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The most common causes of vertigo are middle ear infection, Meniere’s disease, and positional vertigo.
As the vertigo is triggered by neck movement, chiropractors find that restoring normal neck function by way of manipulation, massage and stretching, can significantly alleviate the dizziness symptoms. Clinically many patients with vertigo respond very well to chiropractic care and are grateful for being able to live without this debilitating condition.
It is not physically possible for a ‘disc’ to slip. The intervertebral disc acts as a cushion or shock-absorber between the bodies of the vertebrae. The fibres of the disc are fused into the fibres of the vertebrae and a person would not survive the force it would take to separate the two. The condition that is commonly called a ‘Slipped Disc’ is actually a misalignment of the vertebrae at the Facet Joint. William H., a seventy-year-old man with a history of hypertension and diabetes mellitus, came to my office complaining that his left arm and leg had been weak and almost paralyzed for two months. Strokes usually occur in down time, and are usually heralded by all or some of these symptoms: a sudden onset of weakness or paralysis of the arms, legs, side of the face, or any part of the body. Type 2 is hemorrhagic stroke, caused by bleeding inside of the brain that is secondary to ruptured aneurysms or uncontrolled high blood pressure.
Additional causes of strokes, with the exception of strokes caused by old age or high blood pressure, are described below.
Coronary artery disease, which can lead to a heart attack or stroke, as can other heart conditions, such as endocarditis, fibrillation, heart failure, or heart valve diseases.
Some who have ischemic strokes may be given tissue plasminogen activator (rt-PA), which is a potent clot-busting drug that helps some people fully recover. Surgical procedures might also be used, including carotid endarterectomy, angioplasty, and stents.
The most common procedures for hemorrhagic strokes are clipping aneurysms and removal of an arteriovenous malformation (AVM). After emergency treatment, early rehabilitation is very important because the most benefit will be obtained within six months of having a stroke. The TCM treatments for strokes are different from Western medicine, where, after emergency room treatment or surgery, the main recovery method is to try and return physical functions to the parts of the body affected by the stroke.
Both Western and traditional Chinese medicine recognize the same two forms of stroke: Ischemic and hemorrhagic.
During the course of more than three thousand years of accumulated experience, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) developed scalp acupuncture, one of its most advanced treatments for people with strokes. The most valuable treatment of TCM for strokes is the combination of body and scalp acupuncture.
In TIAs, there is dizziness, weakness on one side of the body, with numbness and a tingling sensation, and the symptoms gradually disappear within twenty-four hours. Body points: Du 23 Shang Xin, Du 20 Bai Hui, Ex-HN 3 Ying Tang, LI 15 Jian Yu, LI 11 Qu Qi, St 36 Zu San Li, and GB 34 Yang Ling Quan.
Headache, vertigo, tinnitus, nasal obstruction, aphasia by apoplexy, coma, mental disorders, prolapse of the rectum and uterus.
Symptoms of ischemic strokes are facial paralysis, sluggish language, and paralysis on one side of the body. Body points: PC 6 Nei Guan, Du 26 Ren Zhong, Sp 6 San Yin Jiao, Ht 1 Ji quan, Lu 5 Qi Zhe, UB 40 Wei Zhong, LI 4 He Gu, and LI 11 Qu Qi.
Body Points: GB 20 Feng Chi, Ex-HN 5 Tai Yang, St 7 Xia Guan, St 4 Di Chang penetrate to St 6 Jia Che, and LI 4 He Gu for the healthy side. Body points: D 23 Shang Xin penetrate to D 20 Bai Hui, GB 20 Feng Chi, Ex-HN 3 Ying Tang, Ex-HN 12 Jin Jin, Ex-HN 13 Yu Ye, Ht 5 Tong Li, UB 10 Tian Zhu, and Ren 23 Lian Quan.
Symptoms of this type of stroke are weakness and an inability to extend the elbow, wrist, and fingers. Body points: GB 20 Feng Chi, Ht 1 Ji Quan, Lu 5 Qi Zhe, LI 4 He Gu, LI 15 Jian Yu, LI 11 Qu Qi, and SJ 5 Wai Guan.

Symptoms include difficulty raising shoulder, limited range of motion, difficulty combing hair, putting on a bra, and inserting the arm into a sleeve.
Body points: LI 15 Jian Yu, Du 26 Ren Zhong, SI 9 Jian Zhen, SI 15 Jian Zhong Shu, SI 14 Jian Wai Shu, and St 38 Tiao Kou. Body points: UB 40 Wei Zhong, Sp 6 San Ying Jiao, GB 30 Huan Tiao, GB 34 Yang Ling Quan, and UB 60 Kun Lun. Body points: GB 19 Nao Kong penetrating to GB 20 Feng Chi, UB 9 Yu Zhen penetrating to UB 10 Tian Zhu, Du 17 Nao Hu penetrating to Du 16 Feng Fu, and GB 20 Feng Chi. William underwent my treatment for two months, after which his muscle strength gradually improved to the point that he could move his shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees. A combination of acupuncture, therapy, and therapeutic massage, done together, is the best hope for totally recovering from a stroke. You should ask your acupuncturist to perform the acupuncture treatments for both the body and the scalp.
Always try to fight the effects of the stroke by not using your unaffected extremity, but instead forcing yourself to use the paralyzed part. The combination of acupuncture, physical therapy, therapeutic massage, and self-motivated exercise is the best approach for recovery.
The difference with lower back pain in pregnancy is just that there is extra weight on the joints of the lower back. The major concern for pregnant women is that chiropractic treatments might have an adverse affect on the unborn baby. Pubic symphysis pain and headaches are common symptoms of pregnancy and these symptoms often continue for weeks to months after the baby has been delivered. Another common pain during pregnancy is pain around the lower rib cage in the region of the kidneys. Apart from pain relief during pregnancy, chiropractic manipulation also has the benefit of freeing up restriction in the joints of the pelvis and lower back. Many people with pain can simply put up with it and get on with their day however the feeling of dizziness can stop you dead in your tracks. They are ‘proper joints’ complete with their own joint capsule and are encapsulated in muscle. They can be accompanied by numbness and a decreased tingling sensation, with slurred speech, an inability to speak or understand someone’s else speech, difficulty reading or writing, blurred vision, difficulty swallowing, drooling, loss of balance or coordination, loss of memory, and vertigo. This symptom is seen for less than twenty-four hours, after which the person recovers and becomes normal again. This emergency treatment, together with medication, usually starts with aspirin, which has proved the best treatment immediately after a stroke, and reduces the possibility of another stroke. This is an abnormal connection between veins and arteries, usually congenital, and usually occurring in the central nervous system. It can consist of a dietician, a neurophysiologist, a nurse, occupational, physical, and recreational therapists, a psychiatrist, a rehabilitation doctor, a social worker, and a speech therapist. Although this method will strengthen the muscles and increase the range of motion, the goal of TCM and acupuncture is to try and stimulate the seat of the stroke, the brain—a method that is believed to help the patient recover more quickly. Acupuncture should be started as soon as possible after a stroke occurs and the person’s medical condition has been stabilized.
On the motor and sensory zones, as shown in Figure 26.1B, the brain structure looks like an upside down human body, functionally represented on the cerebral cortex. TCM studied the relationship between the human body’s function and the anatomy of the scalp, and created systemic points on the scalp, which coincide with contemporary neuroanatomy. The cause of a stroke is the occluded blood supply to the brain, but the focus of current rehab medicine is mainly on the upper and lower extremities—hundreds of hours are spent on rehabilitation for these upper and lower extremities.
The person’s eye is unable to close, the tongue extends to the stroke side, and there is difficulty opening or closing the mouth, which may be drooping. By constantly flexing these joints, he had no problem with flexion and extension movements in them, but he still needed treatment for muscle strength and range of motion in the wrists and ankles.

Since the main cause of a stroke is a decreased supply of blood to the brain in either ischemic or hemorrhagic strokes, replenishing the brain’s blood supply greatly improves the functions of the paralyzed parts of the body. So much so, that if you mention that you are suffering lower back pain during pregnancy to a doctor or an obstetrician they will reassure you that it is a normal symptom of pregnancy. Once the inflamed joint has been identified and treated the pregnancy can continue without the lower back pain. Chiropractic manipulation can be safely performed on all levels of the spine throughout pregnancy.
This may aid in providing a less stressful delivery as the pelvis is more flexible than it would have been without manipulation. He had felt numbness and a tingling sensation in his left arm and leg, had difficulty opening both eyes, experienced double vision as well as slurred speech and dizziness, and his movements were clumsy. Some people also experience anxiety, depression, lethargy, nervous energy, or loss of consciousness. A TIA is a warning stroke, or mini-stroke that produces strokelike symptoms, but no lasting damage.
The goal of stroke rehabilitation is to help the person recover as much independence and function as possible. Most physical and occupational therapies are designed for both sets of extremities, but there is no exercise or treatment designed for the brain. For these, he came in two to three times a week for eight weeks, then only once a week for ten weeks, at which time he was also given physical therapy to help muscle strength and range of motion for the upper and lower extremities. It is necessary to treat not only the upper and lower extremities, but also the brain, or the person will be at a functional disadvantage. This is especially true if you have had chiropractic treatment prior to being pregnant, as your body is already used to being treated and the treatment should only involve a little fine tuning to keep the spine healthy and mobile. He was rushed to the emergency room where he was given a CT scan, which confirmed that he’d had a stroke. These symptoms are usually caused by a blockage in the brain artery, a narrowing of the small arteries within the brain, or a hardening of the arteries and arthrosclerosis leading to the brain. Much of stroke rehabilitation involves relearning the skills of daily activity, not only for the paralyzed extremities, but also for improving speech and swallowing, as well as for vision and hearing functions. With acupuncture, however, not only are these extremities treated, but the cause of the stroke is treated as well with the use of body and scalp acupuncture. Pain is a sign that something is inflamed and with appropriate treatment your pregnancy can be wonderfully free of lower back pain. If your body has never had any treatment before then it will take time to adapt and respond to the manipulation. It is often the result of head or neck injury that may not necessarily be traumatic in nature.
He was immediately admitted to the hospital and was given all possible medical treatment: anticoagulation medication, aspirin, and heparin.
It is important to change the medical concepts about stroke rehabilitation because the problem is the brain and doctors not only need to work on the body, but also on the brain.
Whilst this is not a contraindication to manipulation during the first trimester many women choose to wait until they are past the first three months before beginning treatment. He remained in the hospital for a month and, upon discharge, he entered an acute rehab center where he was given exercises for his arm and leg. In many cases though your body will be much better for having had treatment and this can only be of benefit to mother and baby. After a month he felt some improvement in his shoulder and hip joints, but still could not move his elbow, wrist, fingers, knee, or ankles.

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