February 18, 2012 by Courtney Filed Under: Recipes 3 CommentsHow can you resist sweet s’mores turned into cookies? About CourtneyCookbook author and party stylist, Courtney Whitmore is also the editor of the popular party resource, Pizzazzerie. I am truly thankful to the owner of this site who has shared this impressive post at at this place. How you and guests move through your space has a big effect on how spacious your home is perceived. In small spaces (and really all spaces), the clutter you keep on your counters and in full view should be the things you access daily.
Yes a good house cleaning in particular is of course a great way to make a home feel better for free, but don't forget about those forgotten spots!
We need to not be emotionally attached to money, when we look at a log floating in the river, it just floats and goes with the flow, it is not attached to anything. So if you want more money, Imagine having more money, imagine the feeling and visualize what you would spend the money on. You need to be grateful for the money you already have in order to attract more money to be grateful for.
I know from my own experience I did not have no money but to jump into the frequency, I had to do some crazy things. So if you want to win the lotto, you must feel what that feeling will be like if you did win. She's the author of the following cookbooks: Push-Up Pops, Candy Making For Kids, + Frostings. If you've never evaluated how traffic moves through your space (or haven't done it in awhile) take a few (free) minutes to move through your house, from room to room and in each room.
So instead of having the first thing you see in a space be a heavy piece of furniture, make it be something visually light, low or even just space. If you keep the toaster oven you use once a month out on the counter, it's just not helping anybody, and it's not that big of a deal to move in and out when you do use.

But, if you've got window coverings on a window that you don't need for privacy, see if the space could benefit from a window covering decluttering.
In the past 10 years she's called home: a van, a former downtown store in small town Texas and a studio apartment rumored to have once been owned by Willie Nelson. When they think of lack of, they are worried and this emotion is attached and a bad vibe there for manifesting more money is impossible.
Be grateful for the food you buy, for the clothes you buy, for all the simple things in life. When I wanted to buy my first house, I was in debt, I had no money, but I wanted this house. I know I do not know what that feeling would be like so I do not attempt it, also many people try and attract the same lotto.
So in order to get onto the right vibrational frequency we need to enjoy life and do the things we enjoy.
It'll cost a little energy, time (and muscle strength) but if you're looking for some ways to improve your small (or any size) space, try these five free ideas. The movement should make sense (like you shouldn't have to walk all the way around a room to get to the next), flow smoothly (you shouldn't have to stumble over things in the way), and have a nice wide (as in no having to squeeze past a table and feel like you're about to knock something other feeling) feel to the path that takes you through rooms and from each room to the next. Depending on your type of window, if you take off window coverings altogether, it could give the space a more architectural feel, and it'll certainly let more natural light in. So in order to move and increase your money situation you need to move and change your vibe.
Money is a big motivator in everyones lives, it is the reason we get up out of bed to go to work and it is the reason why we educate ourselves and learn new things. Remember the universe does not know the difference in what you imagine and what you experience. Adjustments to your home's flow could be as dramatic as a full room rearrangement to moving furniture a few inches to even just decluttering entryway wall hooks (so mountains of coats and bags don't impede a walkway). Don't be afraid to rearrange furniture from room to room to achieve better balanced visual spaces, either.

But that's just one example; the idea could apply to bathroom toiletries you don't use every day or even to bigger items like extra seating. But if you need some window covering, consider streamlining them so they don't take over a room; shorten long flowing curtains so they don't pool on the floor or try tying drapes back tightly.
You being grateful is telling the universes you are grateful for all money and to send you more.
So when you want something in your life for example a dream husband, you must feel NOW the feelings you will feel then when you are happy and in love. You can add pictures of your relatives, along with your own family, and mix in some old pictures from your family history. And though some small spaces sometimes have limited ways the furniture can be arranged, it's worth experimenting. Well in my previous post we seem to become emotionally attached to money, because we see money as power and success.
When I walked in I felt that the house was mine and I felt gratitude, I knew I did not have the money, but I ended up buying the same house, three months later. If you do have gray walls, then you’ll have to do a lot more with accessories, and other decor to warm it up.
This is what we need to do to the mind let go and not become emotionally attached to money.
Even consider hanging items on hooks (won't be hiding it, but will get items off of your floor and possibly help feel more spacious — Alana's Brooklyn Railroad has a great example).

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