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The Heart of the Matter: What Does America Really Know about Coronary Artery Disease Treatments?
Some General ENT doctors do not do Mastoidectomy because of the daunting surgical riskiness, and refer these case to to Dr. Although complications do not often occur, they include persistent ear drainage, infection in the mastoid cavity and hearing loss. Note that the best hearing results are obtained when there is no damage to any of the hearing bones.

In cases where the hearing bones are not re-constructable, or when tympanoplasty and ossiculoplasty fail, BAHA implants may be indicated.
A This can be done as part of treatment for mastoiditis, chronic suppurative otitis media or cholesteatoma.
Facial nerve injury (paralysis of the face on the side of the surgery) is a rare but potential hazard in mastoid surgery. If any of the bones need to be replaced, the final result is never as good as the original equipment.

In addition, it is sometimes performed as part of other procedures (cochlear implant) or Envoy Esteem surgery.
There are synthetic bones that replace any combination of damage to the three natural hearing bones.

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