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While not quite as annoying as Proverbs 31 as far as the intimidation level goes, most of us know that Titus 2 contains a list of things we’re supposed to be doing.
You will also be able to submit specific questions you’d like help with, so we can come alongside you in your walk as a mom!
If our marriage is 25 years+ and failing…would this be relevant or is this for new wives? If I were to pay the full subscription fee and then decide that this study is not for me or that i can’t keep up do you issue partial refunds? Hi, I just joined last night but after my Paypal receipt I was never sent to a welcome page to confirm my registration. I joined and was sent to the welcome page but unfortunately was blocked when I put my information in due to the computer I was on at the time.

My prayer is that this can be a tool the Lord will use to draw us all closer to Him and to our families as we endeavor to be the wives, mothers, and friends He’s called us to be. And I have come up with what I think is going to be a very fun idea: a Titus 2 University, if you will! Honestly, thinking through some of these issues *before* you’re in the trenches is definitely the way to go. Is there a discussion forum or website “hub” that I can go to and pick up where I left off? Some of you because of your location or life situation find it difficult, if not impossible, to make connections with godly women who could help you along your way. Whichever membership you choose will set you up to automatically receive four emails per month, giving you access to the newest available item, as well as a page where you can discuss what you’re learning through the comments section!

I think the fact that I’d been a nanny and preschool teacher before I ever had children of my own definitely helped me.
Just wondering if there’s any other content I need to access at this point to catch up.
And if you don’t have it, would you send me an email with the correct address for you and I’ll send it again?

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