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Then there's Josh Ritter, who sings and writes songs with ultra-trad folk-rock arrangements and eschews the band-like stage names of hipster convention. Ritter's prowess extends to rollicking rock 'n' roll self-immolation fables ("Man Burning"), heartland Nick Drake ("Bright Smile"), and whirling Wurlitzer valentines ("Kathleen"). For all that, Starling doesn't even include Ritter's best compositions, which can be found on Golden Age of Radio. Rooted in the Americana of Woody Guthrie and Townes Van Zandt, Ritter's songs stand naked, conjuring the landscape and musical vernacular of his native Northwest.

Sure, I'd prefer organ tones less reminiscent of Dylan's son's band and more sonic experimentation-- the gentle late-period Yo La Tengo sprawl of "Baby That's Not All" is a good start-- but as a storyteller, Ritter is matched only by his lofty influences.
That record's title track, usually a country-rock barnstormer, recurs as a ballad on the Starling reissue's four-song live bonus disc. Disco-punk was interesting no matter how weak a given Radio 4 song might be, and anything psychedelic lends itself to late-night prose ego trippin' fueled by THC and past-date ephedra. Hello Starling is the Idaho troubadour's third album-- first for a non-folk label-- and it's past time Ritter received the treatment daily papers currently lavish on another flyover-state kid with a recently released record (or two). There's still time to unearth earlier gems like "Harrisburg" and "Me & Jiggs"; it took critical opinion years to coalesce behind Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits, too.

For some, the disorder gets better over time, with symptoms lessening and even disappearing over time. Even recent Pitchfork singer-songwriting heroes boast an extra something: Iron & Wine's antebellum intimacy, M.

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