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I wonder… would the mythic heroes of ancient Greece or Rome or America have given their deaths to save their brethren?
I met Whistler in the seaside village of Mezkor, on the western coast of the supercontinent.
There was nothing mysterious about why Deepspace Development Corporation had been so eager to send a survey team.
Yet another reason I am a cynic: cynicism provides a convenient facade for cowardice to hide behind. On the morning the trouble started, we were walking a familiar stretch of beach near the village: sand glistening like snow, sun shining down so hot and bright that the ocean sparkled like a molten mirror. Synobians looked remarkably humanoid, considering the vagaries of evolution: two arms, two legs, bipedal gait. Riddles within riddles… or so it seemed, after the translator finished tying his meaning into knots. After a long day of misunderstanding Whistler in ways variously novel and familiar, I sought the only solace available on a remote survey mission: a fistful of aspirin and a bottle of synthetic scotch.
Dexter pulled the orb from my shaking hands, teeth gleaming inside a dark tangle of moustache and beard.
I stowed the ghost stones in back of the skimmer - under Whistler's careful scrutiny - then steered us in the direction he pointed: over the forest, toward the cliffs that ran along the coast north of A Camp. Hordes of insectile creatures poured from the mound, swarmed over Krysta's body in wriggling profusion. We dragged our macabre cargo through the forest despite the moonless night, our path lit by the eerie glow of luminescent fungi. I programmed the medibots as best I could to recognize the offending organs, then injected them into Whistler's neck. I passed my vigil leaning against the trunk of a mushroom fern, listening to a symphony of unseen creatures prowl the alien night. I have since often pondered what life was like for Lazarus after the world moved on to other miracles. Dexter Conley emerged from the shadows beneath the cliffs, followed by a younger man: Paul Killian, the rookie supervisor Jenny Margolis had left in charge.
Dexter waded out into the tide, stomping and flailing and cursing in the area where Krysta's stone had disappeared. A glistening island of silver flesh breached the sea behind him, rising up and up, like a mountain spawned by the titanic collision of undersea continents. We've learned a great deal since Dexter - may he roast in Hell - pointed us in the right direction.
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There’s little worse than an amazing set of in-ear monitors that constantly fall out, and without that seal they’re not doing their job right. If you’re buying a really high-end set of in-ear monitors, like Shures or Westones, then odds are you can afford the $200 custom silicone molds. There’s a lot of information on the web about this, some of it conflicting and some of it unanimous. These Skullcandys look different from my Shures, and the little valley will ensure that the plugs don’t come off of the headphones. Once you knead the two together, it will set whether you use it or not, so approximate as best you can and whatever you don’t use, keep as separate and store away. After about 10 minutes, the silicone will have set enough so that you can remove the molds. I was initially worried that putty would stick too tightly to the plastic on the earphones, which is why I didn’t try this with my Shures. If this isn’t the type of project for you, take a look at How To Make Disposable Sleeves for Your In-Ear Monitors. Since you removed the earphones from the mold to make the hole so that the sound would go into the ear, how well do the earphones stay in the mold when you put them back in? The only suggestion I’d give is to make sure the driver cover is protected with tape or something.
I only call attention to it in case someone (including the author) has Shures or other similar-style IEM’s and would like to compare procedures. For anyone considering this, I made mine last night with the Radians material and it seems much more compliant than the Sugru after fully setting. I have read up on other projects like this over the last few months, but haven’t tried it yet. I’ve been a firearms instructor for over 25 years and started using the molded earplugs over 10 years ago, I love them and have saved my hearing as a result.
I am still going to try it as I am not remotely happy with the sound of these stupidly over priced IEM’s and while they sound alright its the custom fit and seal of them that is the main reason they sound better than other cheaper products. DID YOU KNOW?In 2014 Amazon released Bookerly, a brand new serif font designed to decrease eyestrain and increase reading speed on their Kindle devices; Booklery replaced Caecilia, a now 25-year-old font, as the default Kindle font.
Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. Terran history preaches again and again that the most courageous sacrifice a human being can make is to give his life for the lives of others.
The natives seemed to have no use for the interior, and that was exactly the part of the planet for which DDC Management lusted. The bloody thing still could not untangle the spaghetti of Synobian grammar; its lexicon remained limited and imprecise. Slick salamander skin buried beneath a carpet of symbiotic sproutlings that drew nutrients from dead epidermal cells in exchange for protecting their host from the relentless sun. We stood in silence, watching some of Whistler's fellow villagers frolic in the surf a few hundred meters from shore. At first glance, it looked like the biggest pearl I had ever seen: twenty centimeters across, shimmering with nacreous luster. I went straight to my berth and collapsed on the bunk, exhausted to the marrow, yet - as pathetic as it sounds - I was afraid to sleep. Dexter fidgeted beside Jenny while three members of her team trained laser pistols on the Synobians.
An area we had scrupulously avoided, since Whistler made it clear from the first days of contact that it contained hallowed ground.

Dexter - and whoever had helped him sabotage the skimmer, a feat which bespoke a technical expertise far beyond his depth - would be waiting. I tried to analyze her condition with the medikit, but Synobian physiology did not lend itself to analysis with human medical tools.
We brought her to a clearing with a large earthen mound near its center, at least two meters in diameter.
I could barely see what lay beneath the mass of chitinous scavengers… and still, I saw too much. He probably meant what he said, but the substances used to erase memories were very unpredictable.
Its lower ring of eyes fixed on the tiny human floating beneath them as immense jaws parted, as saliva mixed with brine cascaded in a dozen waterfalls between rows of spiny teeth. He would not let Killian and me bundle him into the skimmer until we had finished what we came to do. I wonder, as I brood over this final entry in my mission log, if the Saviors immortalized by history are created by actions, or events, or both. This was more of a trial run for me; I wanted to do this on a cheap pair of headphones instead of my expensive Shures just in case something went wrong. Even though you’re following this guide, it’s important to read what they gave you as well, especially if your kit is a different brand.
It’ll also warm up to body temperature, which will make it more comfortable when you insert it. The two projections in the above picture will actually lock into the outside ear folds so that they don’t slip out.
When he's not overdosing on meditation and geek news of all kinds, he's hacking and tweaking something, often while mumbling in 4 or 5 other languages.
I play drums at my church and I’ve been looking for a solution like this for a while. I had tried different types of ear phones all of them fall out very easily as they do not fit firmly to my ears.
I think this would be something to try to see if I could isolate the sound a little better, and get a better ear fit.
It could also be ideal to insert a cotton ball of appropriate size, before pushing in the silocon.
The Vibes have a grill on the front that picked up some of the molding material and was quite difficult to remove. I had my first pair made sitting beside Steven Tyler as he got his concert earphones made, I immediately got a pair made for my CD player (10 Years ago).
Aside from one true continent and a smattering of volcanic islands, the sea covered everything, from fathomless trenches to the shallows above submerged continental plates that had drowned eons before the first Synobian drew breath. Central mountain ranges concealed a geologic treasure trove: gold, silver, platinum, copper, juicy veins of high-grade ore. Several clung to the massive dorsal ridge of a trylvol: a whale-like creature with half a dozen eyes completely circling its swollen cranium, reminiscent of a beluga with an overactive pituitary. I can't figure out what I'm dealing with… ancestor worship, afterlife mythology, tribal gods, animism?
Sits back there in civilization, with his giga-buck salary, designer drugs, designer women….
I saw no choice but to continue, relying on the cover of the forest and Whistler's home field advantage. Two glandular organs on either side of her neck were pumping large doses of an unfamiliar hormone into her system. I lurched into the protective embrace of the forest, following Whistler as quickly as my trembling legs could manage. As we followed the thunderous call of the ocean, I saw the misery in Whistler's eyes and wondered whether I had saved him or condemned him to a fate more tragic than I could fathom. Below us, beach stretched to the north and south, undulating with the coastline like an albino serpent. I prayed silently with all my might that he would not find it, that at least Whistler might die with that small measure of consolation. He shrilled a song of victory and vengeance, a sound so giddy with emotion it made my skin crawl.
Whistler lay stubbornly bleeding in the sand while we unworthy humans threw the rest of the ghost stones into the sea. Will trylvols someday gather - far beyond the sight of land - to sing their haunting tributes to the child who gave everything to protect their aggregated souls from damnation?
Now, I’m sure that if you’re dropping that kind of money on a custom fit, they’ll be great, but what about the rest of us? After some searching, I decided on the Radian brand, because it was cheaply found on eBay ($14) and got good reviews from a ton of places. When you knead the two parts together, that’ll cause the reaction which will allow it to set. The silicone mold doesn’t actually stick to the plastic, but there’s definitely a tight fit. I like the Skullcandy earphones and use them as is, but I think making a mold like this will help even more. We tend to try new things constantly as a profession and I can guarantee that there are impression materials in the office that are not being used or are close to an expiration date that your dentist would give you in a couple of ziploc bags just for asking. I have never had any trouble with this and it is useful for molding all kinds of silicone shapes. They stay in way better when I exercise with them and offer a much better seal for noise blocking when I use them under a helmet on a motorcycle. I think the 2-part Radians material may prove to be more durable than Sugru in the long run, but I was actually quite happy with the Sugru aside from cosmetics and having one of my cords at a funny angle!
I put some of the putty on the “head side) of the in-ear piece and then put it in my ear with the cable pointed up , securing it in place with my glasses earpiece.
It kost you a couple of bucks (€25,-), but when you try to make a mold of your own ears there are a lot of things that can go wrong. He also ran the kitchen - easy duty, since the meals practically prepared themselves - and served as unofficial bartender.
How's he expect you to reason with a walking compost heap?" I felt my temper smoldering, fed by the scotch in my belly, but I was too exhausted to give Dexter a lecture on universal tolerance. Me, it just seemed a little spooky, but Johnson in Precious Metals recycled his lunch after thirty seconds, tops. Laser burns had stripped away sproutlings from her abdomen, leaving charred patches that seeped purplish fluid. I caught up with him near our encampment, relieved that we would soon be on our way, putting kilometers between ourselves and that wretched stretch of woods. The bones did not just glisten: they shone in the twilight as if they had been carved from mother-of-pearl. Waves thundered against the sand, foaming and bubbling as they slipped back into the cerulean embrace of the sea. The trylvol writhed in surf too shallow to support its bulk, a great fleshy tanker run aground.

A release of hormones triggers a pupal stage: the body dies while the skull seals around a brain that is undergoing drastic chemical and structural changes. The organs in his neck were the harbingers of change, secreting the hormone to initiate his glorious transfiguration. He has warned the trylvols about us: what we have come for, and what we may take if we are not stopped. His headaches grow worse as the brain imprisoned in his skull presses out against the shell of an egg that will never hatch…. And farts are never not funny You could cough to cover it up, but that also risks enhancing the fart's sound. In the Results section, I’ll point out what I did differently so you get an idea of what (not) to do.
Because I wasn’t sure how the process would go, I also bought a cheap pair of Skullcandy headphones so in case there were problems I wouldn’t ruin my Shures. All the same, there are hazards to be wary of so you’re assuming responsibility if anything goes wrong down the line.
If your ears are small enough, you might be able to use half for both ears, so you can create a backup set. The professional custom mold packages tell your audiologist to keep your mouth open while they let the foam they use set. When I do my Shures, I’ll be sure to carefully plug the tubes before I put them in the putty. After reading this article I have two options either to visit an audiologist or create a mold by myself. Take the mold an create with a dremel tool a little hole in it, so you can put your in ear phone inside of de mold.
Blurry images paraded past my eyes: jagged cliffs, thundering seascapes, jungles bursting with flora I could not name. The bastards who pump us through i-space to make their fortunes owe us a lot more than a little scavenging on the side! I knelt beside Whistler and activated the translator, wondering if Dexter's glare would burn a hole in the back of my head. When I asked Whistler, he indicated that they were vital to her welfare, and I knew with numb certainty that random tinkering on my part could only make matters worse. I could only follow Whistler with my eyes as he approached the naked skeleton of his brood sister.
Blood oozed from the blackened stump like blueberry syrup to stain the sand a deep burgundy.
Dexter swam farther from shore, dove, let out a whoop as he broke the surface with a shimmering oval in one hand.
Trylvol digestive enzymes weaken the shell sufficiently for the metamorphosed brain to emerge, wend its way through the trylvol's sinus passages, and assume its rightful place. He knew I could not save the rest of his brood siblings without his help, so he had me destroy his only chance to join them.
If you’re familiar with the process and want to see those points, feel free to skip to that section.
Again, it’s highly unlikely, but there are risks, so read all of the instructions several times before you do it yourself. This is not only damaging and painful, but you can run the risk of an infection, so please, do take your time and do this carefully. Can you estimate it by comparing how good is the insulation in comparison with the original noise insulation factor on your Shure and you Skull candy? Also you can make the hole just at the right place, so the sound can go directly in your ears at the right place. Perhaps that explained Mystery Number One: villages ringed the coast of the supercontinent, but we had yet to locate one more than a hundred kilometers inland. An electric tingle traveled up my arms and down my spine, rising in intensity, pulsing like the beat of some invisible heart.
You may have more degrees than the average stellar core… but out here, you're still a grunt. He pulled out one of the two orbs nestled within and stroked its surface with the reverence of a temple acolyte. For just an instant, at the edge of the clearing, I paused to look back at our fallen comrade. He took one step toward Dexter, stone held out like a child slaughtered to appease an evil god.
Many brains assemble in the massive cranial cavity of a single host: five trylvols hold the majority of clan Mezkor. If you’re considering doing this yourself, though, be sure to read everything more than once.
It makes sense, as your ear canal changes shape depending on your jaw’s position, and to me, there was a much better seal on my right ear than my left.
This gave a great seal, protected the speaker hole, and was very comfortable and easy to remove.
A thousand shattered memories fought to assemble a consciousness that belonged to someone else. He wandered onto the beach with the reverent steps of a pilgrim who has finally reached the holy shrine. They will sell DDC those precious rights to the minerals locked beneath the skin of the supercontinent. We were close now to whatever sacred place Whistler had been guiding us; I could hear the muffled roar of the ocean in the distance, could smell its briny tang. He stared at the immense wake of the diving trylvol, and something collapsed inside him… something that had been waiting for one more little push. I have at least 6 pair of the Apple buds that are the worst at staying in your ear – so, I had plenty to experiment with. As I flailed away in horror, one emotion dogged my escape after all the rest had evanesced into oblivion. Patches of its bony surface - especially those in areas where no bone had any right to be - bore the unmistakable sheen of fresh growth.
Whistler gazed up at me with large, liquid eyes that would have looked haunted on any creature's face.
The ghost stone catapulted out over the churning foam and splashed into the surf at least ten meters from shore. But those rights will be contingent on an irrevocable ban against exploitation of the ocean. Finally I began to understand: he wanted me to remove the strange organs at the sides of his neck.

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