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As the headmaster of Benfleet Secondary School, Bert Evans woke up to the job of catering for thousands of refugees who had lost their homes. Now The King John School in Shipwrights Drive, Thundersley, it was the main evacuation centre for those forced to flee their homes on the night of January 31st, 1953. David, who was 14 at the time, still remembers when the terrible news started filtering through. Proud son, David Evans holds up the MBE awarded to his father Bert, a headteacher who realised things were worse than they were led to believe. He said, "My first recollection was being woken up before dawn, it must have been about 4.30am, by the phone ringing. As it was the school's opening was delayed and for four weeks the building was home to hundreds of families who had lost everything except the clothes they were wearing and who had nowhere else to go.
But in the early hours of February 1st, the headmaster was only told there had been a "little bit of flooding" and it took him hours to discover the full extent of the tragedy.
David, now 64, said; "Dad knew it was much worse than they were telling him and he thought the emergency services were trying to play things down. Misery - a telephone box, a caravan and houses, seen in the background, are submerged by flood water.
Throughout the Sunday volunteers continued to pour into the school to help out - members of the Women's Voluntary Service and the Army arrived bringing with them blankets and bread and butter. David, of Kingswood Chase, Leigh, said "When the first people started coming in we could only give them a cup of tea and some bread and marge but as time went on we were able to provide them with proper meals.
The supplement that this article was taken from was given to us by Mrs Alice Chafer, to whom we extend our thanks.
It is an exact transcription, including photos, from the Echo supplement dated Wednesday, January 29 2003, which was part of a commemorative weekly pullout.
The last time i met headmaster Mr Evans, affectionately known as Fritz by us pupils at King John school because of his Germanic crewcut hairstyle, was about 1970 while on holiday in Seefeld Austria.
If you're already a registered user of this site, please login using the form on the left-hand side of this page. In Benfleet, on the 7th June 1977 there were numerous street parties one of which took place at the corner of Parkfields and Queensmere.
A sizeable farm in local terms, stretching from Church Creek to Cemetery Corner and covering just over 163 acres. Well one day we decided to ask these delightful people, how the hell the got out number in the first place. Now I know I filled out the form whist pregnant, but I did, at no point give them permission to sell on my details. Also, after telling the companies several times I DO NOT want to swoop providers you would think they wold stop ringing, especially EON!
Also these people know when Beboo was born, giving that information away is just plain disrespectful!
What gives these people the right to give away or sell my information and what gives them the right to KEEP ON calling me? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I was savvy enough to keep my original memory card and game save, so I will be conducting this blog through the benefits of New Game+, which will speed things up considerably. More exploring reveals that Serge was once attacked by a panther demon when he was very young. Inside the local bar, I am told of a town called Termina and of a group of thieves that are so tough, not even the powerful nation of Porre can stop them. I’m almost ashamed to say this, but I stumbled across my first recruitable party member, a pink dog named Poshul.

Let me get things straight for a moment here: Leena is okay with me murdering an innocent creature just to harvest its scales and make a necklace out of it because all the kids are doing it???
I've played games since before I can remember, starting with my dad's Atari and I haven't stopped yet. Ryunosuke Yuki (?? ???, Yuki Ryunosuke) is one of the Shinigami that replaces Zennosuke Kurumadani as the guardian of the Karakura Town area. On the day he is scheduled to take over guarding Karakura Town from Zennosuke Kurumadani, a sleep deprived Ryunosuke arrives late and is told off by Zennosuke. I want to present to you two alarm clocks meant for two different types of people: those that get mad when woken up by the alarm in the morning and those that are hard to be woken up and need some help. The first one is called the a€?Throwa€? Alarm Clock and is specially designed for those that get really nervous early in the morning when the alarm rings and feel like wanting to throw away that stressing clock that just doesna€™t want to stop ringing. It has the shape of a ball and you can throw it as hard and much as you want because even when it hits the rooma€™s walls it doesna€™t break.
The 10.2 cm a€?Throwa€? Alarm Clock shows the time, the date, and has an LCD display on which you can see the alarm settings. The other model is the Flying Alarm Clock that provides the most annoying wake up method in my view.
It is available at Otherlandtoys at A?13.95 and is one of the craziest gadgets Ia€™ve ever seen!
This searching will give you enough time to wake up completely and realize you have to go to your work. These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. I was just the gofer, running around trying to find different things that were needed, I was using my energy going around trying to find people and making sure everyone who came in had registered. In many cases we had to go and get the local shopkeepers out of bed so they could open up and as no one had a lot of money on them at the time we had to give the shopkeepers receipts and promise them payment at a later date. Big companies also offered to give us food to help people, although some firms thought we were making an order and tried to charge us!
What surprise me was that he recognised and remembered me as a pupil from King John School which I had left twelve years earlier. My friend Barbara Flauherty lived there and I went up to the school to look for her among the evacuees. As we do not want annoying calls at all hours, nor do we want our children woken up, after hours of hard work singing wheels on the bus os ssshhhing endlessly this is the last thing I as a mum want! Chrono Cross, the sequel to Chrono Trigger, released on the PS1 ten years ago, which is exactly how long it has been since I played it. Just starting a new game is a trial of my patience, one I seem to be losing by the amount of spittle I am forced to wipe from the TV screen by the time I actually get things going. At least, I hope it will; this game is very story-heavy, much more so than Phantasy Star was, so a lot of this blog will be simply explaining what the hell is going on, if I am even capable of doing so with this convoluted plot. In a blue-lit chamber, a smiling Serge stands over a comatose Kid with a bloody blade in his hand. Interesting, since Chrono Trigger began with Crono being woken up by Leene’s Bell ringing. It involves using Stamina to build up an Element meter and then using different colored Elements, which are like magic, to attack enemies. No idea if panther demons are a common pest or what, but it doesn’t sound very pleasant. Furthermore, he is shown to be compassionate as evidenced when he is seen worrying about Ichigo Kurosaki's safety during his battle with Asguiaro Ebern despite having only recently met him. You can choose between several ball shapes - Cricket, Golf, and Football Special Edition Silver or Normal a€“ and it also comes with a circular stand which prevents it from falling off the desk.

The clock starts to fly allover your room hitting things and you have to go out of your bad, find the propeller somewhere in the room and put it back on the base.
For four weeks the people of Canvey, who had once owned bungalows and houses, were forced to camp out on mattresses in classrooms while lessons started up again and school carried on around them. I had previously thought of myself as a insignificant pupil of thousands that had passed through that school.
My impressions back then were that it was a great RPG, but a poor sequel to Chrono Trigger, one of the greatest games of all time. I will spare you any more details than that, but it is a fun system that takes a bit to master. If I were attacked by a panther demon, after I wiped the poop out of my pants, I would totally use that story to hit on chicks.
In Chrono Trigger, Porre was a small village near Guardia that didn’t have anything going for it except a mayor who liked jerky, which I supplied to him! Ryunosuke draws his sword and decides to save her, but he is attacked and left lying on the ground badly injured.
Barbara died two years ago, but I am still in touch with Joyce Jaggers, Mary Finch and Mary Veale from the school. Whilst she is asleep all I want to do is sit down QUIETLY and savour the time I get to myself.
Due to the a ten year absence, the first battle goes something like this: attack, attack, pray. In other random village gossip, there is a place called Lizard Rock to the south where a large Komodo Dragon lives.
Thankfully, it was an easy fight, but I totally need a refresher on how to play this thing. Arni is a charming seaside village that looks like something out of Lost, if Lost were attacked by Extreme Island Makeover.
Apparently, Serge had promised to get her a Komodo Dragon Scale Necklace, which confirms my earlier suspicion that I would be slaying some of those beasties. You know, they made the past seem so quaint in Back to the Future, but the reality is much more abrasive.
Also, it appears Porre took over El Nido, which is what this island is called, about 3 years ago. Now, I’m not making fun of anyone with a speech impediment, but do you have any idea how annoying that is to read?
Our party consists of Serge, a young girl named Kid and a guy with a chef’s hat named Orcha, who is asking Serge why he looks so troubled.
He is shocked that they were able to defeat the Hollows so quickly despite how strong he heard Ichigo was. Marge, who I presume is the mother of Serge, reminds me I am supposed to meet with Leena this morning.
I eagerly agree, even though it won’t matter since I am using New Game+ and will mow through this thing like Lindsay Lohan through a bottle of Jager. But since I did at least pretend to listen to his moaning and groaning, he gives me a Shark Tooth Necklace.
That evening, Ryunosuke and Shino are brought to the Human World by Zennosuke, who leaves them after offering them some encouragement. Kid says something about this being the day of reckoning for Lynx and I suddenly realize this is going to one bitch of a blog.

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