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Pink scented flowers in clusters begin to open in January and continue sporadically through winter. Flat clusters of white flowers in April, shiny blue fruits in fall, quilted evergreen leaves are long and lance shape. Mulch — adding mulch twice a year covers spores that may be lingering on the soil surface, increases air circulation in the soil as particles break down, and helps to keep soil moisture even. New leaves are dark green tinged red, green in summer & orange-red in autumn before falling off. Delicate lace-cap flowers - white sterile flowers edge flat clusters of small pink fertile flowers.

Many adapt to differing soil types, but prefer clay soils to be amended to assist with drainage issues. Flat heads of white flowers open from reddish buds, from November to April, followed by dark blue-black fruits in June. New leaves are maroon to orange, turn green in summer & bright red in autumn before dropping. Pink or white flowers in clusters (umbrella shape, snowball shape, lacecap shape) bloom from mid-winter into June. A slow growing shrub compared to it's non variegated relatives eventually reaching a height of  around 2m.

Blue, red, white or yellow fruits occur in autumn, adding another season of interest & feeding birds at the same time. Leaves are evergreen or deciduous, opposite & occasionally in whorls of 3, lance-shaped, maple shaped, heart-shaped or round, with straight, undulating or serrated edges.

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