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SO striking, these beautifully crafted vintage chandelier earrings are truly stunning and will look amazing with any vintage or romantic themed wedding.
These elegant vintage chandelier earrings are so pretty and can be worn with anything, not exclusively for bridal or special occasion wear these gorgeous designer fashion earrings look just as fabulous with a pair of jeans.
If you need a little extra help or have any questions please feel free to contact us, we are always pleased to hear from SO Jewellery customers.

Designed by Rosie Fox of London who is known for her British Heritage high fashion style, the silver finished crystal decoration along with the fresh water pearls in a choice of either ivory or blush pink have a true timeless elegance ensuring these bridal earrings will last you long after the big day.
Our range of bridal hair accessories, jewellery and other wedding day accessories is diverse and unique. We have high end designer hair pieces along side more affordable items and sterling silver jewellery to ensure every bride can look and feel amazing on their wedding day - no matter their budget.

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