Every restaurant has secret menu items and some secret items are so good they end up being part of the menu permanently. These recipes were developed by employees of Starbucks or passionate Starbucks fans that developed their own drinks.
Bananas and chocolate are a perfect pairing for flavors and this duo makes this drink taste awesome. Blackberries are so delicious and make an excellent fruity frappuccino when Starbucks has refreshers available. This one is a personal favorite and is a popular secret drink that most baristas will know how to make. Cadbury Creme Eggs are a special at Easter but now you can get that great taste all year long. Almond flavoring isn’t always available but when it is, try this creamy and simple drink.
Caramel apples reminds of Fall and this drink would definitely be a great alternative to pumpkin spice.

A caramel macchiato is my favorite standard menu drink and it tastes great in frappuccino form too.
If you go crazy for caramel, you love this tasty and crunchy caramel nut crunch cappuccino! If you can’t get enough of caramel covered snickerdoodle cookies, this drink is for you.
Relive childhood memories of eating cotton candy at the carnival or order this sweet drink for the kids.
A traditional Horchata is made with sugar, cinnamon, vanilla and rice milk and it is perfect for a frappuccino. The sweet and tart flavors of key lime pie are perfect in this frappuccino but this one is only possible if refreshers are on the menu. I’ve been a fan of Nutella for as long as I can remember so this one is a definite winner. Pumpkin lattes are a perfect treat around the holidays but when you’re in the mood for hot chocolate, try it with pumpkin.

Rainbow sherbet is a refreshing treat during the summer and this is a terrific drink to order when Starbucks has refreshers. Sugar cookies and hot chocolate go together wonderfully and this drink marries these flavors.
White and dark chocolate come together to create a luscious drink full of chocolate flavors. Starbucks has a terrific menu but when you need something different, ask your favorite barista for one of these drinks and please tip generously.
With so many ingredients that Starbucks baristas have at their disposal, the limits are endless when it comes to drink combinations so it’s only natural that Starbucks has to limit what is on the menu.

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