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Great Cynics is a punk band from England who is known for writing bright and cheery anthems.
Summary: The bright and sunny punk band's sound feels diluted, offering diminishing returns compared to past releases. What your describing sounds to me like the typical 6th gen Aisin 5 speed transmission goin out.
Well don't mean to sound like an *** but we typically keep our methods a trade secret, I know you may not understand this but im only following what Nissan school tells us. Ok i heard the sound loud and clear and can tell you that is NOT the timing chain noise we're talkin about. It's constantly there, as soon as the car is on, whether the car is idling, accelerating or decelerating. This whine comes from the speakers, because when I disconnected the oem Bose Amplifier, the noise was gone.
So I changed a new alternator told by the dealer, and changed to another oem bose amplifier, but the "whine" still remains. I listed all the problems that was found in my other post, but I think you need to check the drive belts.

However, I think my problem is really the motor mounts as per HMR explanation since my noise is real loud clanking during acceleration, hard or slow on my 04 Max 3.5 SE.
Well I own a 2004 Nissan Murano SE with 111,500, I use synthetic oil and change it every 5,000miles. It’s not as catchy, happy, or fun as the Great Cynics most have come to know and appreciate.
The series features eight well-known horror directors who will bring their comedic visions to life. I've been working on cars since I was 16, and have NO plans on paying 1000's of dollars for a dealer to do the work. That actually sounds more like a vibration of some sort or maybe a bad drive belt tensioner bearing.
Great Cynics first two albums contained fantastic batches of folky punk rock, perfect for any Summertime activity. I just yank the cowl off completely and reposition the power steering resevoir, washer tank and theres actually alot of room. If I were the diagnosing tech i would being by removing the alternator belt off first and starting the engine and see if the noise is still there or not.

If it doesn't need to be pulled, I'd appreciate tips and tricks to doing this work as well as a list of parts needed.
On its third release, it seems like the band is starting to experience diminishing returns. See your local dealer for more info if your under 60k miles, you may still have powertrain warranty. And just between us, you don't need to take the valve covers off like the service manual tells us to lol.
So I get on the freeway,to take it home to park it till Monday, but when I was going up this incline on the freeway I started loosing power. Kinda sounds like an alternator when its got a load on it however the fact that it comes and goes away like that seems very odd. So tomorrow when we go down there to pick up the report, that's when were gonnna bombbard the service tech with all the questions about the timing chain TSB.

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