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Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) works by using an electrical pulse to stimulate muscle contractions so that your muscles essentially massage themselves. The TENS units used in gneuromuscular dentistry* are different from those used in chiropractic and other applications, where the goal is to block pain signals–dental TENS units actually work to relieve the root cause of pain and provide a good starting place for long-term treatment. If you live in the San Antonio area and suffer from TMJ pain, TENS may be the solution for you.
Most studies reveal that it takes about 30 minutes for low-frequency TENS treatment to begin alleviating pain. Other patients use personal TENS units for several hours a day or all during the day, depending on their level of pain.
Unlike medications or prescription drugs, TENS is a virtually risk-free method of dealing with pain. The pulse delivered by the TENS unit only penetrates the skin to the level of the nerve fibers, less than one inch. To help us better understand your specific pain points and determine the ideal treatment, please print this form. By correcting the bite to its natural physiologic position the tension of the muscles were relieved. Temporalmandibular joint dysfunction, more commonly known as TMJ, affects more than 15 percent of American adults. For questions about headaches, bruxism, or TMJ, please contact The Art of Dentistry for more information.

Seeking Relief From TMD TMD, or Temporomandibular Disorders, is an umbrella term for various painful conditions that affect the jaw joints.
Your muscle’s own metabolism will generate heat that relieves pain and stiffness while improving mobility in your jaw.
When your jaw muscles are combating the hard tissues of your jaw and skull, they not only strain themselves and put pressure on local nerves, but pull other muscles out of alignment, which creates a cascade effect as those muscles put pressure on other nerves. These endorphins are your body’s natural pain relieving chemicals that also work to lessen the symptoms associated with TMJ. Hale’s tips for activities and exercises you can do in between appointments to help alleviate symptoms caused by TMJ. The TMJ symptoms and the ringing in the ears were cured and as bonus, the patient received a healthy, younger looking smile.
Common symptoms include an uncomfortable bite, pain in or around the ear, headaches, bruxism (grinding of the teeth), tenderness of the jaw, clicking or popping noises when opening and closing the mouth, and even neck aches. These disorders often lead to clenching of the teeth during the day and grinding of the teeth while sleeping (bruxism), which in turn causes a great deal of damage to the teeth and the TMJ itself.
Hollar has devoted many hours of advanced dental training to the study and treatment of TMJ disorders at The Pankey Institute in Key Biscayne, Florida, where she now serves as a clinical instructor. There are different treatment approaches to TMD problems, but not all are based on science. However, if you have a cardiac condition or a pacemaker, you should talk to your doctor before undergoing this treatment.

Failure to treat TMJ dysfunction early on can lead to serious damage of the joint and possible need for surgical intervention.
Most people with the condition were not aware of what a correct bite felt like because they always had a conflict between their teeth and jaw.
Hollar’s goal to achieve maximum improvement with comfort and normal function, while using the least invasive and most conservative treatment possible. We are trained to determine whether there is a link between headaches and the bite for individuals we see with headaches. For most patients, the ideal result can be achieved, while for others, considering the nature and stage of the illness, effective management may be the maximum goal. We can treat these problems without medicine, by helping the bite fit better with various modalities including bite analysis, equilibration, night guards, and occlusal splint therapy.
For some, simple treatment designed to relax the muscles and reduce inflammation may be all that is needed.

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