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For those of you who are observant, can you see the difference between this picture and the next one?
Maxwell Ladies -- We girls try to get a picture each year, although last year we didn't. I used to make all my own clothes and only wore long skirts and jumpers for a lot of years–over 20 at least. The difference in the pics if I am not mistaken is that the 2 gentlemen on the right end switched places.

My girls and I were looking at your pictures when my 4 yr old, Liberty, said, “Oh look at those princesses!” What a beautiful family you all are! He and Nathan are doing a 100 day fitness challenge, so he's taking care of some of his exercise while we took a break.
We won’t be going to Las Vegas after all, as we feel the Lord has told us clearly not to go there.
My family and I are reading the newest Mooody book, my husband reads it to us every night after family devotions.

We have read through all of them, even pausing for a depoloyment in between (the children wouldn’t read it without daddy!) These books have been such an encouragement for our entire family.
If you had a way there with your nieces to get there with you, I don’t think you will regret it.

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