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Many treatments are proposed for the ringing sound heard, but none that are conclusive and particular since it is not a disease. The authors report the strategy of examination and treatment in patients suffering from tinnitus, hypacusia, and vertigo. Among them the group of cervical spine diseases, namely the cervical spondylosis incidental to the senescence, plays a considerable role in the aetiological approach. On account of cervical spondylosis, the static position of the cervical spine deteriorates, calcification evolves (osteophyte), the vertebral foraminae dwindle (which makes the function of vertebral arteries reduce), radicle neck pain appears, forced bearing of the neck arises, fibrositis appears in the muscles and unfavourable effects are influenced on the cervical sympathetic nerves. In addition, similar complaints can be caused by arteriosclerosis, metabolic disease and the change of blood viscosity. For the first prospective study 47 patients received an HBO therapy within 3 months of tinnitus first occurring.
In a retrospective study, patients who had been treated with infusions with no success and then received HBO therapy (n = 250) were compared to a group that had not received oxygen therapy. Due to the good results we made tinnitus an indication for hyperbaric oxygenation treatment. The improvement of tinnitus sound with HBO treatment summarized from "becoming less" to "being completely healed" is noticeable in the first 6 months after tinnitus first occurs.
Nearly every patient felt better during or after the HBO treatment; particularly those who suffer under mental distress. With HBO it is possible to increase the partial oxygen pressure in the blood in accordance with the oxygen pressure of inhaled air and thus obtain a sufficient pressure difference to the tissue pO2 tissue, so ensuring the transfer of oxygen to the cell. A disturbance in the blood supply will affect the inner ear, especially the extremely sensitive tissue of the cochlea more than the cerebral structure.
A possibility is that the various factors that cause tinnitus run to a disturbance of the Krebs cycle and thus a decline in the cell function.
With experimentally created disturbances in hearing one could measure a lack of oxygen in the perilymph.
It is unfortunately not possible to distinguish with which tinnitus patients lack of O2 plays an essential part in sustaining tinnitus. This work was presented at NES 1997, the Twenty-Fourth Ordinary Congress of the Neurootological and Equilibrioical directed treatment the rheological values were normalized, vertigo disappeared in 6 cases, improved considerably in 2 patients and was unchanged in 2 cases. It can be stated that in the tinnitus and the subjective improved hypacusia groups the Ht dependent hyperviscosity appeared significantly more. The so called "blood circulation improved" infusions were also applied until now in the ENT treatment of tinnitus, vertigo and hypacusia. Hemorheology, as an interdisciplinary branch of science, attends to the "blood-vessel unit" and endeavors to improve the circulatory parameters with the increase of blood fluidity. The aim of this conveyance is to direct the physicians' attention to the importance of hemorheological background in patients suffering from tinnitus, hypacusia and vertigo because it has direct therapeutical consequences. March 27, 2012 by rtc I continue presenting the results of the Meniere’s disease survey. Ginkgo biloba comes from the leaves of a Chinese ginkgo tree. Ginkgo biloba is most popular for its ability to improve mental functions.

Filed Under: Supplements Tagged With: ginkgo biloba, survey, vertigoheel, vinpocetineGet the Book! Meniere’s disease is a disorder of the inner ear that causes those diagnosed with it to suffer all manner of problems with their equilibrium. This type of ailments is experienced by most individuals and is described by a reverberation of different sorts such as humming, ringing, buzzing, beeping, hissing, ticking or a sound of a constant tone. Most manifestations of tinnitus can be a secondary cause, and treatment of the underlying disease makes the ringing go away. In addition to the customary examinations, a routine cervical radiological examination and hemorrheological examination are recommended. This process has lead to the ability to operate arms and hands independently, allowing the first humans to use their hands for various purposes (instead of the constant reclining on them).
As a result of this process the intracranial blood-supply suffers trouble in different levels (in one or in both sides).
Under their influence the microcirculation this a lack of oxygen, it was a reasonable supposition to use HBO to influence this factor. Oxygen partial pressure in the blood and muscular system under different chamber pressures. In each case they already had received standard treatment with infusions and often combined with cortisone.
During the follow-up examinations 27% of the patients confirmed a further decrease of the ringing in their ears during the 2 months following treatment [17]. The number of tinnitus patients rose during the last few years and we now have circa 550 patients a year.
Out of a total of 450 patients the data for 381 patients were complete and could be evaluated. The major advances starting with "unbearably loud" to "bearable" were made during the first 2-3 months. The more affected cells are however, the more they require a significantly higher O2 pressure than normal for the healing process [19]. In nearly all cases a normal therapy had been carried out with no success before applying HBO. As HBO after a thorough preexamination and anamnesis carries little risk, it should be liberally applied when infusion therapy shows no success.
We are reporting the complex examination of these complaints and the complex, appropriate therapy of the patients. It is sometimes hard to diagnose correctly and its symptoms vary in intensity from patient to patient.
This is widely recognized medical symptom that is experienced by most people whether for a short period of time, intermittently or continuously. One of the supplementations that are notable to date is the Vinpocetine for tinnitus management. The skull was given a practically new vertical position, with which came a new and slightly negative effect on the static position of the neck spine.

Due to the pre-therapy examinations for suitability for treatment no severe complications during the therapy were registered.
This also applies when tinnitus occurred in conjunction with sudden hearing loss or as a result of the same.
Comparisons are only possible up to a certain point as the tinnitus data is subjective and the scale of the sensations felt is varied. Even after 4-6 months successful results were obtained with tinnitus patients, however, for sudden deafness patients there seems to be a time limit of 4-6 weeks.
The hemorheological conditions of the patients in the treatment of the characterized circulation-failure and of the above mentioned complaints also have to be taken into consideration. Studies in Europe show that the active ingredients in ginkgo (terpene lactones and flavonoids) make the membranes of red blood cells more elastic and thus improve circulation. It is used commonly in Europe for Meniere’s disease and is advertised to help reduce tinnitus.
Tinnitus aurium can be caused by a lot of factors including constant subjection of ears to loud noise, hereditary hearing problem, ear infection, or as a side effect of a certain medication. It is a safe and cheap measure that you can ask your doctor about before taking any of the dietary supplementation.
The patients with tinnitus often occurring difficulties with the tubal function occasionally caused irritations at the external auditory canal which however faded away after 2-3 days. If the patients under 40 years of age could not be treated within the first months after tinnitus occurred, the changes of successful improvement were distinctly lower than with older patients. However, it seems that during the first 6 months an HBO treatment has a positive and promising effect on tinnitus [24,25]. The Vinpocetine tinnitus treatment increases blood flow to the brain and ears, avoiding any unnecessary disruptions in the flow. Specifically, this Vinpocetine  tinnitus shows significant improvement for this afflicted with the ringing of the ears secondary to a trauma or injury. This duty appears in the form of neck and back pain beginning even at the age of 20, and getting more and more frequent towards the old age. The patients were asked to daily, and always at the same time of day, note down their subjective perceptions regarding sound volume and also how they feel.
The experiment of carrying out an oxygen high pressure therapy during the infusion phase did not produce any convincingly better results, not even when the infusion was applied in the hyperbaric chamber during HBO. This Vinpocetine supplementation for tinnitus boosts the brain function and can help diminish the occurrences of tinnitus aurium, especially one that is caused by trauma or injury to the ear. Infusions with Pentoxifyllin or Vinpocetine are also ineffective in case of increased plasma viscosity, in such case SP 54 treatment is advisable to apply because it repairs the macrorheological parameters by decreasing plasma viscosity.
There are a lot of causes of tinnitus, vertigo and hypacusia, some of them are in connection with the circulatory anomalies of inner ear [5].

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