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Tinnitus is a debilitating hearing condition that causes the constant misperception of sound, including hissing, ringing and rushing noises that can considerably impact overall health and quality of life. Research shows Pycnogenol® is effective in relieving tinnitus symptoms and improving inner ear blood flow. In a study conducted by the Chieti-Pescara University in Italy and published in Panminerva Medica, 82 patients with mild-to-moderate tinnitus in only one ear, while the other remains unaffected, were studied throughout a four-week period.

Horphag Research supplies Pycnogenol® as a raw material to companies that produce a variety of Pycnogenol®-containing products.
Specially priced for Military Personnel, Veterans and American Tinnitus Association (ATA) members.
Horphag Research does not make any claims regarding the use of these finished products and each manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that the claims made for and use of its products comply with the regulatory requirement of the locations in which it markets its products.

Not only are these results significant for the improvement of inner ear blood micro-circulation and, consequently reduction of tinnitus symptoms, but they also indicate the potentially dose-related effect of Pycnogenol® on the condition.

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