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Stud earrings are small earrings which are just big enough to match right over the holes in your pierced ears.
Even if the answer to that question is "no" (and we assume it is), you'll probably find these earrings pretty cute. Of course the double-ear effect on works well on white ears -- those with darker skin will find their big ear doesn't quite match its new little friend. There are a number of studs that you can buy and wear, including diamonds, gold, gold and plastic pieces.

Found on Etsy, "Little Third Ear" earrings are shaped like actual ears, shrunk down to earlobe size. Same goes for Lau's matching Little Mouth Rings, Little Nose Necklaces and Little Ear Brooches.
As designer Percy Lau describes them on her Etsy page, "Your big ear grows a little ear." Or gets a thumbnail of itself, to mix body part metaphors. Put nice hair up into an elegant up-do so the earrings defintely won't be protected by strands of hair.

As an example, these stud earrings are ideal if you're attending an event having a "punk rocker" theme. Coordinate the color of your plastic earrings with a headband, necklace, bracelet, belt or shoes.

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