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In view of Singaporea€™s Golden Jubilee, Aleoca have designed a series of SG50-themed bicycles to share the fruits of labor with our fellow Singaporeans.
Defy is a full-service concierge medical clinic that specializes in hormone therapy, weight loss, nutrition, overall wellness, and general medical care.
They provide telemedicine services to patients who are not local, which means you do not have to physically visit their clinic to receive treatment. You have the ability to speak to one of their doctors and medical staff via skype, phone or e-mail, receive discounted blood work that can be done at a facility near your home, and have affordable access to hard-to-find medications that can be shipped directly to your home. Buy the TRT book (The Definitive Testosterone Replacement Therapy MANual: Your Blueprint for Body, Mind and Life Optimization) now. It is a MUST READ and your mandatory first step in taking ownership of your health and aging process.

The book has detailed information on working with  Defy and their great doctors directly or Dr Brett Osborn as a concierge anti-aging physician-depending on your individual wants and needs. The above lab test prices are offered exclusively for Defy Medical patients, in which we send you an official order form to bring to a Labcorp facility near your home. Defy will provide a prescription for your blood work if you have a lab which is covered by your insurance. Once the results become available, (3-5 business days) Defy will schedule you for your phone appointment with Dr. Defy does not accept insurance at their clinic however they will provide free claim service meaning they will provide the forms needed to submit your bill for reimbursement.
You must also complete and return a health questionnaire along with a visible photocopy of your identification.

Saya requires two follow up appointments per year for men on hormone therapy (every 6 months). Defy’s blood testing prices are discounted in case your insurance does not cover some or all of these tests.

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