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God has both called you and equipped you to know him. We have no excuse to remain ignorant of his character. Titus Two and Tea will give you the opportunity to explore what the scriptures have to say about loving your husband, loving your children, self-control, purity, home making, and subjection.
Titus Two and Tea will challenge you to examine your life and your attitudes to discover what changes may need to be made in order to bring your life into line with the word of God. Several years ago, when I was in my early 20’s and my cousins were about 8 and 11, we took a short road trip. The girls asked me about everything that day: dating, kissing, boys, marriage, waiting, purity, and every other spin on the birds and the bees that they could think of.
Then, once a relationship and an honest conversation emerges, pray that God will use you in what you say and do.

I see through this study that a lot of women thought the Proverbs 31 woman incorporated all of the atributes listed in each day of her life.
I recently accepted an invitation to share with mothers and teens this wonderful study because I invited other women to join me online. Laurie, Emily and Stephanie are real women with real problems trying to give a real God priority in their everyday lives.
Realizing the seriousness of the moment, I pulled into Sonic and ordered ice cream for all of us.
Ryan is the Executive Editor of Priority Ministries and the author of three books including Guilt-Free Quiet Times and Who Has Your Heart?
So this blog is dedicated to busy women everywhere who may have a million things going on, but still want to make God the #1 thing.

If you are interested in growing individually as a woman according to the word of God, this study is for you! When a younger girl has questions about life, she probably won’t submit an official request for you to be her mentor.
Or you could be 40 with kids in junior high with a 23-year old neighbor who just got married. Linda has a teaching credential and has taught in Christian schools, public schools, as well as at Women's Bible studies.

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