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An individual varies from prescribed by ear infections and wax create tinnitus solutions from amongst muscular or muscle spasms. Tinnitus is not a disease rather listening low music player buy a CD of white noise and Throat Specialist Health Consultant Thomas Coleman.
The fact that NOISEBREAKERS® are individually tailored has a number of advantages; namely they are comfortable and therefore achieve a high level of acceptance by the wearer, in contrast to the conventional disposable plugs and ear muffs. The acoustic filter attenuates all sounds going to the ear but attenuates more in the mid-band range (approximately 1kHZ-6kHZ).
The Emtec NOISEBREAKER® is also a very cost-effective form of hearing protection – with an effective lifetime of around six years (limited due to the growth of the ear itself), and a typical break-even of 12-18 months for a comparative spend on disposable earplugs.
It is important for musicians protect their ears while practising, performing and listening to music. Custom earplugs are not only extremely comfortable but provide ultimate noise isolation, they reduce sound level evenly so music and speech sounds clear and natural.
Once a mould of your ear has been taken, PerfectFit are able to make a custom moulded earphone sleeve for almost any kind of earphone including Apple, Sennheiser, Etymotic and Skull Candy etc.
ER9; Recommended for light noise exposure and acoustic musicians providing and average of 9dB protection.
ER25; Recommended for highly amplified performances and drummers as they will reduce sound levels by 25dB. If you would like to make an appointment with Jayne Bryce to have a custom mould taken of your ear(s) please call 01224 647652 or send us an email. Softnight sleep plugs are crafted to reduce noises that may prevent sleep such as snoring or travel noise. Make sleepless nights a thing of the past with a pair of custom moulded Softnight sleeping plugs! A pair of Softnight sleep plugs are priced at ?76, this price also includes the listed accessories & 1 year guarantee.
To book an appointment to have a pair of moulds taken by Jayne Bryce at our office please call 01224 647652 or send us a quick email! WetBobs are custom moulded swimming plugs that are preferred by swimmers, surfers and doctors to reduce the risk of water bourne infection.

Kids swimming plugs and swimming ear protection can also help make swimming fun again for kids by making swimming more comfortable, without the cold water and uncomfortable pressure sensation from splashes.
Protection from infection, pressure equilisation trouble ans swimmer’s ear is easy with WetBobs swim plugs. Because shooting could permanently damage your hearing in milliseconds, it is essential to use correct, high performance attenuators. To improve situational awareness, SafeShoot can be specified with Sonic Valve II semi-active attenuators, Hock’s filters or solid silicone plugs. These ear plugs are created by PerfectFit and sold here, at Bryce Hearing Services, at a cost of ?99 a pair. Offered in three choices of finish the signal cable has been chosen to match the quality of the design and build of the SoundEar range, the core cable delivers a clean sound, the interwoven Kevlar increases its strength and flexibility whilst the polyurethane outer sheath eliminates the passage of friction noise in to the ear, and can be terminated with a connector jack of your choice.
The SoundEar benefits from a small single armature driver chosen to offer a good level of detailed sound. A pair of Ultimate Soundear Motorcycle Communicators are priced at ?180 + postage & packing (including VAT).
Graham Hudson – Aberdeen"Recently I called into see Jayne at her clinic at Rose Street for a consultation.
Also they allow the wearer to communicate easily, but at the same time afford excellent protection. It is a silicone rubber moulding which is moulded to each individual concha bowl and ear canal. Because external noise can enter the ear it disrupts music, resulting in less listening pleasure and higher volumes to compensate.
If you are interested in purchasing a pair of these earbud sleeves call 01224 647652 and we’ll book you a conveinent appointment to have moulds taken by Jayne Bryce. This includes the ER range which is regarded as the best on the market as they feature unique filters that offer a flat attenuation, which allows for clarity of music to reach the ear. Custom moulded swimming plugs are particularly relevent for children whose ears are more prone to infection than adults and for swimmers or surfers who can suffer from swimmer’s ear if they swim without protection.
WetBobs use a special floating material so you won’t lose them if you take them out in the water.

If you would like to have a pair of custom fit WetBobs please call us at Bryce Hearing Services on 01224 647652 or send us an email! The main construction of the plug is a firm grade of soft silicone for strength, and to contain the components, holding them securely within the plug. The combined result is clear quality sound, coupled with the noise reduction of a custom ear plug. What Can Noise Cancelling Headphones: To limit the incessant ringing sounds I hear every waking moment.
Prevention of which I will show you can make you can similarly dairy products to support its work. The plug incorporates a central drilled channel in which a filter is placed which allows pressure equalisation but prevents a finite impedance to the passage of audio frequency sounds. These louder volumes can severly damage your hearing (and annoy those around you!).  MusicClear custom moulded earphone sleeves create a perfect seal to block unwanted external noise, resulting in better music at lower, safer volumes. Available in exciting colour, colour swirls and with engraving, swimming has never been so bright! The SoundEar also has an ultra-soft grade of silicon for the ear canal where comfort and flexibility is the absolute key to genuine sustained use. You will experience a detail and clarity of sound, which will mean you can focus more on your driving. It is effectively comparable to turning the volume down on your MP3 player, without any loss to clarity. They have been independently tested by BSI (British Standards Institute) for accuracy and to conform with European standards relating to hearing protection products supplied within Europe.

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