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I recommend to anyone with window tint, using a soft clean cloth or soft paper towel, with a mild soap and water solution. Absolutely, window films installed on glass reject 99% of solar ultraviolet (UV) light, while providing significant fade protection for furniture, carpet, artwork, wood, draperies, etc. Window tint does not affect the defrost function in the back window, you may use your rear defrost just as your always have.
Safety window film can reduce the possibility of injury caused by broken glass by keeping shattered glass in one piece. With proper installation by a trained Window Film Installation Specialist, your window film will last for a lifetime!
Only the AM reception will be disrupted when any metallic film is applied to the rear window.
13) What are the current restrictions on automotive window tint in VA, Washington D.C., WV, and MD? More extensive information and States may be found on the Internation Window Film Association website. Tint improves a windows ability to absorb and reflect light while also effectively decreasing the amount of transmitted light. The rear windows and back window are allowed to be much darker, which adds greater potential for privacy and stylistic modifications to your car, truck, van or SUV. Film laid on the front two windows of your car, truck van or SUV must allow at least 70% of light to pas through the window and ANY tint darkness is allowed on the back window and two rear windows.
California prohibits window film from being any more reflective than a normal, untinted window. One recommendation we make to our customers to compensate for the tighter rules and still get the heat protection and high profile look many of them desire is to upgrade to a premium film.

It is very important to respect and adhere to these laws in order to ensure the safety of both yourself and fellow motorists. Get StartedAre you in need of window tinting for your vehicle, home, or commercial building? About Cali TintingCali Tinting is the leading window tinting service provider in Southern California.
The darkness of your window tint is measured by a formula called Visual Light Transmission Percentage or (VLT%).
Illinois recently passed bill HB3325 which now allows citizens of Illinois to install window film that is within the legal limits.
Please feel free to call and we will stop by to give you a free estimate as well as answer any questions you may have. You should wait the specified time to clean the inside surface of your windows after the film is applied to ensure proper bonding. Llumar is so sure that their film won't peel, bubble or crack that they back their product with the best warranty in the business, and I do too. The truth is that unlike sunglasses which make it difficult to see at night, window tint is specially designed to reflect light and darken the windows from the outside without obstructing the drivera€™s ability to navigate the road. Also, the small strip of tint at the top of your windshield, often referred to as an “eyebrow” or “eyebrow strip” is allowed as long as it meets the specs set by the vehicle manufacturer.
Naturally, this ensures that the driver has maximum visibility when navigating through traffic.
Premium gloss films can block more heat, last longer and have a slightly classier appearance than cheaper basic films without using prohibited metallic materials or super dark coloration.
However, as with all rules, there are exceptions to California state law when it comes to window tinting.

This simply means the amount of visible light allowed through your window after window film is applied to your glass. For many years, this luxury was only made available to those with medical conditions that prohibit them from being in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.
Although the HB3325 Bill went into effect in 2009, some municipalities may still issue you a ticket for window film including the city of Chicago. However, state laws have been made partially due to this misconception to protect drivers at night.
Film on the rear side windows or back windshield can be as dark as you want, meaning you are allowed to have the ultra dark “limo tint” film on these windows if you’d like.
These exceptions apply specifically to patients with documented medical needs and to special professional vehicles, i.e limousines (hence the term “limo tint”), taxis, and busses as well as law enforcement vehicles.
We are not responsible for any tickets issued for window film on your vehicle nor are we providing you with legal advice regarding the installation of window film. If you do not know where the AS-1 line falls on your vehicle’s windshield, just know that Texas State law requires that the strip extend to no more than 4 inches below the top of your windshield.
Ask your doctor if you think you are a candidate for a window tinting exemption or contact us for a custom quote for your personal or commercial vehicle today.

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