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This artsy, contemporary take on the romantic heart motif was inspired by vintage Taxco jewelry designs.
Enthusiastic about the idea, you secure the claw clasp of this whimsical pocket watch pendant necklace beneath your hair before pairing it with a sheer, 1920s sheath dress, a feather headband, and beaded ballet flats. You press its top button to pop open its ornate, garden-fenced watch face, pretending its numbers actually refer to decades! Each mimilamour jewel comes with its own recycled leather handmade pouch, each of them being completely unique.

Rider Fernandez frames the black gem with sterling silver featuring flowing patterns with burnished accents resulting in a necklace of vintage elegance. Crafted by hand of sterling silver the button earrings feature layered flowers centered by silvery white pearls. The main geometric nitik motif is one of the oldest batik patterns and seeks to replicate the patterns on patola cloths brought to Java by traders from Gujarat India. The necklace features beads carved from dark albesia wood and covered with the same fabric.

Pang supports the work of the Javanese Batik Lovers Community in Jogjakarta whose members are mostly women from Giriloyo renowned as the batik makers especially for the nobles of the past.

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