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Statistics of TIs show some higher occurrence of victims in chosen regions in the Czech Republic. Infrared Body Thermoregulation Diagnosis is one of possible detecting method of local body attacks. Computer programmer, Council Member of Association Aspiring to Ban Human Neural System Manipulation by Radiofrequency Radiation in the Czech Republic. Vice-chairman of Polish Association of TI's - Stop Organized Electronic Tortures (Stowarzyszenie STOP Zorganizowanym Elektronicznym Torturom, STOPZET), Spolek Za zakaz manipulace lidske nervove soustavy radiofrekvencnim zarenim.
6 mar 2016 Video of our 8th forum of Covert and Overt Harassments in Japan with English subtitles. 22 Dec 2015 Harald Brems of the Initiative Gegen Elektromagnetische Folter (IGEF), at the Covert Harassment Conference 2015: 1) Lecture, 2) Interview, 3) Reflection. 20 Dec 2015 John Hall at the Covert Harassment Conference 2015: 1) Lecture, 2) Interview, 3) Announcing TARGETED, The Movie, 4) Reflection. 29 Nov 2015 This is an update regarding the delay with the videos from the Covert Harassment Conference 2015. We have completed editing all speakers talks and will start uploading the videos this week. We were meant to receive the conference videos immediately after the event and, also, we were meant to receive edited videos one month after the conference. When finally, after over one month, we received our videos, many of them appeared to be of bad quality and some fragments were missing.
15 Oct 2015 Unique interviews from the Covert Harassment Conference, 1-2 October 2015, Berlin, broadcasted by Jim Fetzer's The Real Deal: 1) Kevin Barrett and Nick Begich, 2) Kevin Barrett and Ole Dammegard and Olle Johansson, 3) Kevin Barrett and Peter Mooring.
12 Oct 2015 Demonstration on Sunday 18 October 2015, 4pm, Oranienplatz, Kreutzberg, Berlin.
The conference took place, we had some 130 participants (excluding speakers), few journalists and doctors, most were TI's.
We had visitors from Germany, Poland Czech Republic, France, Netherlands, Japan, Russia, Ireland, Sweden, Bulgaria, Italy, etc. We also want to thank our speakers, without them, the conference would not have been possible. Thank you Nick Begich, Mojmir Babacek, Ole Dammegard, Kevin Barrett, Olle Johansson, John Hall, Henning Witte, Mecislav Chorzempa, Rick Simpson! The participants list will be send soon, we will put the lectures online in 1-3 months (please be patient) and will contact everyone who sent us messages.

1 Oct 2015 NTV with Janusz Zagorski present at the conference to record the presentations and do media coverage. 24 Sep 2015 During the conference the book of late MD Rauni Kilde "BRIGHT LIGHT ON BLACK SHADOWS"* published in March 2015 in Canada will be available.
This case is typical of many 'technical crime victims' labeled 'targeted individuals' and their families.
9 Sep 2015 Ole Dammegard on tour in September and Oct 2015, speaking also at the Covert Harassment Conference 2015! 8 Sep 2015 About microwave, EMF, satellite or even HAARP technology, plus on-the-ground operatives, to stalk and harass people. 7 Sep 2015 Unfortunately, due to serious (leg) injury Carl Clark cannot come to the conference.
Brilliant artist David Dees expresses his support to the conference by sharing his art with us.
28 Aug 2015 CHC2015 Press Release available in English, Deutsch (German), Polski (Polish) and Francais (French).
Jim Fetzer is a former Marine Corps officer, who has published widely on the theoretical foundations of scientific knowledge, computer science, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and evolution and mentality. The 2015 conference is dedicated to the memory of Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde who was a speaker at the 2014 conference. The conference is part of the TI-EVENT-2015, a two day event to bring together the targeted individuals from all over Europe and the world.
Many challenges face our field as regards diagnosis, management and rehabilitation so we have to search for non-traditional methods to overcome these obstacles so this is the idea of our conference. The Egyptian Audio-Vestibular Medicine Association (EAVMA), have the pleasure of inviting all colleagues in audio-vestibular practice to attend and participate in the Second Conference of EAVMA which will be held on 15-16 March, 2012. If ANSD is suspected in older children would it be more suitable to carryout a resting ABR, sedated ABR or Cortical test, as an objective measure.
The Louisiana Academy of Audiology (LAA) hosted its 1st Annual Conference in New Orleans on September 12-13, 2014. Dr Berlin was chosen as the first recipient of this distinction due to his many achievements and contributions to the field of audiology in Louisiana. We have more targeted men than women, which is different in comparison with other countries.
Janusz is running the internet TV station NTV in Poland and active in exposing facts about mind control.

Lucas Pomeroy and decided to put this online and at the same time start our investigations into this.
We visited Carl and did an interview with him parts of which will be shown during the conference. Kevin Barrett will media cover our event and also will be speaking at the Covert Harassment Conference 2015. It aims at creating more awareness on the covert crimes committed against them and humanity.
For those seeking to expand their knowledge of the field and learn about up to date, EAVMA 2012 cannot be missed. Steve Madix, PhD, president of LAA, presented Dr Berlin with the organization’s “Lifetime Achievement Award in Audiology” on behalf of the LAA Board of Directors and its members.
In attendance were Dr Berlin’s family members and friends, as well as former students and colleagues. Those days even mainstream media were allowed to inform about interior damage of furniture, window glass, electricity outlets, etc.
One of them was visited by a Targeted Individual during the time when the attack was strong and most likely led from electronical remote Neural Weapons. Terukatsu Ishibashi, the Chairman of the board of directors of Technological Crime Victims Network Specified Nonprofit Organization.
In this way at least an indirect proof of evidence was recorded by Thermo Diagnostic Measurer during this attack.
The attackers made a mistake, as the harmful radiation beaming resulted into temperature rise in the attacked body part and was actually recorded, computerized by Thermo Diagnostic Centre and printed. The temperature difference of the same body part, where RFID foreign body was indicated by ICAACT specialists, reached the value of as much as 5,3 °C. At that time however, the perpetrators were more careful and they were not shooting with their electronical remote Neural Weapons against the same TI. Thus the 2nd result showed minimal difference in the temperatures of the same part of TI's body and its surroundings.

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