Everyone has within them the desire and the means to make life a masterpiece, it maybe hidden in the recesses of their soul or buried amongst the pain of living an existence but it is there waiting to be discovered. The reality is that you can create a life you dream and love if you have the courage to make some key decisions and take some initial steps on that journey. We also live  in a world where you have the technology and the tools that can accelerate success by spreading your story and cause around the planet on the World Wide Web. This is where you need to start, if you don’t have this as the foundation for your cause then you may as well stay in bed and pull down the blinds. What is it that you want to achieve you need to be very clear on what the journey will look like. A great story provides a reason for other to believe in you and your mission and can see that you are real and authentic .
It has been suggested by people such as Seth Godin that you only need a 1,000 fans in your army to support your cause who will buy every product you make, read every book you write and will drive 100 miles to hear you speak. The strength of weak ties not your friends are what provides us with most of the information and opportunities that will help make your journey a success. You might be able to achieve this by working after hours when you have finished your day job. You will need a pulpit that will provide you with a platform to spread your message and people can keep coming back to hear your message and continue to be inspired. I really enjoyed reading this article and agree thoroughly with your secrets to being successful. Take traffic generation, people try for a few days, give up because they only get 20 visitors, then brand every thing out there as a scam. Very true, especially when you got a clear, specific goal in mind and you recognize the power of word of mouth, things get much easier.
I would add self-confidence which is a by product of one’s outer and inner self image. Trying to figure out how certain people always end up being crowd favorites and want to share the spotlight? Amy Johnson at Lifehack shares ten secrets of extremely likable people, and it should go without saying that sincerity is the icing on the cake of any of these actions. Eye contact can either make or break a conversation, and you should be aiming to maintain eye contact for roughly 60% of the conversation if you want to come across as extra-likeable. Often, people who are nervous tend to talk too much to fill in any possible silences, but this is rarely the best tactic if you are looking to make a good impression.

The challenge for a lot of people is that they prefer security over the unknown and would rather be bored to death turning up each day to a job they hate and working with people they quite often dislike.
You will need to be able to give it your all despite friends, family and critics telling you that it is impossible, or giving you multiple reasons why you will fail. It also makes other people believe in your compelling story because they can see some of themselves  in your story.
If  your passion develops you into an expert in something highly specialized that really adds value to the world, then people you help will start looking to you for answers on what made you successful. A blog is a great means for you to do that and also provides the technology and ease of use to capture emails and display your passion with online videos that showcase your expertise and compelling story. If Microsoft or Google wants to buy you, remember they can throw 300 developers on something and reverse engineer it. Of course success is still a long way, but the first steps are what make or destroy any entrepreneurial act.
This for me is the primary secret to success because without that hunger to succeed, you are never going to get off the first step that will allow you to climb others. This article provides us information which can help us to gain knowledge about something new. Making less eye contact than this can make you make you seem disinterested and bored, but any more and you can come across as aggressive or strange.
If someone is slow to respond to you, don’t fill the silence with words unless you actually have something to say. Sizes lose all relevance. Charlie fit into newborn clothes for three months after she came home from the NICU. Simple questions become complicated. The questions people generally ask new parents can’t easily be answered.
You learn loads of medical terminology. You know what a physiatrist is and you understand what words and abbreviations like apnea, bradycardia, IVH, tachycardia, desaturation, bilirubin, CPAP, hematocrit, NEC, PVL and ROP mean. Things are put into perspective. For me, facing the possibility of losing my child was looking my greatest fear head on. You almost become an expert on insurance policies. As much as insurance companies try to misguide you, you’ve managed to learn about automatic denials, appeals, DME coverage and much more. No accomplishment is ever small. I remember the date Charlie first rolled over (January 27, 2013) and the date she took her first steps (January 7, 2014).
The passion needs to be consuming and powerful enough for you to overcome obstacles and persist when all seems doom and gloom.

So don’t ignore the opportunities that come your way via Twitter or Facebook that have enabled weak ties to accelerate on the social web. You need to work out a way to find the time that will help you on your path to being remarkable and it may mean giving up the day job. I have recently been involved in setting up a website whose aim is to inspire people to be more successful and would love to know what you thought of it.
Though in paid employment, I am about to make that move but need to get it right in areas I fall short i.e strength in weak ties. My dreams are coming true so quickly (well that’s the way its like to other people), that I keep adding new dreams now.
I think when you enter the mindset that these goals WILL be acheived, then it’s just a matter of moving forward and maintaining the momentum. Keeping eye contact for 60% of the conversation will make you seem genuinely interested and friendly. A friendly silence often encourages the other person to speak up, which helps to make sure you are both contributing equally. During my baby’s NICU stay I learned to give injections, insert a nasogastric tube, read monitors, perform infant CPR and various other skills, many of which were required to take my baby home. I could happily live my life without ever tasting hospital food again and still don’t know why they serve it every year at the NICU reunion. If you’re brave enough to attend one, you wonder how to join conversations about birth and pregnancy in a socially appropriate way.
She worked incredibly hard to reach these developmental milestones, and nobody was sure she would reach them. All the while, you’re trying to get over that feeling of being the elephant in the room and feeling like the physical proof of one of the many ways a pregnancy can go wrong. I wonder why people don’t have the urge to tell every mother of a newborn how lucky she is to have had a full-term pregnancy.

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