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Its fun to hang out with the two extremes of humanity – a 2 year old grandson with so much to do and life to live and his 94 year old great grandmother who is running out of time and has finished most of her exploring.
Karen and I, with our son Josiah, his wife Jamie and their son Hank went to visit my mom who is in hospice care in Jackson, MN.
When great grandma ate dinner and supper, Hank would wander from table to table visiting other folks living out their lives at the Good Samaritan Home.

The highlight of our visit was watching Hank push his great grandma’s wheelchair down the hall on the way to the cafeteria. Hank will probably never remember his great grandma, but he will see the pictures we took and hear the stories we tell about the times he spent with her. April 5, 2016 By Karen Leave a Comment Do you have those Rose Wonder Garden Thinlits Dies yet?

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