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Share Neurology involves the study of the functions and disorders of the nervous system of the human body. The peripheral nervous system consists of the nerves and all other parts of the nervous system, except the brain and spinal cord. Since the peripheral nervous system is associated with our senses, conditions affecting it may also involve the decrease or increase of sensitivity to sensory stimuli as in the case of hyperesthesia that is characterised by excessive sensitivity and neuralgia which is presented with intense burning, stabbing or throbbing pain sensations. The nervous system also regulates involuntary action such as digestion, sweating, and heart rate.
A neurologist is one who specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological conditions. Headaches, neuritis and radiculitis are the most commonly treated neurological conditions in the chiropractic profession. Depending on the underlying cause the disorder, chiropractic treatment can be effective for treating these problems, either alone or in conjunction with other therapies. Practice of sex has given birth to some diseases that cause harm to a man if not taken care early. Video comment on this news article "Theranos Letter Shows Elizabeth Holmes Tried To Take Control From Shareholders".
After weeks of skepticism and questions around Theranos, it’s still unclear whether Elizabeth Holmes and her blood-testing company are worth all the hype, or simply the product of hype.
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After opening the article in Internet Explorer, these instructions will no longer appear, instead the LVC interface will load up. The company, which rose to fame with the promise of a new test that uses only a finger-prick''s worth of blood, is struggling to restore faith in its leadership and technology. On Wednesday, it announced a major management shakeup, and, more critically, it has promised to address the biggest cause of skepticism in the scientific community: that it hasn''t ever published any studies on the technology. Theranos'' problems came into focus in October, when the The Wall Street Journal reported its tests weren''t producing accurate results and the company was trying to cover it up.
Some former employees have said that this caginess pervades the company''s culture and even affects how staff are asked to conduct themselves in public.
Former employees who spoke with Business Insider, all on the condition of anonymity because of concerns about legal repercussions, described a company where communication is lacking and collaboration is discouraged.
One person who worked at the company for a short time four years ago, said secrecy existed even within different teams at Theranos.
The secrecy sometimes reached extremes, in this person''s view, as when now former second-in-command Balwani sent the staff a list of words not to be used in the outside world. The list of banned words included references to basic lab technology like "centrifuge," used to separate fluids, and "pipette," a tool used to pick up and measure fluids. There was "a general feeling of being constantly watched, analyzed, graded — bordering on mobbing," the former employee said.
Another illustration of the secretive nature can be seen in the LinkedIn profiles of many employees. They describe their employer only as a "private biotechnology company" based in Palo Alto, California. Buchanan told Business Insider that the LinkedIn titles were not a part of a formal company policy. Still, she said the company needs a sense of privacy to protect its research and development work from competitors, saying it''s a standard practice in business. The secrecy has put the company at a major disadvantage, said Stuart Peterson, a senior partner at Artis Ventures. Theranos did finally create a medical advisory board in April, with eight scientists from major universities and hospitals. When it came to tests that looked at specific concentrations of white blood cells or platelets, Bond found that there was a big variation in counts among each blood drop, all of which were taken from the same finger. As a result of these variations, Bond concluded that looking at a single drop of blood might not cut it as far as getting an accurate result goes.
That could drastically limit the applications for Theranos'' testing approach, depending on what technology the company is using. Theranos has been running blood tests since 2013, at one point serving as many as 46 locations where people can go to have their blood drawn (the majority of them are in Walgreens drugstores).
In Pennsylvania, all of Theranos'' operations have been shuttered, and in California, where the company is headquartered, only one remains open. The company''s spokeswoman said it saw Arizona as a good location for a pilot program, in part because of the state''s demographics, its business-friendly attitude, and the larger presence of those using Medicare and Medicaid services. Theranos'' Arizona lab has not escaped regulatory scrutiny, even though it wasn''t caught up in the CMS inspections and warnings that shuttered the lab in California. But the lab remains open, and Walgreens is sticking with Theranos, even as other partners haven''t been willing to. Thomson ReutersOne of the biggest criticisms of controversial blood-testing startup Theranos has been simple: Where''s the data? Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes is scheduled to present data on the company''s proprietary blood test on August 1, 2016 in Philadelphia at the annual American Association for Clinical Chemistry conference.
Theranos has come under fire over the last six months regarding the accuracy of its blood tests, particularly its finger-prick tests that only require a small amount of blood.
On Wednesday, the blood-testing startup said that Sunny Balwani, the company''s president and chief operating officer is stepping down and retiring. Balwani, who joined Theranos in 2009 also served on the company''s board of directors.
Theranos will also be bringing in three new members to its board, including biotech veteran Fabrizio Bonanni.
Theranos has since stopped running tests out of that lab and has responded to the agency with plans to address its concerns. Balwani''s departure is the biggest leadership change to the company since its Northern California lab halted all testing.
Draper tells Business Insider that of all the startups out there, Theranos is among those he''s most excited about. Draper, a founder of major Valley VC firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson, was famously the first investor in Theranos, contributing its first $1 million.
Today, the company is fighting for its life, thanks to questions over the accuracy of its tests. WSJTheranos, the controversial blood-testing startup, is facing a criminal investigation into whether it misled investors about its technology. The company, which has come under scrutiny following reports about irregularities with its tests, is the subject of a criminal probe by the US attorney''s office, as well as a civil probe from the SEC, according to a memo the company sent to its partners on Monday. Walgreens, which had a partnership to offer the Theranos tests to its customers, and the New York State Department of Health have received subpoenas in recent weeks, seeking documents and other information about the representations that Theranos made, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. The WSJ said that federal investigators are also looking at whether Theranos misled government officials, which could be a federal crime.
As we''ve previously shared with you and as could be expected, surrounding critical Wall Street Journal articles a number of regulators began investigations.

In the past, we have generally not commented on the specifics of these inquiries out of deference to our regulators and in light of specific requests for confidentiality. We welcome further review of our technologies, performance, and data, which is why we voluntarily engaged with FDA years ago. The company''s business model includes offering more than 100 simple blood tests directly to patients at a much lower cost than traditional blood labs, in addition to developing its own technology to test that blood. Many new health companies have made waves by treating healthcare like any other product you might buy.
Even with the recent challenges, Theranos VP of Communications Brooke Buchanan said the company''s commitment to patient health and access hasn''t changed. Last October, The Wall Street Journal published a now-famous story that brought up concerns over how Theranos'' blood tests were run and how accurate they were. Four months before that story was published, Theranos sent in a legal team of five lawyers to try and squash the story, Vanity Fair''s Nick Bilton reports. The reason for the legal intervention, as reported by Vanity Fair and confirmed by Business Insider, was because The Journal had documents that disclosed trade secrets and were concerned that these would be published.
Federal agencies are investigating whether Theranos made misleading statements about the effectiveness of its medical tests,A according to The Wall Street Journal. Today Show via TwitterTheranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes is at risk of being barred from the blood-testing business for two years as a result of some serious missteps at her startup. Another document cited by The Journal detailed the potential two-year suspension of Holmes and Theranos president Sunny Balwani, which would, if put into place, bar them from owning or operating any lab for the next two years.
Regarding the letters as well as the six months of controversy over the accuracy of Theranos'' tests, Holmes told Shriver that as the founder and CEO, the responsibility for the problems is hers alone.
Theranos has responded to the March 18 letter, so it remains to be seen if these updates are what CMS was looking for.
The 32-year-old founder and CEO of Theranos, Holmes withstood months of negative press about her questionable blood testing technology.
Both the government and the SEC want to know the same thing: Did Holmes lie her way into a $9 billion valuation?
To anyone outside of the Silicon Valley bubble, the Theranos fallout is not only hard to believe, but hard to understand. Still, there’s a massive chasm between watching your investments run out of cash (say, Homejoy or Shuddle) or seeing its big idea turn out to be a small one (for instance, Path or Whistle) and watching your star investment land on the front page of the WSJ for all the wrong reasons. None of the investors that I spoke with put money behind Theranos or would talk about the startup directly: The blood-testing startup is famous for having no big institutional VCs on board.
Greylock Partner Josh Elman broke the unknown of venture investing into three big bets: Does the startup occupy a growing investment space?
The most active investors sit on the board and can try and impact a startup through influence, but ultimately the management team is in charge, explained Redpoint Partner Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint. To avoid being blindsided with problems, the best an investor can do is stay in relatively constant communication with their teams. There are cases where an investor might try and pull out entirely from an investment, but those are very rare. Your nervous system is composed of two parts: the central nervous system comprising your brain and spinal cord, and the peripheral nervous system which consists of nerves, nerve cell tissues, nerve endings that respond to sensory stimuli and all other neural elements. Diseases of the central nervous system have an effect on physical movement and may lead to paralysis or mental incapacitation, and speech and language disorders such as stuttering.
Neurological conditions that affect the nerves include rabies which is an acute viral disease transmitted through saliva coming from the bite of an infected animal and polio which is an infectious viral disease that affects the muscles of the lower limbs. On the other hand, neuritis is the inflammation of a nerve or group of nerves resulting in pain, loss of reflexes, and atrophy of the affected muscles. This aspect of the nervous system may also be affected by neurological conditions such as dysautonomia which is characterised by the fall in blood pressure during standing, heart problems, and trouble with breathing and swallowing, or erectile dysfunction in men.
Gluten is a sticky, storage protein that binds to the small intestinal wall where it often causes digestive and immune system disorders.
With neuritis, patients sometimes experience sensations called paresthesias (feelings of tingling, hot spots, cold spots, crawling sensations, stinging, and burning).
Because neurological problems can be extremely serious and even life-threatening, these situations often call for a referral to or co-management by other healthcare professionals. Theranos dismissed many of the claims in lengthy rebuttals online, but still hasn''t answered the question of how the tests work or offered data to support its process.Staying quiet has done little to help its cause. On LinkedIn, for example, many people deliberately do not identify Theranos as their employer, and one person told Business Insider about a list of words that employees were banned from using outside of the office. Late Wednesday, Theranos said its president and chief operating officer, Sunny Balwani, is retiring as part of a company-wide reorganization. One of the profiles includes a Theranos logo, despite the lack of any other identifying information.
Theranos staff members who list the company publicly are in senior leadership roles or work as recruiters. The first (already completed) step was to approach the Theranos blood-testing technology independently, and now the board has to find ways to present the data to the scientific community. For example, in the same finger-prick worth of blood, one drop could suggest that your hemoglobin is too low, suggesting that you might have anemia, while another has you in a normal range. Instead, for complex tests like these, it might be better to stick to vials, she concluded.
We need to be careful with blood testing and be aware of how much of specific substances in the blood can vary from one test to another.
Amid all the scrutiny, the company just opened a stand-alone location in Chandler, Arizona. In April 2015, the Arizona Department of Health performed a routine inspection of Theranos in which it found problems with the Arizona lab. Theranos lost a deal with Safeway, and insurer Capital BlueCross immediately halted testing out of a clinic in Pennsylvania and suspended its relationship with Theranos in January when the CMS findings were released, according to the insurer''s spokeswoman. Holmes is presenting the science behind the technology for the first time at AACC, the premier scientific forum for laboratory medicine," AACC CEO Janet B. Theranos has not publicly released any data on how well its tests work in comparison to standard blood tests, though in recent weeks the company has added a scientific advisory board tasked in part with finding ways to present data to the scientific community. By the end of 2015, she had raised nearly another $700 million with an $8 billion valuation.
However in light of consistent press attention in this area we want you to hear about them from us," reads Theranos'' memo, which was obtained by Business Insider. The privately held company was valued at $9 billion in a 2014 funding round, according to the WSJ. The investigation is at an early stage and the subpoenas do not mean that prosecutors are seeking an indictment, the report noted. However in light of consistent press attention in this area we want you to hear about them from us.
We recently hosted three scientific review sessions in Palo Alto with leading laboratory and medical experts, many of whom joined our Scientific and Medical Advisory Board as a result, and are now working with us to introduce our technologies through peer reviewed publications.
Many have told us they wouldn''t do it — it''s hard enough to do so with doctors involved.

Many "disruptive" Silicon Valley health companies have run into this regulatory problem as well.
That team included David Boies, the high-profile lawyer who has also represented clients such as Bill Gates and now sits on Theranos'' board of directors.
The US Attorney's Office has reportedly begun issuing subpoenas to Theranos partners, like Walgreens, to learn how the company pitched its technology.
Now her startup is the target of a full-blown federal criminal investigation and official inquiry by the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Still, their comments paint a clear picture on the dangers of backing a high-flying startup in boom times. Jenny Lefcourt of Freestyle Capital cited market research as a big part of her job, but said leaps of faith must always be made.
One investor equated the regulatory issues at Theranos to those that Uber and Lyft faced against the traditional taxi industry.
When a founder sends him over an income statement or user metrics, Motschwiller is constantly thinking about mistakes -- intentional or not -- that could have been made in those calculations. A neurological condition refers to any disease, injury or disorder of the brain, spinal cord or any other part of your nervous system that may often cause serious disabilities. In some cases, the brain may be infected with a disease such as Toxoplasmosis, which is caused by the one-celled protozoan parasite Toxoplasma gondii. Dysautonomia may occur alone or in association with another disease such as Parkinson’s disease, or caused by diabetes or alcoholism. The most common condition associated with a gluten sensitivity is celiac disease where the small intestinal villi are flattened. Since The Journal''s report, the company, which once fetched a $9 billion valuation, has lost out on a key deal, had one of its two labs shut down, and wound up under investigation by several government agencies. And by August, Theranos had already said, it would release its scientific data in a presentation, at which point the company will have to show whether its technology is as revolutionary as it seems. Business Insider confirmed that several of the other profiles belong to current or former Theranos employees. It also has a still functioning lab in Arizona, so if it is to mount a comeback, it very well could be from there. I''m not certain what''s going on over there, but if I were a woman, I''d be asking a lot of questions," he told us. The investigations by the Departments of Health of Pennsylvania and Arizona and the FDA have been successfully closed out. The FDA has strict regulatory oversight over information they deem could influence the health of a patient.
Theranos has been purposefully tight-lipped about how its proprietary technology worked from the outset, perhaps for fear of competitors catching wind of what the company was up to.
After a very tense five hours, the person told me that Boies and his platoon exited the newsroom, leaving behind the very serious specter of a lawsuit," Bilton wrote.
How could her investors not see the writing on the wall before the SEC started banging down the door? To survive, Gurley advised unicorn startups to get cash-flow positive as quickly as possible, a reality that looks more and more impossible for Theranos as the days pass by. Investors continue to herald Uber and Lyft as great companies, even though in many cases their operations are breaking laws (as they’re currently written). Hypersexuality is a disease or a kind of disorder that occurs when an individual shows unusual or extreme indulgence in sexual activity. Its founder, 32-year-old Elizabeth Holmes, faces a two-year ban from the blood-testing business. Other agencies which have opened probes against the company include the State Departments of Health in Pennsylvania and Arizona, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), and the U.S. I talked to some prominent venture capitalists to get their take on how they deal with a Theranos-like implosion.
1Gluten and Major Neuropathic Disorders Gluten is a significant trigger in psychiatric disorders, movement disorders, sensory ganglionapathy, ataxia, neuromyelitis, multiple sclerosis, cerebellar disease, cognitive impairment, dementia, restless leg syndrome, migraines, apraxia, neuropathy, myoclonus, hearing loss, and virtually every other neurological disorder. Attorney''s Office, which began following the publication of certain news articles, are focused on requesting documents and ongoing, in addition to the CMS inspection.
Obviously, VC is built for failure: their entire business model assumes 9 of their 10 investments will tank.
2,3,4,5,6For many individuals, their immune system gets so overworked from gluten sensitivity and other environmental challenges such as toxins, parasites, vitamin D3 deficiencies, and trauma they can have severe immune reactions that last months after one provoked exposure.
From then on it has been called by other names like compulsive sexual behavior, erotomania, excessive sexual drive, hyperophilia, paraphilia-related disorder, nymphomania (in women) etc. The company continues to work closely with regulators and is cooperating fully with all investigations. This means that consuming gluten on one day can cause an inflammatory assault that could last for 2-3 months.
5 This is why it is so critical to be as strict as possible when avoiding gluten and other inflammatory irritants.The Complexity of Gluten SensitivityGluten is made up of a sticky portion called glutenin and a protein portion called gliadin. Most lab tests only look at alpha gliadin antibodies but this is only a very small component of the total molecule. Often times this lab comes back negative, but the individual is reacting to some of the other components of the gluten molecule.Glutenin gives wheat dough strength and elasticity and is very commonly used in the baking process due to these desirable characteristics. Many people have severe reactions to this molecule, but it never shows up on the basic gliadin antibody testing.6The food processing industry very often deamidates the gladin molecule to make it water soluble. This never tests out for gliadin antibodies.7Gluten Based OpioidsWhen the body metabolizes gluten, it creates opoids in the form of gluteomorphin. One can have a blood test to see if the body produces antibodies to gluteomorphin and the building block prodynorphin.8When someone has an opioid sensitivity, going gluten free can cause severe withdrawal symptoms that are similar to coming off of opioid drugs such as heroin. These symptoms include depression, crazy mood swings, nausea, and vomiting, as well as abnormal bowel activity. The gluten protein is similar to protein structures in the nervous system and the thyroid tissue. Dementia Can Cause This Disorder A recent research shows that dementia, the harmful brain disorder in which a human being looses his or her ability to remember and carry out daily works can cause hypersexual disorder also. Neurological Disorders Cause Hypersexuality Several neurological problems such as Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD, Kluver-Bucy syndrome, Kleine-Levin syndrome etc can cause hypersexual disorder in a man. He is a Maximized Living doctor and the author of "SuperCharge Your Brain" -- Radically Improve Your Mood, Memory & Mindset. It is also seen that nearly 10% of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease show symptoms of hypersexuality. Side Effects Of Using Street Drug Hypersexual disorder can occur if someone uses the drug methamphetamine through smoking or by injection. Please enter text in this image Subject Your Message Please tell us of the error you found: Bio Latest Posts David Jockers DC, MS, CSCSDr.

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