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Siemens products range from in-the-canal hearing instruments to behind-the-ear hearing instruments. Siemens hearing Instruments has over 130 years experience providing some of the most innovative hearing aid technology in the market today. Item Code: motionsiemens motion 301, siemens motion 501, siemens motion 701Comfortable, convenient, rechargeable.
Item Code: cielo2SPsiemens cielo 2SPprogrammable btesiemens hearing aidsdigital btesmall sizemini hearing aids Data Logging Optimizes fitting accuracy and effectiveness by collecting information on hearing preferences in various listening environments. In order to proceed please enable JavaScript in your browser.Please click here to understand how to enable JavaScript in your browser. LIFEbhelps those with mild through moderate hearing loss and it's an instant fit and with open fit it is an instant solution that sits behind-the-ear (BTE).

This includes bluetooth wireless technology that connects select new hearing aids from Siemens with your TV, cell phone and mp3 player, without signal delay. A Siemens authorized HCC provides complete range of hearing healthcare services to all types of hearing instruments dispensing facilities, all under one roof.
Its simple and flexible fitting with two trimmers gives powerful output performance with low distortion.
PURE is designed for mild to moderately severe hearing loss in behind-the-ear (BTE) and custom models. Our HCCs are associated with leading ENT doctors, audiologists and hearing healthcare professionals.
The directional behind-the-ear instruments comprise S, power and superpower models, and the custom family features a new, more powerful Micro-CIC™.

Nanocoating and microphone protection Withstands perspiration, and minimize the need for repairs.
Further, infiniti pro offers up to three specialised listening programs that can be set by your hearing care professional for critical listening needs. A simple touch of the button on the hearing system allows you to switch between these listening programs.

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