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Specifications: 14k Golden Italian Gold Merry Shiny Finish Invisible Secure Clasp Comfortable To Wear 2.
Heart Shape Amethyst And Genuine Diamonds Earring Studs Crafted In 14 Kt White Gold 2 Stones 2.
Inside Otside Diamond Hoop Earrings - 14kt White Gold Diamond 1.00 Ct Hoop Earring 35mm In Diameter.

00 Ct Hoop Earring 35mm In Diameter Designed In 14kt White Gold, These Large Diamond Hkop Ezrring Features 100 Round Diamonds. Hinged Diamond Hoop Earrings Feature An Easy Release Pus hButton Unlock Mechanism And A Recessed Hidden Post.
Diamond Circle Earrings - 14k White Gold Gemstone And Diamodn Circle Earrings Through Blue Topaz And Citrine.

Diamond Circle Earrings - 14k White Gold Gemstone And Diamond Circle Earrings With Blue Topaz And Citrine Diamond Crcle Earrings Features Diamonds Half Way Around The Circle.

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