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Formally known as the United States Open Tennis Championships the US open in the modern era is based on one of the oldest tennis championships in the world, The US National Championship which started in 1881.
US Open Luxury Suites - Box Seats for US Open Tennis Sessions US Open Luxury Suite Tickets Need Help?
The Serb saved a whopping five set points on his way to a Why Defending Champion Stan Wawrinka Will Not Win the 2016 French Open Defending French Open champion Stan Wawrinka will not win the 2016 French Open. Tired of being labeled a one-hit wonder, she's taken the rights steps lately to put an end to her woes and reestablish her relevance US Open Luxury Suite TicketsDo you love being in the center of all the action on the tennis court? Love sitting so close that you hear every spoken word and sneaker squeak, but not so close that you are elbow to elbow with others?
The Main tournament has 5 different events Men and Women’s singles, Men and Women’s doubles and mixed doubles. The biggest matches of the tournament are played on the famous Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York City.

Former winners of the tournament include some of the greatest players of all time like Pat Rafter, Roger Federer, Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras.
Of course you will be paying premium pricing for the comfort and privacy that a Luxury Suite has to offer. Get your US Open tickets here to see the best tennis players on the planet compete for the US open Grand slam championship. At times it is all about being at the right place at the right time, so being able to see court side for that final serve can be priceless! Luxury Suites allow you to get in on all the action both on and off the court and yet remain private.
Luxury Suites can come with some of the most amazing food you will taste right in the Suite. So you can forget about those long food court lines, standing up to eat your food, never mind your food getting cold if you do try and make it back to your seat, or being able to balance and carry it back to your seat.

So for the quality of being able to eat and drink when you want in a luxury suite is well worth the extra.Luxury Suites at the US OpenThe Luxury Suite holds up to 20 people in addition to the 2 Host passes that you get includes in the total price. We all know how long the lines to the restroom can be and especially if you have little ones. Luxury Suites offer you some of the comforts of home without being home, and yet still being so close to the court.

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