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Held in South Lake Tahoe, CA, December 29-31, Snowglobe Music Festival brought music lovers together for one of the few outdoor winter festivals out there. Atmosphere brought a little Midwest spice to the lineup, and their set could not have been better.
Few festivals land during the middle of the week, but with New Year’s Eve falling on a Wednesday evening, the people at Snowglobe decided to make an exception for the holiday. While the Snowglobe grounds were held at the local community college, and most hotels were fairly close by, the festival offered incredibly convenient shuttles that left from the Mount Bleu Casino to the festival. Despite the cold, which was a slight drawback to the phenomenal experience, Snowglobe is a festival that (given the right preparation) could be one of the best festivals one could attend. This year’s unique lineup brought the likes of Disclosure, Skrillex, Phantogram, Atmosphere, Odesza, Porter Robinson, and a ton more.
Disclosure played a DJ set with only one Lawrence brother that blew away the crowd on the first night of the fest.
Slug’s passionate voice carried across the grounds, calling to arms any and all fans who appreciate true poetry. And while most would say that as a bad thing, it assured plenty to do until the festival gates opened. Starting Monday, December 29th and going through until New Year’s Eve night, it was the perfect way to ring in the new year. Regardless of where they stayed, a shuttle ticket add-on allowed for anyone to get to and from the festival swiftly and safely. The first day was a slightly uncomfortable 22 degrees, but the last two nights had us a little worried that we might lose a finger or toe to frost bite. I was a little worried that a DJ set would be lackluster, but I was proven wrong within the first few minutes.

After Phantogram at the Main Stage, the crowd had a little time before Flux Pavillion’s set.
But, The set to talk about from day 3 is Flume, yet there isn’t much to say beyond that it was the perfect set to ring in the new year. Although there wasn’t a fabulously lit object dropping from the sky, we all knew when to start watching the clock. While wait times for the shuttle home reached as long as an hour, the moment we stepped on the bus it was well worth it. With temperatures dropping to single digits, and a wind chill that wouldn’t hesitate to slap yo mamma, helpful hand warmers were a must have. Unlike many festivals that try and cram too much stuff in a small space, everything was scaled down creating a little music community. Skrillex came immediately after, and for the first time in history, he played music more than he spoke to the crowd. The last set of the festival ended at 1:30AM, allowing festival goers to enjoy their celebrations before being sent back to the real world.
I highly recommend getting a group and throwing down on a room in the casino for this festival, it was well worth the extra penny to be so close to the fun. Given away freely in VIP (as well as at the local CVS near the shuttle pick up) were hand warmers and foot warmers!
I couldn’t help but give a tip of the hat to that closing set the first night, it was well worth staying at the Main Stage that evening.
The high energy brought by  Branchez was a perfect build to everyone’s return to the Main Stage for Flux Pavillion. Of course, the closing DJ for the night, Justin Martin, didn’t let anyone go home without a smile on their face.

With the beautiful mountains and lake in the background, the natural setting of the festival truly felt like a winter wonderland. Although, few people let their night end there, with shuttles that headed back to 3 casinos within a block of one another…yeah, party time. Having not seen Flux in over a year, it was a perfect set to bring me back to the dubstep scene.
As Monday night drew to a close the snow began to fall, and everyone was caught in a natural snow globe with the snow gently kissing cheeks in the breeze. While there were a few small fires (both stylistic and real) the wind often took the heat before it got to anyone, causing many attendees to wonder if the installations were truly for heat or pure decoration.
The two tented stages offered some relief for the wind and cold, but only so many people can fill a tent before it loses its appeal.
Back at the Sierra stage, Classixx brought the grooves before Odesza blew the entire festival away. Each song was tapped live, with the little imperfections and twists that show these guys are doing it in front of you and truly have mastered their craft.
They played every hit from their acclaimed albums and everyone walked away elated and exhausted. Unfortunately Porter Robinson’s set landed right on top of Odesza, and with an amazing vantage point, this gal was not about to leave her post.

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