Browsing at the bookstore, I was bombarded with posters and an entire table of Paul's "Revolutionary" book. The Silver Chain (The Unbreakable Trilogy, #1) The Tunnels of Cu Chi: A Harrowing Account of America's Tunnel Rats in the Underground Battlefields of Vietnam Caroline's Child The Hole in Our Gospel: What does God expect of Us? Quit your job, move to paradise and change the world Want my Plan to Crush it in ANY Profession? The time Angela gave to me was forthcoming and unwavering, I hope to connect up with her again in the future." Michael HenryI put Lavender puts my very active 2-yr-old daughter to sleep almost immediately!
Her passion for coming alongside people who have decided to make a positive change in their lives is simply inspiring.
The lives that have been touched and improved by her servant leadership reach far and wide in many directions because she never shies away from the opportunity to be available to the people who call her friend.

It's been a delight to know her and to see the lives that she's impacted through business and connecting on social media. Annie BerryhillLifestyle Strategist- Author of the book, Breakthrough to Freedom-Creating a Life You Love On Purpose. I've watched her expertise grow in personal wellness and business ownership at an unreal rate and she's maintained her unique, down-home charm along the way.
People of all walks are drawn to her and I count myself lucky to be able to access her perspective and insights for my own health and business.” PJ McClure, MBA“Angela is a person that operates with integrity, authenticity and has a heart of gold! Her goal with marketing isn't to blow up a huge business using impersonal tactics, she takes the time to create relationships that will last for years to come. Her passion for learning and helping others allowed her to break all the records in her home business for fastest growth working very part time.

We have watched how top leaders growth to success can be cut down by years using her methods and training. I started a blog before I knew I could monetize and have it add value and income to our family.

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