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Most of you probably dona€™t know but Dad and Mom were not raised in the a€?perfecta€? home. 35 years ago, amid the deafening crashes of an evening thunderstorm, in a little chapel in Missouri, they became man and wife: never dreaming of all the Lord would do in their lives. We pray that God will allow you to continue to let your light shine before men (and their families)! Favorite photos are of Anna Marie and Sarah — the two of you are so radiant in that closeup! Hope Christopher and Anna are off on a fun trip and that you all are all headed on a safe travel home! Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos – looking forward to seeing even more ?? I can only admire your talent at sewing – those dresses look absolutely beautiful!
For those of you who are observant, can you see the difference between this picture and the next one?
Maxwell Ladies -- We girls try to get a picture each year, although last year we didn't. I used to make all my own clothes and only wore long skirts and jumpers for a lot of years–over 20 at least.
The difference in the pics if I am not mistaken is that the 2 gentlemen on the right end switched places. My girls and I were looking at your pictures when my 4 yr old, Liberty, said, “Oh look at those princesses!” What a beautiful family you all are! I sometimes think that because we are moms at home, we don’t feel like we need to maximize our time in the same way a business person might. Then, on Christmas Day, we Maxwell kids do a 12 Days of Christmas workout, the guys make breakfast, we go to a retirement home and sing carols, and then we exchange gifts in the immediate family, followed by another dinner for whomever wants to come. It’s a true joy to hear from children and families who are enjoying the Moody Family Series. Sarah’s desire is that the Lord will use these Moody books to draw children closer to the Lord Jesus and encourage them to be more obedient and helpful to their parents. You may not have noticed the absence of Mom and I this last week, but, Mom and I went on a trip to visit some family friends in Alaska! We had quite a few hours of waiting, since we went to see if we could get an earlier flight out. Repentance is a good thing and if you ever hear me complain about the weather, a gentle admonition is in order and I will thank you. Our hearts are very full and blessed in the Lord allowing us to share with so many who had a desire to be challenged and encouraged.
The weekend conference in Atlanta was held at a very large church, in a part of the building that was similar to a convention center. As usual, Friday afternoon was spent setting up the book tables and preparing for music that evening.

Sometimes people will ask specific questions about an instrument after the music session, and we always enjoy visiting with others who play the same instruments! We so enjoy the opportunity to share, and as we sang and gave testimony to the Lord Jesus Christ, it was with the realization that it was our final evening of sharing on this trip. A photo of Dad sharing the Preparing Sons workshop, through the window in the door (so as not to cause a distraction by going into the room to take the photo). We are looking forward to being home and seeing Grandad, Grandma, Nathan, Melanie —A but especially Abigail! Anna with a friend who reads our blog and who stayed to help us with tear-down Saturday afternoon. Dad came from a broken home, and Mom was being raised by parents who didn’t know the Lord Jesus as their Savior yet. The joy and love they have for each other and the family is inspiring, and their unfailing devotion to the Lord Jesus shines through them.
Your family has been a huge encouragement to ours and we are so thankful for all that we have learned from y’all! I did’t get a good, close-up look at the dresses while the wedding was going on, because it got a little blurry while we had it on full screen.
Anna was a beautiful, beautiful bride I hope she and her groom have many happy years together. He and Nathan are doing a 100 day fitness challenge, so he's taking care of some of his exercise while we took a break. We won’t be going to Las Vegas after all, as we feel the Lord has told us clearly not to go there. My family and I are reading the newest Mooody book, my husband reads it to us every night after family devotions. However, don’t you think that our little sphere with our children is eternally more important than the biggest business ever? Has Mary ever thought about creating a picture book for children not old enough for the Moodys? It’s an all-day event, with a special breakfast, gift opening after that, a snack lunch, naps for those who want, games, then our big dinner, followed by the Christmas program. Often children will come up at a conference to talk to Sarah, and then she tries to get a picture with them when possible.
She hopes to start writing on the fifth book (Another Summer with the Moodys) this next month. The trip was a special surprise, so we hadn’t publicly said anything about it beforehand. Not only did they have all of the normal home life to take care of with Mom and I gone, but they also had all the trip aftermath. On days with bad weather I would often remark negatively to the family or in small talk with someone I would meet out around town.

Below that were large classrooms that worked perfectly for the break-out sessions on Saturday. They worked very hard to prepare for the conference, and went out of their way in providing meals and even a Georgia-themed gift basket for us. But it didna€™t feel quite as early as the past few days because we were in bed (very) early last night! And Grandma mentioned in an e-mail that she hasna€™t told Honey (our aging Golden Retriever) about us coming home tonight, as she doesna€™t want Honey to spend all day panting with excitement!
It wasna€™t until after Dad and Mom were married that they each realized their need of a Savior and repented of their sins. We have read through all of them, even pausing for a depoloyment in between (the children wouldn’t read it without daddy!) These books have been such an encouragement for our entire family.
Do you first have purpose in your day, and then do you have the schedule to make sure that purpose happens?
We spent a week up in Alaska, enjoying fellowship and God’s beautiful, frozen, wintry creation. I (Christopher) remember talking with one father during a break in the sessions who shared how good the day had been for him and for his family, even though some of what was shared was heavy!
We are planning to (Lord willing) drive the approximately 850 miles from Atlanta to home today. God works in mysterious ways, and even though they were not raised in Christian homes, God has wrought a beautiful work in their lives that is far beyond measure. If you had a way there with your nieces to get there with you, I don’t think you will regret it.
Twenty four hours in the day, Lord may I not waste any of it, but be sure all that You have given me is accomplished!
We also receive quite a few e-mails sharing how the Moody books are having an impact on children’s lives. Sadly, as we drove by churches, their Sunday evening services looked to be very light crowds. Dad knew the traffic in Atlanta can be a problem and wanted to make sure we had plenty of time in case of a slow down.
As wea€™ve been driving through Kentucky we have been seeing vast amounts of broken trees from the ice storms.
In the heat of the summer, we will have refreshingly cool days come along that break up the warmer days.

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