This cartoon was drawn following a claim made by a 20 year old woman, saying that Justin Beiber is the father of her baby. If you like this cartoon You can license it for for whatever purpose you wish, personal or commercial.
A personal favorite of mine, this cartoon shows a chubby lion munching on a delicous birthday cake.
This is a caricature of Sarah Jessica Parker, best known for her role as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and The City. About The SiteYour Personal Cartoonist features caricatures, cartoon and clipart created by Idan Schneider. The caricatures you see on this site are personlized and can be used for various purposes such as gifts, party invitations, party favors, Facebook avatars etc. The clip art on the site can be licensed to be used for any purpose, perosnal or commerical.
After an opportunity to share our poems, I gave out sentence strips and each club member created a title for a new list poem. After a recent storytelling workshop, a young teacher stopped me and asked, “How do you get the kids to listen to you like that? The teacher who described the effect of storytelling as ‘memerising’ was pretty close to the truth.
So if a child is actively listening and I have their undivided attention, storytelling can become a powerful teaching tool?
First step is to read through Advice From A Tree (above) and discuss how this advice  relates to both trees and humans.
Once students have selected their object, encourage them to focus initially on one or two pieces of advice. It’s been an exciting time across Australian schools over the last couple of  weeks as we celebrate Book Week 2014!
Not so long ago, I started collecting my childhood books and as I add to this collection, I see, again and again, the links these books have, with the person I am today.
You could share the blog post above which reflects on the links between some of my favourite stories and the person I am today. Our main focus for The Writer’s Club this term, is to foster a daily writing practice. Twitter: writeawaywithmeCoconut Curry Soup - this easy recipe can be made with almost ANY vegetables you have on hand! I’ll draw your caricature for your wedding invite, in the same style, in a pose of your choice. You can license it for for whatever purpose you wish, be it personal or commercial, for a low price!
You can license it for for whatever purpose you wish, be it personal or commercial, for affordable rates! I’ll draw you a caricature for your wedding invite, in the same style, in a pose of your choice.
You can license it for for whatever purpose you wish, be it personal or commercial, for an affordable price! My cartoons have been featured in popular websites, the printed media, business presentations, academic papers, and even in an iPhone app!
I would have loved the opportunity to have students choose a random title and use it to inspire a piece of writing but we ran clear out of time. For all this valuable learning to take place, the listener must feel connected to the teller. These stories live in our memory and can be easily adapted and extended to suit your audience. Now in its fourth year, Write Away With Me offers a wide range of original and creative storytelling and writing workshops across Victoria. It allows us to build mental images and reach well beyond both real and sensual boundaries.
To be most effective, the advice needs to ring true for both the object and humans which requires students to play with images, words, and phrases. Spotlight was busy place on Saturday morning with children (and their parents) searching for props and fabric and inspiration for costumes! I also draw caricatures for wedding invitations, birthday invitations, Bar Mitzvah invitations, personal gifts, profile pictures and businesses.
I'll draw your digital caricature (or anything else you request) from a photo, and you'll be surprised how affordable it is! It has just the right amount of humour and truth to capture the life of a typical nine year old. When a child in your class is immersed in a story, they are not only interpreting complex information, they are visualising it, they are feeling it. In a busy classroom, I think we sometimes underestimate the importance of giving the children our full attention but storytelling demands this of us.

On second thoughts, better find a couple of jokes – guaranteed they will want an encore. So are you ready for a little creative thinking this morning? In this activity, you’re encouraging flexible thinking as your students look for interesting similarities between a range of inanimate objects and their own lives.
For example, what does it mean ‘to go out on a limb?’ How might this relate to both trees and humans?
It may require a little tweeking and refining over the week as ideas slowly surface and come to life.
So to celebrate Book Week,  Monday’s Muse is sharing three literature inspired writing ideas. It got me thinking that it would be great to encourage children to see the links between them and their favourite books and characters. Then ask your young writers to choose one book and write about why they love this book and any links they can see between their life and either the themes or the characters from this story. We have set up our writing spaces, made a 3 Year Sentence A Day Diary and this week, we’re exploring the art of keeping a journal. Things I Love Doing On The Weekend may be an alternative to your usual Monday morning recount. So I went in search for a new set of journal writing prompts and by chance, came across this list of 26 Questions Every Student Should Be Able To Answer . Throughout the three years at MTB the owners and caregivers were always very warm and friendly to our son and us. Before Ibegin telling a story, I gather the children around me so I see each of their faces, especially their eyes. Whilst it may need to be adapted to suit younger students, these questions give young writers the opportunity to reflect and explore their experience of life and learning. But the latest research shows that this constant multitasking makes it difficult for children to focus their attention on a single outcome. I tell them about an invisible string the reaches from their eyes to mine and that the story travels along this string to them and their feelings travel back to me.
We liked MTB because of the location, organic and international snacks and lunches, the Spanish immersion, and the strong teaching program. What I love most about this sort of poetry is the opportunity it provides to play with humour which can be a difficuly writing skill to master.
We would get quarterly reports on how our son was doing at age specific skills, which was important for us to watch his development. Our son got to learn the alphabet, write his name, read simple words, count and add numbers.
And to think that all this can take place in your classroom or home with no costly resources or special high tech gadgets.
In addition, our son brought home many arts and crafts based on the stories of the week, children were even introduced to classic art by various renowned painters.
The story itself may be fictional but the storytelling experience shared by both the teller and the listeners, is very real.
Your personal stories will creep out of the crevices of your memory and come to life right before your eyes.
Our son also got to play outside in the MTB backyard, which is entirely covered in turf which allowed children to play in almost all weather. In addition to the outside play area, children grew their own little garden every year and got to try their fruits and vegetables. MTB facility was always very clean and organized, these are the attributes that were certainly instilled in our son.
The kids got plenty of time outside, and their bodies grew strong along with their minds.  Connor took to Spanish immediately, and I have no doubt that as we head out West, he will continue to use it. A friend had her child with them for many years and were extremely satisfied.As new parents we had to be convinced.
Our daughter was 2 months old when she started going to Maria Teresa's Babies.As soon as we arrived on site, our daughter would begin smiling and would respond to the team's good mornings. Unfortunately a spot opened up at a daycare center in the same building that my wife works in.
We are thankful for the time that Mia spent at Maria Teresa's Babies and for the patience of Tony and his team. We've come to value how maria teresa's took initiative to provide individualized care to our infant compared to the other center.
They would take him directly from our arms and hold him upon arrival which made the drop off process a happy and smooth transition. They even gave him an endearing spanish nickname that he still smiles to every time i call him by it. All the teachers were so sweet and responsive to the children which made us feel he is in good hands. Most important of all, our son always seemed happy at this place even though he can't yet talk.

This place has made us realize that we want to find the same kind of care at our new location. As we are relocating to Ohio this summer, we are surely going to miss MTB and so will Ivana.
We would highly recommend MTB to anyone seeking quality daycare for their children specially babies and infants.
Maria Teresa was very understanding of our anxiety and treated us with patience and kindness. Maria Teresa responded thoroughly to our requests for daily detailed information about the babies daily routine while under her care.Maria Teresa is always working on enhancing her skills and continuing education. She has referred books to me that I have enjoyed – in particular, The Process of Parenting by Jane B.
Brooks. This was a lecture that she attended and shared with me the fascinating topics of discussion. The bilingual environment, the developmental education and the love that she has provided our daughter during the day has comforted us as we balance parenting with our busy schedules. As we have entrusted Maria with our daughter, we highly recommend, without reservation, Maria Teresa’s Babies to any family looking for childcare.Many regards,Edward Malin, MD2729 S.
Arlington Ridge Road(703)838-2102 ______________________________________________________________________________ Our daughter, Mary Katherine, attended Maria Teresa’s home daycare for about 2 years (through early Fall, 2006) and we were highly highly satisfied with the quality of care she received. Maria Teresa and her assistant provided a warm and caring atmosphere, and the children we saw at drop-off and pick-up time were happy and played well with each other. We believe that Maria Teresa has excellent judgment about the children’s personalities and spared no effort to tend to their individual needs.
The daycare was well-managed and Maria Teresa and her assistant displayed great dedication to the children’s well-being.
Maria Teresa took regular classes to update her knowledge of child nutrition requirements and age-appropriate activities. Our daughter liked the home-cooked meals very much and we as parents benefited from Maria Teresa’s advice on nutrition and other issues.
It permitted us to pick up our daughter on time without disruption to a normal work schedule, and we felt confident that in an emergency we would be able to reach the daycare reasonably quickly.
She has our utmost trust with our child because she is extremely knowledgeable about children, including both infants and toddlers, and our son adored her. You and your staff are always warm, loving, courteous and professional, and we highly recommend you to our friends looking for outstanding childcare in the DC area. Desaba is the owner of Maria Teresa’s Babies and that venture could not be more aptly named because she takes such wonderful care of children as if they were her own. My son, Jack, was in her care at eight months old and my daughter, Jeana, at three months old. As a “working” mother (as if mothers don’t “work”), I felt the guilt of having to leave my children with someone other than myself. With over 25 years experience (and as a mother herself), she has honed the skills and techniques of caring for young ones. That and her philosophy of continuing education (she attends night classes on the latest in child care and development), gave us piece of mind. I appreciated the safe facilities, the bilingual environment, and the positive, nurturing atmosphere that Maria Teresa created. We highly recommend Maria Teresa’s Babies to any new parents.With warm regards, Kristen Erickson1501 Woodacre DriveMcLean, VA 22101(202) 358-1017 (office)______________________________________________________________________________  My husband and I were looking for our first childcare help for our, then, 11 month old daughter. Maria Teresa de Saba came highly recommended by the Arlington County Child Care Services program. With their seal of approval and Maria Teresa’s long time presence and experience as a childcare provider in our neighborhood, we chose Maria Teresa to care for our daughter. Her new childcare center is, therefore, a welcome addition to the neighborhood as great childcare services continue to be needed by the community.
The new center will enable more children to be cared for under Maria Teresa’s and her assistants’ supervisions. Bolgiano.pdf______________________________________________________________________________ We highly recommend Maria Teresa Desaba as a loving and highly motivated care-giver and teacher. Our eldest daughter, Celia, stared with Maria Teresa when she was 5 months old and stayed until she was 2 years old. Our daughter enjoyed going to daycare and we always felt confident in the care she was receiving.Julie V. You were always able to promote fun and happiness throughout all the children in your care. You were a blessing and I would recommend your care to any parent looking for a fun, happy, safe environment for their children.

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