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Towards the end of her life, Cilla Black suffered from tinnitus, an incurable condition where you keep hearing noises in your head that are not actually there and which gradually send you deaf.
THE sound of silence is something people with tinnitus would treasure - do you know what suffering with the condition is really like? Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation and Tinnitus Desensitisation treatments are being carried out in all of The Tinnitus Clinics in the UK. Though the tinnitus was tolerable at the time – it was after a bout of stress following a family bereavement in early 2015 that an unsuspecting Sandra began to feel the condition slowly taking over her day-to-day life.
Alan, a bookmaker from Durham, regularly attends events like the Cheltenham festival and Royal Ascot, began noticing a buzzing and hissing sound following a cold and chest chest infection in September 2014. Richard Baines is a 44-year old IT professional from Ossett, near Wakefield in West Yorkshire and received Tinnitus Desensitisation Therapya„? for high frequency atonal tinnitus in both ears and an abnormal sensitivity to environmental noises. Twenty-five year old Nathan Bushay a€“ a green grocer and market trader from High Wycombe - experienced debilitating tinnitus following a whiplash injury. Retired florist from Middlesex, Astrid Pryce first experienced tinnitus about four and a half years ago. It's hard to describe how much the condition changed, but it's gone from feeling like my head would split open, to being a very mild annoyance, like a scratch on your foot a€“ and the relief has been sustained. Leo McAuliffe, an 80-year old retired gentleman from Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, suffered from tinnitus for over ten years, until a new treatment a€“ TDT - changed his life dramatically.

Pioneering new tinnitus treatment, Acoustic CRA® Neuromodulation, has transformed daily life for Cleveland-born Anne Wilson.
View a selection of videos about tinnitus, its treatment at The Tinnitus Clinic and a number of patient testimonials on film and BBC Radio. The Tinnitus Clinic is the leading provider of the latest evidence-based tinnitus treatments in the UK.
Loss of balance is one of the more distressing symptoms, and sufferers often find themselves inexplicably on the floor. Within days of starting the pioneering new treatment a€“ called Acoustic CRA® Neuromodulation a€“ he noticed his tinnitus was less intrusive. He had experienced low intensity tinnitus for approximately ten years, until recently, when it became far worse over night. Once the clinic had assessed my tinnitus, I was given the small clip-on device and earphones.
Since then, there's been a noticeable change every couple of days as my tinnitus starts to disappear. Leo didna€™t have any history of audiological issues but was exposed to a great deal of noise whilst motorcycle racing. Now, just six months into treatment, Anne is enjoying tinnitus-free days and peaceful nights. We offer a highly personalised service and a commitment to audiological best practices to significantly reduce your tinnitus symptoms and hearing loss.

Six months previous to this, Ia€™d looked down as I was getting out of the car and both of my ears went pop, like when a plane comes into land. I didn't need any further guidance; treatment was very easy and, as it was non-invasive, I had no concerns.
I held my nose and blew out, to try and clear my ears; both ears cleared but my right ear quickly blocked again and felt pressured. The Spanish authorities believed it might have been something to do with the extreme heat - which it might well have been. I have lived with the condition for the past 10 years following a serious ear infection, and although I can cope, I can never now experience the blissful sound of silence. And I too, have suffered from dizzy spells and loss of balance, often falling down in the street as if I’m drunk. A normal auditory system will filter out the sounds that tinnitus sufferers hear inside their heads, so that the person is not aware of them." "With tinnitus, this filtering system has gone permanently wrong. The search is on to find a drug which will put a stop to the internal noises and pharmaceutical companies are now working on it." In the meantime, what can you do? These have made great progress in the past 10 years or so and when I went for a hearing test, this was what my audiologist recommended.

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