Consider getting an air filter and a water filter. Imagine a fish swimming in a nasty, polluted tank of water. DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor and the statements on this blog have not been evaluated by the FDA.
It’s a great place to ask questions and get advice form others who are trying to live healthy, non-toxic lifestyles too. We recognize that life isn’t perfect and that there is joy to be had in the fact that it isn’t. Recent PostsHealthy Eating on a Budget March 14, 2016 Cherry Orange Einkorn Quickbread January 28, 2016 One Little Bedtime Routine that Changed Everything! The drug dealers make their product so good that after giving away their first free sample, their customers come back with the cash. So what are some simple steps that many bloggers just forget or can’t be bothered to do? Dont be afraid to use those social media platforms to tell people that you have published your content on your blog.
Despite the popularity of social media and its shiny new toy attraction, I would strongly recommend that you do not forget two essential tactics.
Lastly and most importantly making it easy for people to subscribe to your blog with an email subscription is still the most important blogger promotion platform today. I understand that google analytics show how many people have visited the site, but how does one know the number of email – and I suppose RSS subscribers – one has? Linda your email platform (eg Mailchimp or Aweber) and your RSS system (eg Feedburner )that you use will provide those numbers as core to their functionality. Do you agree, that its better to post your content across major platforms and not look forward to share at every place?
I’m pretty new to blogging (4 months) and have slowly learned to do all of the things you suggest. Like you, I post my blog post links to all of the major social networking sites, but I use different preface wording before posting to each network.
I also use Triberr which is a great platform for sharing others’ posts and having them share yours.
I get the most views when I post relevant posts to LinkedIn groups as opposed to just a general front page blast. Hi jeff i am pretty new to blogging so i wanted to ask you do these methods only work with B2B to with B2C also? O SlideShare utiliza cookies para otimizar a funcionalidade e o desempenho do site, assim como para apresentar publicidade mais relevante aos nossos usuarios.
Plus Size Options – Lurap provide, but to make sure your custom plus size blouse fits perfectly, we deliver products with personalized sizing.
Food that comes in pre-packaged boxes is usually loaded with chemicals, preservatives and substances that aren’t actually food at all. I find essential oils to work incredibly well in helping my family stay well and when we DO catch something we get better much faster when we use them. Any products or techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We want to paint the picture of what we want our family’s life to look like, not simply going with the flow. I looked through my animals section and found that there is absolutely no lessons on drawing simple fish. Next, using the facial guidelines you drew in step one, draw the shapes of their eyes, and then color in their pupils. This is your last step and all you have to do is sketch out the rest of the fish's fins and then draw in the belly of their bodies. They are savvy businessman, they know that if they give away something for free that they will develop loyal customers. It may be photos, videos or articles, but if you don’t tell the world you will continue to remain a secret.

Firstly I do put the same content on all the platforms I shareon because different users use different platforms.
On one hand, many readers would flock to your blog if the content is great, but is there ever a point that you are revealing too much?
I squabbled long and hard with my blog designer to get a sign up box on my site – I won! Social media are your outposts which place your content where your social media followers are. As a fairly new blogger, I’ve learned first hand how beneficial it can be to promote your blog posts on social media networks.
I don’t use any plugins but a custom build but this one seems to be worth checking out. Posting links to your latest blog posts and remembering to make a unique comment on the new content will entice your Facebook friends or Twitter followers to follow the link. They are responsible for many things like the great pyramids, cultural style, first language, and many other concepts that are all around us. Start this first step by drawing the beginning shapes of the different picture symbols you see here. Now start sketching out the actual shapes and forms of each individual image whether it be a line, symbol, body part, or animal. Here you will finish sketching out the shapes and add the definition and detailing to things like the reeds, the birds, and so forth.
I was asked by my little sister to make a tutorial on "how to draw a baby dolphin", step by step.
Next, sketch out the structure of the face, then draw in the hair line which has a simple parted style. Use the facial guidelines then draw in the thick lining for the eyelids which is also where you will add some lashes. For the last drawing step all you have to do is sketch out the rest of her head shape in the form of her hair as well. While we can’t eliminate them completely, there are a lot of things we CAN do to reduce our exposure to common chemicals, many of which are linked to cancer and other deadly diseases. That is what it is like if you are breathing polluted air and drinking chemical laden water.
I think your first priority should be either whatever YOU think is the biggest priority or whatever seems most achievable. You will then draw their fish lips and add some definition to these fish faces like eyebrows, and indentation around their faces as you see here. You will start step three by sketching out their dorsal fins (which is the fins on the tops of their bodies) and the caudal fins on the two fish above. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up your sketch of any unwanted guidelines. So as a blogger, if you can teach you will create a fan following and people will start showing up. It is not difficult, include a photo, a link to your blog and a short description of what your blog is about. If you have a look at the number of LinkedIn shares on this blog on various articles you will realize that it should be part of your marketing tactics. But is there a way of knowing whether anyone uses it, other than if someone makes a comment or otherwise stands forward and makes themselves known? In fact one of my recently promoted posts resulted in a 550% increase in traffic on my website!
I received a very unusual request, and that was to make a tutorial that shows you "how to draw ?hieroglyphics, step by step"”. There should be a vulture, foot, hand, viper, stand, house, reefs, cups, owl, water, and some other symbols that make up the alphabet.
If there is any visible guidelines or shapes left behind, go ahead and start erasing them as well.

Use them to spell out your names, make secret code words, or just have some good fun with what you have just learned.
This is one of those drawings that was really fun to create because the dolphin I made was so easy to make.
This simplistic beauty has long brown straight hair, pretty brown eyes and a yellow flower embedded in her hair.
Start with whatever you think is the highest priority, because it will make the most measurable difference! Sometimes makes a small do-able change that is easy to keep up with is very motivating to make bigger changes later.
I decided to draw three fish and each one is cute and happy looking, (except for the bloat that is to the lower right hand side), that fish actually looks a little overstuffed.
This social media account is now an important part of the social web (with over 250 million registered users) and should be included in your blog post article promotion process. It will help you make your content get shared which will then also link back to your blog from wherever it has been pinned. My share buttons I have on my blog are a good high level indicator to see which social networks are sharing more. Aside from social media, I also try to share my posts on targeted article marketing websites and specific networking sites. Google+ is becoming more important now too as the content on users’ pages contributes significantly to page rank in the SERPs. Now because this was a rather unique request, I decided to jump on the concept without hesitating. I truly love the way that she came out and as of today she is one of my favorite anime girls that I have drawn in a while. There is one tool that I use to manage Twitter called Hootsuite which allows you to use the micro blogging platform very efficiently and is worth checking out once you have created a Twitter account. I thought it would be interesting to read a little about the way Egyptians communicated with pictures instead of actual letters like the ones we use today. There is only five simple steps to follow, so I'm confident that you will all love drawing a simple anime girl. Google is also using Google+ to collect social signals on what people like and don’t like online and including this in its search results. The side profile of the baby dolphin will definitely make things a whole lot easier to tackle and replicate. Just make sure you are using truly good quality, therapeutic grade essential oils, which cannot be found in most health food and grocery stores (this is where I get my essential oils wholesale). Some of the fish can be housed domestically, some can be hunted and eaten, and then some are just made to be left in the wild to be admired and awed. Drawing fish is one of the first animals that kids learn how to draw because they are so incredibly easy to create. The foot and the arm is the letter “B”, after that comes “C” which is represented by a basket, “D” is the hand, two strokes is the letter “E”, the viper stands for the letter “F”, the jar or stand is “G”, a drawing of a simple square house is “H” as well as the flax. The reed is an “I”, the picture of the cobra stands for the letter “J”, “L” is obviously the lion, “M” is represented by the owl, and a bar, water and the crown make up the letter “N”, the lasso is for the “O”, “P” is the door, the picture of the slope is for letter “Q”, an oval like shape which is supposed to be a mouth represents “R”, the cloth is “S”, the loaf is “T”, the chick is “U”, a combination of the basket and cloth is for the one letter “X”, two reeds is for “Y”, and then finally the bolt is for the letter “Z”. Now that you know the ancient Egyptian alphabet, try and spell your name using the images and meaning you see here in the tutorial. You can color the little guys in any shade you like, and you can even tweak them a bit too to customize their looks to your liking. This should be a fun drawing activity for anyone to tackle, which is why it will remain in the novice section under "difficulty". There is still more drawing fun on the way, so stay tuned in to see what else is in store for all of you artists out there.

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