So currently in the UK,  Summer is here then its gone again this is happening daily, just when we think YASSS summer has arrived it then pours down and it’s freezing again! I have filmed this Summer night out makeup look for you which I love for nights out in the summer time, it technically on paper probably shouldn’t work, as its like a cranberry colour which usually is associated with AW but I think paired with a super warm brown and blown out it looks amazing!
Also in this video I am wearing some new *Flash Tattoos by They were lovely enough to send me some to try out as I have never tried them before but have seen them everywhere this summer so was excited to give them a go as you all know how much I love my tattoos!
Anyway here is some pics of the look and then see below for full video on how I achieved it.
So hopefully you are seeing the trend here with my new #fashionfriday basically I am trying to have a fashion post for you every Friday so you know whats coming up!
Filed Under: Fashion, missguided, river island, shoes, Zara Tagged With: Bellami, bellami hair extensions, culottes jumpsuit, Jumpsuit, Lilly Ghalichi, Lilly Hair, LuLus, Missguided, River island, shoesPurple Lip trend!
SO basically I am kinda obsessed with purple lipstick so I have made a video for you showing you my current fav purple lipsticks!

I know its a little crazy how can one girl have sooo many purple lipsticks, nudes I could understand but purple…??
Here is a pic of all the lip options and then the full video below that will show you how I did my make up plus the try ons and my thoughts on all the options! I couldn’t resist taking some outfit pics on the Bridge with its amazing angles and architecture. So here it is, plus, I LOVE these wide leg trousers and my Biker Gilet, I have worn SO much! So as you may already know I went to San Fran on the weekend, it was my first time visiting there so I was SUPER excited to go!
This is the photo I put up on instagram and so many of you were asking what I used and how I did it, SO ya’ll ask, ya’ll shall receive! I have made a video talking you through it and showing you how I did it as I thought this would be the easiest way to show and explain it!

For the ends I used a mixture of Crazy colour in Silver and Violette and also some directions colour in silver and midnight blue!
You could skip the L’Oreal toner part and just use the crazy colours I just added it as my extensions came out pretty warm so just to help take some warmth away!
I was away and then I had so much to do for my NYX face awards competition I literally had no time!
I like them best as they are mink lashes which I like the look of the most and you can get so many wears out of one pair, so even though they are more pricey, you get your moneys worth with wear! Pair it with this lightweight trench from Missguided and its a perfect evening look for our current weather here in the UK!

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