When you think of Sydney’s beaches, you immediately think of Bondi, but there are idyllic sandy spots on the harbour that every visitor should seek out.
Keep Your Phone Clutched In Your HandWhen you're waiting for a text from your crush, you don't let your phone out of your site. Source: ShutterStock Wonder If It Broke & Get Someone To Text You To Test ItAfter quite a bit of time goes by, you inevitably start to wonder if maybe, possibly, your phone suddenly broke. Source: ShutterStock Repeatedly Check The Volume To Make Sure You Didn't Miss A TextAt some point, you start to think, "what if he texts me, but I don't hear it?" Even though you're staring at your phone every two seconds and holding it in your hand, this still seems like a rational thing that could happen, so you repeatedly check the volume to make sure it's not on silent.
Source: ShutterStock Feel So Anxious You Need To Move Around Because You Can't Sit StillAfter a lot of time passes, you start to feel so anxious about this yet-to-come text message that you start randomly pacing your room.
Source: ShutterStock Turn Your Phone Off Then On Just To Check Okay, but wait, MAYBE there is something wrong with your phone, you start to think.
Source: ShutterStock Consider Texting Him Again But Always Decide Against ItEventually, you start wondering if maybe you should just send another text.

Source: ShutterStock Tell Yourself He's Not Into You, Hates YouAnd then you finally reach the saddest stage. Will you admit to doing any of these things when you’re waiting for a text from your crush? Give us your juiciest, wildest, weirdest and embarrassingest (it’s a word) hook up stories! 10 Local Secret Things To Do In Byron BayVisitors take in the sunset over Byron Baya€™s Main Beach. 10 Local Secret Things To Do In Byron BayJust west of Main Beach, looking across Bilongil Beach towards Mt Warning. From the family-oriented Shark Beach at Nielsen Park (don’t worry it’s got a net), to the well-known Watson’s Bay and postcard pretty Parsley Bay, every beach is a suprise. Any movement of light or slight sound whatsoever makes you wonder if that could have possibly been your phone.

You convince yourself that he hates you, wants nothing to do with you, isn't interested in you and is just trying to avoid you.
Perhaps the most hidden of all, and little-known even to Sydneysiders, is Milk Beach, which you can reach from the track alongside historic Strickland House in Vaucluse. You sit there with tears in your eyes wondering why you just can't, for once, meet someone NICE who cares about you.

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