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Once again, we are excited to be one of only 6 Canadian sites to participate in this international study, and have been looking forward to the results being published.
With this being Davidson Hearing Aid Centres first year being a part of Toy Mountain, we were elated to see just how generous our city can be. Audiologist Robbie Davidson joined the CTV Morning Live Show to talk about Davidson’s experience with Toy Mountain. Phonak Canada, one of the many manufacturers that we work with has produced an interesting video showing how their custom, in the ear style of hearing aids are made. Therefore, it is very important to let your hearing aid batteries sit for several minutes prior to inserting them into the hearing aid to maximize their battery life.
We are very excited to announce that Davidson Hearing Aid Centres has been chosen by the hearing aid manufacturer, Widex, as one of six Centres of Excellence in Canada.
People often ask us how long they should have their hearing aids before considering a new pair.
Not only have hearing aid manufacturers improved their hearing aid technology, but they have also developed new products that can be used in congruence with hearing aid devices to improve overall speech perception. If you have questions or are interested in trying the newest hearing aid and assistive device technology, call and book an appointment with one of our hearing health care professionals today ! Wir liefern Ihnen in enger Zusammenarbeit mit Ihrem HNO-Facharzt Tinnitus-Masker, Retraininggerate und Kombigerate in allen Bauformen. Zusatzlich zu den ublichen Hormessungen beinhaltet der Gerland Service bei Tinnitus eine Tinnitus-Bestimmung, die Tinnitus-Verdeckung und die Bestimmung der Unbehaglichkeitsschwelle.
Customized noise protectors provide hearing protection and at the same time gives exceptional seal  and comfort  to the user.
These earpieces can benefit  customers whose   occupation ,  hobby and  sport activities are constantly exposed to loud sounds. Some famous Filipino musical artists  and singers have asked us  for Customized   In-Ear-Monitors.  Please  bring your in-ear-monitor to our Branch and we will gladly re-case  the shell, thus increasing  user’s comfort because of its perfect fit  and safe position in the ear.
The use of ETY plugs will reduce sound levels evenly making music and speech clear and natural without the muffled effect of other earplugs (too bass sound and dead high-frequency sound). The Dry& Store benefit all types of hearing instruments- hearing aids, cochlear implants, noise maskers, ear monitors etc. Hearing Aid users  who  need additional boost of amplification  when using  the telephone  can benefit from the Xen telephone. Pediatric care kit consists  of battery tester,  container,  listening tube for  hearing aids ,  moisture removal capsule,  kid’s clip and air puffer . Incorporating ten different sound selections from various patterns of surf, waterfall, country evening, rain, etc. We knew right away from the response of our participants that Widex’s new UNIQUE hearing aid had many industry leading features, but it is nice to see these day-to-day improvements reflected in the study results.

With Sivantos acquiring their hearing division just a year ago, they are already poised to launch their next product, co-branded Signia. Miracell ($15): this product can be used to soothe itchy ears, loosen up ear wax or lubricate your ear mold for easier insertion. D-Dry Kit ($75): this product is easy to use and effective in killing any bacteria as well as preventing moisture damage to your hearing aid. Oto-clips ($25 dollars): This is a great product for those concerned about accidentally loosing their hearing aids.
Ear Gear ($25): these are sleeves for your behind-the-ear hearing aid which will protect them from sweat, moisture, dirt, wind noise, and more !
For his eighth grade science project, Ethan tested the effect of letting hearing aid batteries sit idle after removing the sticker prior to placing them in the hearing aid. In his test, he showed that there could be up to an 85% increase in battery life given the stickers were taken off and one waited 5 minutes before putting them in the hearing aids.
Well hearing aid batteries are zinc air cells, and the sticker is keeping the air from entering the battery. This initiative, put on by the Salvation Army, aims to make this Christmas special for nearly 20,000 children in the Ottawa region. Toy Mountain is collecting toys for ages 0-12 years of age. Donations for children aged 0-2 and 11-12 are typically the most needed. This is based on our experience in the field, highly qualified staff and continued commitment to patient care and customer satisfaction.
A small group of our patients are currently in trials of these new hearing aids, which were officially launched on October 15. These items include wireless bluetooth home and mobile phones, FM transmitters and remote microphones, and TV streaming devices. Naturlich erhalten Sie auch hier samtliche Gerate vor der Kaufentscheidung fur eine angemessene Zeit zur Erprobung. A properly fit of noise protectors can provide more than 20 db noise reduction.  Available color is flesh transparent. They reduce most noise to safe levels while preserving the clarity of speech and the richness of music.
It reduces the risk of hearing damage and at the same time enhancing the music experience for musicians and audiences.
This is a product of Phonic Ear from Denmark  which specializes  in the production of assistive listening devices. The principle behind a masker is simply to drown out the sound to help you forget the ringing in your ears.
Three of the key areas where the UNIQUE performed significantly better than the user’s previous hearing aids were in their ability to detect and hear soft sounds, to improve their ability to hear in noisy and challenging listening environments, and their ability to greatly reduce the effects of wind noise.
Signia is aiming to be released this spring, and at just a year and a half after after their incredibly successful Binax platform, this will be the shortest time between any two Siemens product launches in history.

As this years campaign winds to an end, we would like to remind you that the last drop off at our offices will be Monday morning, December 21. The product clasps onto your hearing aid at one end, and clips onto your shirt at the other.
Once the sticker is removed, the air flow in to the battery (through the tiny holes under neath the stickers) activates the battery. Through this new program, Davidson Hearing Aid Centres will be one of the World’s first clinics to receive new products, and it will allow us to provide our patients with special promotions on these products as they become available.
Meaning, if your hearing aids are older than four years, the new technology available today should provide a significant benefit to you. Eine individuelle Anpassung und Einweisung in die Geratenutzung sind bei Gerland selbstverstandlich.
These earplugs are configured to replicate the natural response of the ear canal so that when sounds enters the earplugs, it is reproduced unchanged, exactly the same as the ear would hear it, only quieter.
And most importantly, it lets musicians hear their own instrument and their blend with others. While you sleep, it removes moisture, dries earwax and  deodorizes your hearing instrument. We are very excited to see what lies ahead, but for the moment, take time to watch this exciting video. According to his study, Ethan found that it takes 5 minutes for the batteries to power up to full capacity.
Over the past four years, hearing aid manufacturers have developed many new features for their hearing aids which have considerably improved speech recognition in background noise. If you put the hearing aid battery in the hearing aid before this, it reduces the batteries ability to reach it’s maximum capacity, therefore reducing the battery life.
All of the hearing aid manufacturers have developed different features to help speech recognition and overall comfort in different situations including speech in the car, in wind and in noise. Results include fewer repairs, relief from itchy ears, longer battery life, better sound quality and fresh & clean hearing aids. Hearing aids now have the ability to further reduce the background annoyances while improving speech perception in each of these problem environments.

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