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The weekly sales meeting is the make or break time for many sales managers and a huge factor in creating sales motivation.
In the upcoming days, I will expand on each of these 10 items.  The items listed are based on my experience both as a sales manager leading sales teams as well as an attendee to hundreds of sales meetings over the years.
Along with expanding on this list of 10 items to run a successful sales meeting, I’ll also share another list of items I refer to as the key traits of a successful sales manager. High-performance sales teams do not get that way simply because of superstar salespeople, superior products or an outstanding sales proposition in a market where the competition is asleep. Sure, each of these things can help contribute, but at the base of any high-performing sales team is high-performing sales leadership. I am so lucky to be part of this discussion, after being a sales person for my nearly 10 years, i could not agreed withn you anymore, you hit the nail right on the head. Keep to a minimum the time allocated to supply-chain issues, volume updates, etc. Meetings that are nothing more than updates will be seen by salespeople as a waste of their time.

Thankfully, holiday decor has come a long way over the years, offering so many color options for decorating today.   Break out of the expected and move to colors that compliment your everyday color scheme, or change your scheme altogether and use gold, silver, purple, blue or even copper.
If you try to cover everything, you really won’t be digging into the important issues to the degree that you need to. Don’t Wait To DecorateWhen you notice Holiday displays and merchandise out at your favorite department store, it is time to start thinking about your own holiday decorating.
Everywhere you turn there is some cool new trend just screaming to take it home to display with your holiday decor.  Resist that urge.
It only becomes an unnecessary line item in your holiday budget.   Use what you have on hand instead. Don’t Add Holiday Decor To Your Everyday Decor Imagine trying to decorate around your everyday accessories.
Your bookcases are already teeming with your favorite collections, leaving no room for your aunt’s holiday collection of vintage snowmen.  Cramming your holiday decor amongst your year round accessories will be too busy and chaotic.
Don’t Be Scattered In Your DecorThis time of year, it is easy to go over board and have an inconsistent look with so many holiday style choices.

Sometimes settling on one look can be a challenge, but be smart and pick one that you absolutely love, and then play it up. If you love the country Christmas look, use handmade ornaments, needlepoint pillows or bowls of pinecones.  For a more glamorous look, use mercury glass, Swarovski crystals, and faux fur pillows and throws. Don’t Forget The Powder RoomHoliday decor is not just for the living areas of the home. Be creative and weave your holiday decor throughout your house.  Place a small tree in the entryway, or use bedding with holiday motifs. Don’t Overload Electrical OutletsThe lights that decorate everything from the tree, to the mantel and even the exterior of the house can overload electrical outlets, creating a safety concern.

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