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This is a great looking Vintage Taxco Mexican Sterling Silver & Crushed Stone Link Bracelet measuring approx.
After 2 weeks of diligent searching, of criss-crossing most of Guadalajara, of trudging up and down the cobble stone streets of San Miguel, we determined that when it comes to Vintage Taxco Sterling Silver Jewelry, there is just not much of it left in Mexico. I have found more Taxco Jewelry at your average Mid-City flea market in one afternoon of shopping than I ever found in Mexico in two weeks of shopping. That Taxco Silver Jewelry is so beautiful, and how it became a unique style, is owed to the use of Aztec and Mayan images lifted directly from the surfaces of temples, pottery shards, and gold artifacts.

Imagine if you will a piece of William Spratling displayed alongside any number of jewelry pieces made by designers like Coro, Trifari, or even Tiffany.
In the 1940′s when this style of jewelry was making its way into Western markets, it stood in stark contrast to the jewelry of its day. His work had to have stood out, to have so dazzeled differently, that the average buyer of the time must of had to say to themselves, “Now here is something unique and wonderful.
And I would like to add that they are still as unique today, as when they first came on the fashion scene 60 years ago.

In other words most of the silver mined in Taxco, made it’s way as raw material, to other places in the world.

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