a wave to counteract those. My friend has regular Bose noise-cancelling headphones and I keep meaning to borrow them and compare them to regular protective muffs.

You hear they are not as good against quick percussive sounds because they don't quite have enough time to produce the appropriate wave.
Thanks!Also Thank you for detailing out, in the other thread, the process you went through when you got fitted for your special earplugs. Had me in stitches when I read about it :-)I play guitar - I'm not bad or great - somewhere in the middle I think.
As to the cost, I do not go to concerts these days, and am still recovering from a setback from a few months ago.
Mostly though at the moment, I mess about with my pc until it breaks and then have fun trying to fix it. Because it is back-to-front it cancels out the original.The audio lead is nothing to do with the noise cancellation really. So for me it's worth the money to get the good ones!(I have heard some smart people say "You get what you Pay for" and in this case, for me, I really think that could be true.)Though I do thank you for including the other info as well! Perhaps an online search for noise canceling headphones, also using the phrase or words "detachable audio cable" may bring up other brands as well.

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