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The Heart of the Matter: What Does America Really Know about Coronary Artery Disease Treatments? In late 2005, I took over the North Parramatta Chiropractic Clinic that was originally the practice of David Goodrich and later Michael Marsden. My treatment style utilises standard chiropractic manipulative therapy along with massage and stretching techniques to improve mobility and flexibility of joints and soft tissues to reduce joint and muscle tension. My first few years were based at Blacktown where I worked alongside three chiropractic university lecturers.

In the same year I completed my Certificate III in Fitness with the Fitness Institute of Australia. Upon graduating I was determined to identify ways of providing the maximum amount of relief in the shortest period of time. In 2008 I completed my Yoga Teacher Training and started teaching a vinyasa style of yoga at Yoga West. I believe that the success of chiropractic is based on reliably achieving fast results supported by encouraging increased patient fitness and flexibility.

Utilising diversified chiropractic manipulation, massage and stretching techniques, I will have you pain-free before you know it.

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