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Some people may pierce their nose purely out of vanity, while others choose to do it for religious purposes.
If you ask me, it seems as though this mom was trying to live vicariously through her child. Stacy-Ann Gooden (aka Weather Anchor Mama) can be seen delivering the weather on the news weeknights in New York City. I refuse to allow my kids to do any kind of body modification until they are old enough to make the informed decision, and are able to pay for it and care for it themselves. I think this with not only having her infant’s nose pierced, but also doing it HERSELF was crazy, and definitely warrants a CPS call.
When my daughter was younger, everyone wanted to know when we were getting her ears pierced.
I am absolutely against ANY cosmetic body modifications (earrings, noses, genitals) on children. Shots are to prevent your child from illnesses such as whooping cough among so many other illnesses out there that your child can get, which is why shots are important. And what reason do you have that makes any sense, to actually pay someone to pierce your child’s ears? Absolutely no offense but, one of my favorite memories with my mom was when I was just about to turn five and she asked what I wanted. I am a mother of 3 year old twin girls no earring.I have my lip and eyebrow pierced but still choose to let them decided when they are older if they want their ears pierced or not.
I don’t agree that it is acceptable to pierce a baby’s nose but do you people really believe it warrants a call to cps? I have a 4 month old daughter and i wont even pierce her ears because i feel as if she should be the one to choose later when she can care for them herself if she really wants them.
I would like to add that getting my ears pierced did NOT hurt but my tattoos did not hurt me either so i must be able to tolerate pain easily. I don’t think a child should have their ears or anything pierced until they are old enough to decide . I honestly think that it should be up to a person if they want to put holes into their own body. I can not believe that they’re are actually people defending the piercing of an infants nose!! So, the quality of the gold earring for babies is very important to consider because if they are cheap and maybe poorly constructed, your child could get hurt.
You don’t want that so you do have to be careful over the earrings you are buying as well as whether or not the child is going to wear these constantly. Sometimes, wearing earrings constantly can hurt the child’s ears, especially if they are not used to wearing them. However, if this is the first time your child is wearing earrings and they are in fact gold, you do need to be very careful that the child is not allergic to gold.
It might sound strange at times because you don’t often hear many people being allergic to something as simple as gold, however, some child have been known to have bad reactions.  Some children do have bad reactions to certain types of gold, especially cheaper makes. Most of the times, allergic reactions happen because of whatever materials have been used in the earrings.  You might think its pure gold because that is what you pay for but sometimes, it’s not entirely gold but substituted gold.
You do need to be careful as to whether you are giving your babies fake gold earrings, platted gold or painted gold earrings. Sometimes, children can be sensitive to cheaper alloy materials and to be honest a lot of children can take bad reactions to some metal types, even gold.
You just need to remember to find out a little about what you’re buying and know whether you are really getting good value for money. You don’t want to be paying out forty or fifty pounds on a beautiful set of gold earrings for your child and find they are cheap imitations. Eve Vawter, writer for She Knows points out the fact that parents put holes in their infant daughter’s ears all the time.

She admitted to making a “bad call” after people threatened to report her to Child Protective Services, which makes me question if she would have felt that way had no one said anything. Body modification of any kind should be a personal decision made when the child is mature enough to consider the costs and benefits. You’re still making a hole from which (to quote my sister) to dangle shiny bits of metal. If she wants to have it done when she is old enough to care for them and pick out, put in and remove earrings by herself, she can. I understand for some folks it is tradition, but it upsets me that the little girls or boys don’t have a choice. I honestly hope that by the time they are old enough to meet those criteria they will be wise enough to choose not to. I never really liked wearing earrings but did so because I had the holes and my mom seemed to expect it.
You get carte blanche to dress your baby however you see fit to communicate your style; why on earth pierce them? What’s next, is she going to tattoo her child and say it’s for some personal reason? I will let my little girl choose which piercings she will have, with the pain that comes with it. So did the 2 holes I put in my ear to the women that says it doesn’t hurt that’s crazy!!
I mean would that child be better off in a foster home without a family just because his mother made a selfish decision that did virtually no harm to him? I got to pick out my very first pair of earrings, and o.k where the holes would go (my mother being the final voice). My mom got mine pierced when i was 2 and i NEVER wear earrings they bother me and i dont like them so i will let my daughter decide for herself. Everyone is pointing fingers and attacking other parents for making personal choices for their own children whom they chose to have. It seems that when ever a person feels something is wrong according to their opinions, they think CPS should be called.
My daughter is 17 months old, and when she is old enough, she can decide if she wants to be perced in the ears, or wherever else. Are you freaking kidding me, the woman took her infant and put a needle thru his tiny little nose….seriously not even on the same ball park as ear piercing!! One anonymous mom admitted to piercing her baby’s nose, and was surprised by the backlash she received. Some Hindu women, as young as 16, may get a nose ring as a sign that she is ready to get married.
They both developed a lot of mucus in their noses at an early age, and always needed saline and suctioning. I have decided my kids can do it if they choose to as a fifth grade graduation present (so they will be 10 or 11). Mine were pierced when I was a baby, and I had them pierced again in 4th grade, but now I almost never wear them. It meant so much to me, asking to do something that made me feel grown up and getting it and that being a big event between us. Yeah, i get it if its religion or traditional but really, they should be able to to choose.
And yes people say to use a local anaesthetic or numbing cream, but the ears are still sore after it wears off.
I don’t tell other parents what choices to make for their children or that her choices are disgusting, because they are not my choices. I don’t think that anyone has the right to make that choice unless it is the person themselves.

Also, to pierce anything at home is a really bad idea, anyone ever hear of a staph infection?
It’s also believed that a hole in a woman’s left nostril relieves some of the pain during childbirth. Nose piercing is a cultural aspect in Indian society and now becoming more accepted in western society.
How is this even legal to make holes on your child’s body before they are old enough to even know what is going on?! Since when do I have the right to tell someone how they should raise their children and what they should do with them? Why do moms have to have such a strong opinion about everything and why do their opinion (and only their opinion) have to be the only right one. But it’s one thing for teens and adults to pierce their noses, and a completely different story for a baby to have a nose piercing. If I wear anything but real gold posts, they get irritated, earrings get caught in my hair.. Firstly as a mum of two girls I was recommended by other mothers to have it done as young as possible. My daughter is 7 and has always been told she can get her ears pierced when she chooses – it is not my right to do that her body!
Once at 11, which hurt, once again in the same place because it had closed, which I did at 22, and then just above that at 24. Reason being they are more likely to play with their ears when they are older risking infection.
She’s not even two and has this long, gorgeous hair, and hates to have it brushed or styled. I plan to do the same for my daughter when she is older, IF she shows excitement towards wanting her ears pierced.
Instead of doing something that your child then has to opt out of, why not just let them choose to get it done themselves?
They may both technically be body modification, but in our culture, they are not comparable. My first daughter was 2 and wanted them done she asked I said ok both done the same time and all over in 30 seconds she is now 8 and loves her earrings and likes to put pretty ones in for special occasions. I hope for it to be when she is 6 or 7 too, but it could be later…or never, depending on her. When her sister came along I knew it would only be a matter of time until she wanted to be like big sister and want earrings to, so she was done at 12 months quick and simple no crying or pain and just like little sister loves dressing up on special occasions.
When they are older and want to have other piercings then that’s their choice to make. So yes, it is a choice forba child to choose… just because you like it and thinkbits cute, they might not. Everyone is debating about who is right and who is wrong and putting others down for their own personal reasons for doing something. And anybody who says it’s wrong to not think of the child and what about their choice think about the choices you make everyday for your own children from how to disapline to what you think they should eat. Every parent makes choice on what they think is best for their child and they have no right to judge others. But you could be a mother right now forcing your kid to be a vegan because it’s want you want but have you thought about the child? No of course not so please think hard before you send out nasty comments and think about what you are doing to your own children first.

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