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We have reviewed one carat, even 5 carat diamonds jewelry before and you may think those kind of model litle boring to worn in some sophisticated invitation. Where you can buy those kind of dazzling diamond earring jackets ?Well, you can just hit few minutes and using your credit card and waiting for couple of days to make the earrings jacket earrive at your house. This entry was posted on Sunday, November 25th, 2012 at 12:31 amand is filed under Diamond, Earrings.
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Beautiful facial features are not a requirement to wear a pair of diamond dangling earrings. A lot of you may think that diamond encrusted jewelries are exclusively for the rich and famous. In the end, buying a pair of dangling diamond earrings isn’t just another splurge buy but a lifetime investment.
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So, don’t worry, there are plenty of diamond earring jackets which are ready to make your diamond look even more outstanding than before.
It would Add a whole new look to your simple stud earrings with these dazzling earring jackets. But there are actually a number of retail stores who sell affordable diamond dangling earrings at prices that many consumers can afford. It has always been a classic and staple piece for every woman’s wardrobe that will never go out of style. Simply slip your earring post through the hole, and your earring is instantly haloed by brilliant round cut diamonds set in white gold. Look no further because the solution to your problems is a pair of elegant diamond dangling earrings. In addition, the side-to-side swaying motion of the earrings whenever you tilt your head will make your lovely face the center of attention.
Today’s technology in the jewelry industry allows everything to be possible, what you need is just finding the best shape to get the best look for your party.
What’s even more alluring is when the diamonds encrusted on the earrings will shine under the light giving you that much needed sparkle you deserve! Studs are not included.Therefore, by adding the jacket on your simple stud earrings you can make your earrings unique and different from other people.

Young singer, Taylor Swift, wore her diamond earrings and a matching bracelet and ring to the 44th Annual Country Music Association Awards. It’s such a flexible and everlasting piece of jewelry that every penny that you pay is worth it. Gwyneth Paltrow was also seen sporting her pair of diamond dangling earrings on the red carpet. Famous Hollywood celebrities are not the only ones seen wearing their pair of diamond dangling earrings. Even The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has worn a pair of diamond dangling earrings in numerous occasions.
You love to wear some stud on your daily life but always feel that these pairs will not do on the big party with your colleague. Not only that, you can just keep your stud afterward and come back to have the simple and elegant stud.

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