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Because of the depth at which IIC devices are placed in the ear, and because there are no hearing aid components blocking other parts of the ear’s anatomy, the ear can naturally capture sounds and send them through the ear canal as it would for those with “normal” hearing.
If you’re concerned about the visibility of hearing aids, and aren’t an appropriate candidate for IICs, rest easy.
This device has the high technology that is able to pick up important soft sound such as leaves, twits and human conversations. Siemens also ensure world class sound quality that will minimize noise without losing the hearing and understanding. I will strongly encourage Siemens SecureEar for any hunting occasions to equip one with superhuman hearing powers.
Technological advancements are sweeping the healthcare industry, and audiologists have seen their fair share of new hearing aid options for their patients. Without the hearing instrument blocking the ear canal, "low frequency sounds can enter the ear from the environment, preserving a more natural sound quality and cues for localization of sound," according to Lori Trentacoste, AuD, CCC-A, owner, Island Better Hearing, Inc. Since their introduction, open fit hearing aids have dominated the hearing aid market, and Bauman noted that audiologists do very little custom hearing aids these days. Even more recently, Bauman helped further hearing aid technology by developing a variation of the traditional BTE hearing aid by removing the traditionally placed receiver in the body of a BTE instrument and placing it in an open ear canal. The new design gave audiologists yet another method for solving their patients' hearing losses, and Bauman estimates 70-80% of hearing aids dispensed these days are receiver-in-the-ear.
But Bauman is hopeful that hearing aid manufacturers are on to the problem and are making strides toward even better hearing solutions for those hard-to-fit patients. While hearing technologies march on, the benefits have already been significant not only in terms of better hearing quality, but also better care delivery. But BTE hearing aids don't require the same degree of customization, giving audiologists the opportunity to demonstrate different options right there in the office. Temporary infant hearing loss during critical periods can have a lasting detrimental effect on brain development.
Just after introducing his RIC hearing aid to the market, Bauman got a phone call that would test the viability of all of these new possibilities.

After changing the receiver to better match the processor's ability, Bauman asked for the boy's impressions and audiograms. Email, first name, comment and security code are required fields; all other fields are optional. These hearing aids are more commonly referred to as “invisible in the canal” or IIC devices. There are a variety of styles, including mini BTEs that are virtually invisible when they are matched with your hair or skin tone. It comes with the four-channel technology that will properly process sound from all directions and gives you the right sound from the right direction.
In the age of smart phones and connectivity, baby boomers and young adults alike expect a lot from their technology - and that includes their hearing aids. The biggest problem, of course, was the occlusion effect - not to mention patient discomfort.
Receiver-in-the canal (RIC) hearing aids are an attempt to preserve even more the natural sound capturing abilities of the ear.
Not all patients are good candidates for open fit hearing aids, and more traditional fittings are sometimes the right choice.
Although RIC options currently don't work well for those with profound hearing loss, he admits a few manufacturers are already exploring the possibilities. Traditional in-the-ear hearing aids require custom fittings, and patients have to have a lot of trust in their care provider that the device they order will fit the bill.
An ear, nose and throat physician from Serbia called to ask if the new RIC hearing aids might work for his son who had significant hearing loss.
With little customization needed, he was able to make, pre-program and then ship the hearing aids over to Serbia.
With the exception of email, any information you provide will be displayed with your comment. These hearing aids sit deeper in the ear canal than other devices, and achieve a comfortable fit for the wearer because the shell is custom-made for the wearer.

And, despite their size and subtlety, mini BTEs are incredibly powerful hearing aids, available with industry’s most advanced sound processing features. This hearing aid is made so perfect that it acts as an ear plug for your ear, blocking and dampening any loud bangs by the guns by up to 35dB. Imagine that you have a hunt competition and you are racing against the time to get as many games as possible.
At the same time, many are looking for an option that has kept pace with the smaller-is-better mentality. Various venting options just weren't enough to overcome these problems, so developers looked to a new, open fit style that places the hearing aid behind the ear and delivers the sound to the ear through a small tube. The receiver is removed from the body of the hearing aid and it is placed inside the ear canal, still leaving the ear open.
He is hopeful that one day even this patient population may enjoy the benefits of receiver in the canal options. Siemens SecureEar is able to dampening these loud noises instead of amplifying the loud bang. So how can an audiologist wade through the hearing aid options to find the best fit for their patients who want it all? Commonly called behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids, these leave the ear canal free of any bulky hearing device.
It differentiates the soft sound in the environment and amplifies that important sound for the hunter.

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