1Love and the Playing for Change foundation have joined together to make social change through music. Last year we raised over $150,000, which will keep the instruments, music instruction, and inspiration flowing to many kids around the world in the year ahead.
Join us this year for 1Love Playing for Change Day and let’s see if we can raise more than last year! Earlier this week we shared our first set of interviews with talent preforming at the 1Love Playing for Change Day event at the Whisky A Go-Go in Los Angeles, California.
Being part of one of the most influential bands in rock history must have been an amazing experience – what are some of you greatest memories from being a part of The Doors? Your book, The Doors Unhinged, is published so we have to ask – what is next for John Densmore? Both… looking forward to playing at the PFC benefit, and looking for more music between the sentences I write.

I was born in to a family of musicians—talking drum players dating back almost 1000 years so it wasn’t really a discovery as much as it is my birthright. My favorite song that I love to play is any song that makes people feel love and connected and feel love toward one another…whatever song that is, that would be my favorite.
I have been in love with music, theater and dance my entire life and cannot remember one moment that I didn’t feel this way. Holly Hunter thanking me at 1994 Golden Globe awards for helping her win for the movie THE PIANO..
John Densmore, Mohammed Alidu, and Margie Balter and more will be joining us for 1Love Playing for Change Day in Los Angeles at the Whisky A Go-Go! When I’m performing – anytime I can get that reaction out of someone that’s the reason I play and it’s also the job that talking drummers have in my culture. Believe in the message that you are delivering but also be open to take in all of the inspiration and energy that is being offered back to you.

Music tweaks the brain and makes synapses that only occur by studying and playing it as in the Mozart Effect. By the time I had the privilege of meeting and spending time with Bob Marley, I had been playing my favorites: POSITIVE VIBRATION, NO WOMAN NO CRY and GET UP STAND UP everyday for a year. It directly shows the benefit of trusting your instincts, working hard to achieve goals , the value of teamwork and allows you to reach toward the divine and abstract. Through music, I have traveled the world and can play with people who don’t speak my language and I don’t speak their’s but through music we create a humanity among ourselves in that world for that time.

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