Naxxramas  ve Goblin vs Gnomes sonras? eklenen kartlar ilave edilmis ve ceviriler guncellenmistir. Zaten ziyaretci olarakda bir cok bolum ac?k , biz teklifimizi yapal?mda gerisi nacizane fikrinize kalm?s. Unuttuk sanma yukarda sayd?klar?m sadece bir kac? idi :) Hararetli tart?smalara girebilir hatta dokuman paylasabilirsin . Defects: The ATK BUFF it gains can be dispelled by Silence, and it’s hard to survive long because it’s the first killing target of the enemies for its excellent growing attribute. Defects: The 2 HP is not enough to exist long on the battlefield, and as Mage’s only ability to reduce mana cost, it will be the first killing target of the enemies. Advantages: Water Elemental is a defense type minion, which can freeze any enemy it damages, preventing the enemy from attacking, sequentially retard the opponent’s offensive tempo. On the whole, Mage’s exclusive minions inherit the characteristics of high damage, explosion and controlling, and they are perfectly cooperate with other minions, upgrading the whole performance of Mage’s deck, which makes Mage become a powerful hero.
Tum minionlar? durdurabilen Frost Nova ve Blizzard gibi buyulerinin yan?nda gene Blizzard, Flamestrike ve Arcane Explosion gibi AOE dedigimiz alana vuran buyuleri vard?r. Yine ayn? warrior aggronun klasik mentalitesi bu kez silah yerine buyulerimizi removal olarak kullan?yoruz. Duplicate Naxxramas ile Dragon's Breath de Blackrock mountain adventure ile kazanabilirsin ancak. They make up the shortages of Mage’s ability deck effectively, and inherit the characteristics of Mage’s explosive damage and battlefield-controlling ability.
It will grow 1 ATK every time after Mage cast spell, and its HP is relatively higher than other minions under the condition of costing the same mana.

Most abilities of Mage cost 3 to 4 mana, so this minion helps Mage to use those abilities ahead of time. If it’s used at the later stage to cooperate with the combo attack, you have to take its 2 mana cost into consideration, so it’s important to master the time to use this card. With the 3ATK, it can effectively kill an enemy minion with low HP or control an enemy minion with high HP. Besides, because of its powerful effect, it will be the first killing target of the enemies or controlled by some abilities like Polymorph and Hex.
Oyun late game e kald?g?nda pyroblast kurtar?c?m?z oluyor, hatta yerde apprenticelerimiz var ise pyro'yu 8. Polymorph'u da dusundum iki tane olabilir fakat aggronun mekanigi geregi minonlar? cok kaale almamak gerektiginden 1 tane ile yetindim. With 1 mana cost and 3 HP, it can be put on the battlefield at the first turn, and protect itself from being killed too easy at the earlier stage. Meanwhile, the effect of this card is take effect as soon as it’s put on the battlefield, which will support Mage to play some combo attack at the later stage.
As to a turn with 10 mana, except the 7 mana cost by this legendary minion, there are 3 mana left for Mage to cast spell, so it’s easy for Mage to cast 2 spells to get 2 Fireball.
Mage, Polymorph buyusu sayesinde istedigi bir minionu etkisiz hale getirebildigi icin de cok tehlikelidir.
Buyuler zaten taunt dinlemeden heroya sald?rabildigi icin oyunu erken bitirmeye bakan bir deck, son donemece girildiginde savunmaya cekilip defender of arguslarla rakibi oyalayarak 10.
Once survive into next turn, it can cooperate with some abilities with low mana cost to deal a small explosive damage.

The frost effect not only work on the enemy minions but also the hero, especially when Mage VS Rogue or Warrior, the Water Elemental won’t take the counterattack damage after it attacks the hero, besides, the hero is frozen, so that it can’t attack with weapon in next turn. Therefore, in the next turn, the damage that Mage can deal are Fireball*2 + the attack of Archmage Antonidas + hero power, 18 points in total, which is a fatal damage to the opponent in the later stage. 4 Mana gibi dusuk bir maliyette c?kartt?g? Fireball buyusunun yan?nda 10 Manada rakibe gonderebildigi Pyroblast buyuleri oyundaki en guclu direk hedef buyuleridir. Explosion and provide BUFF – With battle time goes by and the use of ability cards, they can gain a considerable BUFF and provide an explosive damage; 3.
Mage just need to use 2 or 3 abilities to cooperate with the growing Mana Wyrm, which can deal a damage around 10 points easily.
Meanwhile, the 4 mana cost makes it can come on stage earlier to build advantages for Mage. Meanwhile, the ATK it gains is permanent exist, which force the opponent to kill the Mana Wyrm first in case of it deals more damage.
Bu secretler ile rakibinin oyun plan?n? alasag? edebilir ve giden bir oyunu geri dondurebilir. These 3 aspects effectively support for the different requirement of Mage’s deck, making Mage be a Hero with powerful comprehensive abilities.
Bu durumda yere oncelikle zarars?z ve gucsuz bir minion indirmekte fayda vard?r ki o minionu kopyalas?n.

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