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EarNoiseEliminator is one of the first devices designed to present permanent relief of symptoms.
With this patented Swiss Soft Laser technology a solution was found for treating tinnitus (ringing in the ears) yourself and similar inner ear disorders, such as partial deafness due to tinnitus, ear pressure, morbus Meniere (dizziness), acute hearing loss and hearing distortion. Note in the BEFORE photo that the patient needs to force his facial features in order to show his smile causing many wrinkles and appearing as though he has a double chin. Patients are saying…I wanted to say Thank You for changing my life – when it comes to my smile!

The device was conceived so that treatment could be carried out at home (without medical knowledge). The patient’s bite was reconstructed to the proper physiological position in no further teeth grinding.
In the AFTER photo, all the facial features are relaxed and the client does not need to use any strong muscles to show his smile. Mit einem neuen Gerat konnen sich die Patienten jetzt ganz bequem selbst zu Hause behandeln.

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