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Last week I was approached by a New York Post journalist, Faye Penn, who found me by Googling ‘graphic designer NYC‘, of which I am fortunate enough to have the #1 search position for.
The design of your site should communicate something of your organisations personality as well as make a connection with users. The logo is one of the most important parts of a business but just how do you create an effective one?
The following are the top three reasons why freelancers should take advantage of online marketing opportunities. Naming of business is the key to any venture, whether the business is small or large – you have to do a lot of brainstorming while finalizing the name of your business or brand. For some, LinkedIn is just a way to find your past and current co-workers, for others it is a way to find a job.
Our friends at iStrategyLabs have cooked up this juicy infographic about what the average college student “Likes” on Facebook.
These 5 video case studies show how the brands and agencies went about creating the campaigns and how they reached out in to multiple platforms.
Below you can see an infographic comparing the value of the top 10 brands in these categories, and then all of the brands compared together.
Before creating a social network account, make sure to establish what you need to know before entering the social media world. Many aspiring entrepreneurs foolishly believe that all they need to do is sign up for a Twitter account, blog about special offers, and hand out a flashy looking brochure, whereupon leads will come pouring in.
The fact remains that if nobody’s using your product, it’s going to be pretty hard to move forward. How do you run a successful cause marketing campaign that reflects well on your brand and also does some serious good?
The possibility exists to create an additional income not by starting your own blog, but by helping other bloggers build a loyal readership, increase blog traffic and monetize their blogs.
Most online entrepreneurs create squeeze pages and blogs that target desperate niches and people who are looking for answers to their problems. In this article, we’ve collected the best and very useful brand and business tips articles, fresh from July 2011. One of the unique challenges of getting older is that our family relationships and family dynamics change with the passage of time. Perhaps you’ve recently gone through the death of a parent (or both parents), or the loss of a spouse, or a divorce. If you are feeling a bit disconnected from your family – whether it’s a brother or sister who you haven’t talked to in awhile, or a grown child who hasn’t visited since last Christmas – perhaps you can take the initiative to re-connect.
Many families drift apart not through outright conflict or ill will, but because everyone is busy doing their own thing and living their own lives. As women over 60, we often have a special responsibility within our families to be connectors and leaders. Funerals are often a whirlwind of grief and powerful emotion, but perhaps your family could get together on the 1-year-anniversary of a death, to share stories and honor their memories, in a less emotionally-fraught moment.
Many families battle through crowded airports and highways to get together for Christmas, Thanksgiving and other major holidays – but what if you could schedule some regular visits outside of the holiday rush?
Families are complex, and sometimes in our interactions with our parents and adult siblings, we fall into certain roles from childhood (“the responsible oldest child,” “the troublemaker,” “Daddy’s little girl,” etc.) in a way that does not fully reflect our character, values and potential as independent adults.
If you feel that your relationships with your family are being held back from flourishing because of emotional baggage or issues or flawed interpersonal communication from the past, talk about it with a therapist, psychologist or licensed clinical social worker. One of the ways to create a sense of continuity with your family is to share a certain emotionally significant piece of art, craft or artifact that you all have in your houses and that can remind you of each other when you are apart.
For a fun gift idea to create connections with your family, perhaps you could get an extended family portrait photo session, and then get a framed photo for everyone’s house. Family traditions are important, as part of the way that we carry on our sense of ourselves and convey our identity and values to the next generation. She’s getting on a bit but has more energy than me she gets up early and is always running about. Families drift apart because sometimes one side keeps in contact and the other side can’t be bothered. The secret to repeat business is following up in a way that has a positive effect on the customer.
Let customers know what you are doing for them. This can be in the form of a newsletter mailed to existing customers, or it can be more informal, such as a phone call. Keep it personal. Voice mail and email make it easy to communicate, but the personal touch is lost.
Pass on information. If you read an article, see a new book, or hear about an organization that a customer might be interested in, drop a note or make a quick call to let them know. With all that your existing customers can do for you, there’s simply no reason not to stay in regular contact with them.

Once you determine your weaknesses, embrace the project of changing them and set a goal to put your weaknesses on par with your strengths.
I often remind the children I coach that life isn't supposed to be easy or comfortable. Training problems happen when we familiarize ourselves with a program and become complacent. There's nothing wrong with being a renaissance man or woman, but weighing too many options will leave you sitting on your ass rather than taking action. If the old way of doing things is feeling old, devote yourself fully to a style of training with a different purpose. There's a special type of freedom and mental acuity that accompany a pre-competition program, no matter how you end up placing on game day. Compound And Conquer: The Case For Compound Over Isolation Exercises Too many lifters are trapped in isolation exile. Core Strength: Your Ultimate Guide To Core Training Stop complicating core stabilization with endless crunches and leg lifts. Todd Bumgardner, MS, CSCS, is a strength coach, nutrition coach, and manual therapist in the new York City area. In this article you will learn some vital tips from expert logo designer Jacob Cass, who covers the basics, the design process, the pricing of your work and much more, while providing you with some handy resources along the way.
So, in this article, I am here with the 4 golden rules of naming a brand or business to create a distinctive but effective brand image. No matter what type of business you have or are thinking about starting you need to have a great logo that will represent you and your company.
One thing is a definite: LinkedIn can be utilized as a solid tool to help you build your brand, whether personal or business. While they’re all likely fueled by energy drinks, pizza, gadgets, and partying — which brands do they actually prefer? It can increase your leads, attract highly targeted prospects and position you as a sought-after industry leader.
With the way that Facebook Pages have developed, there is a very clear structure to how you run your business presence on Facebook.
We’ll cover that here with 10 actionable steps that you can take toward marketing yourself better. If you’ve decided to avoid the American Psycho-esque, off-white, watermarked business card and flex your artistic muscles, here are 14 ideas that will help to inspire you.
As a result, many women over 60 might find themselves navigating some uncertain emotional territory with their family relationships. Don’t feel resentful when others don’t call or visit; instead, take the initiative to extend an invitation to connect.
When was the last time you shared a really great party with your family, whether it’s to celebrate the arrival or a new baby in the family or celebrate a graduation or wedding?
Sometimes siblings grow apart after their parents have died; but this doesn’t have to happen.
Commemorating your family’s losses – even years after the person being remembered has died – is a reminder of your shared heritage, shared continuity and shared love.
For example, you could rent a cabin or lake house with your family each year for the same summer weekend, or have a “siblings only” vacation in a different city each year where you and your adult siblings can reconnect and enjoy each other’s company. Often there are ways to see your relationships in a new light – and strengthen your confidence and interpersonal interactions in all areas of your life. Or choose a unique piece of art, craft or antique that you can each keep a copy of in your home to remind you of your loved ones and your shared bond.
In addition to honoring old family traditions (singing certain songs, cooking certain meals, perhaps vacationing at a certain destination), it helps to create new traditions as your family changes and grows over the years. What are some ways that your way of relating to your family has changed or gotten better as you’ve gotten older? But attention to your existing customers, no matter how small they are, is essential to keeping your business thriving. Whatever method you use, the key is to dramatically point out to customers what excellent service you are giving them. Use your imagination, and you’ll think of plenty of other ideas that can help you develop a lasting relationship.
Use these methods that create sustainable plans of action to lift, run, and live with purpose! Not only is this normal, I believe it's a necessary process in order create lasting habits. There are multiple reasons why your training has derailed, but the truth is that there's not one answer.
Approach them with an open mind, and a few minutes from now, you'll own the tools to reinvigorate your physical life. Let this idea settle in, and something profound becomes apparent: rest and recovery are training, as much and maybe more than anything you do in the gym. Accelerate your adaptation with low-level aerobic activities like long walks and extended mobility routines.

Build up to doing 100 kettlebell swings with the heaviest weight you can swing with good form in five minutes.
There's nothing like pitting yourself against your peers to reinvigorate your training intensity. Powerlifting, strongman, 5ks, and bodybuilding shows all accomplish the same foundational goal. You work hard and focus just as hard, confident that everything you're doing is leading to something greater. Use it to grow and to enhance your life, and don't waste your energy making mountains out of molehills. We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist,your supplement expert, your lifting partner, your support group. I asked a panel of successful young entrepreneurs about the types of promotions they have used to build their companies’ buzz and sales. Web design company strategies that increase the appeal of your business in every direction can help you tap the marketing potential of the web to best effect.
In this video Orman Clark discusses how he does it on a daily basis through his site Premium Pixels. Or send a heartfelt personal letter to show them how you feel and explain where you are in your life, and express your excitement to welcome them back into it after a period of time apart. People are social creatures, and we are almost always happy to be invited to connect with each other. Some of the happiest families are the ones that best know how to celebrate – and it doesn’t always have to be a “special occasion” or an expensive celebration. Life isn’t always fun and roses, and one of the best ways to stay close as a family is to be together in times of mourning and sadness. One of the best ways to keep our families strong is to do these seemingly small things each year – re-connecting, celebrating, socializing, passing the time together and honoring each other’s lives with our presence. With all the squabbles that come with it, but even more, knowing that we’re on the same side no matter what. If you’re having trouble getting through, leave a voice-mail message that you want to talk to the person directly or will stop by his or her office at a designated time.
Hold that perspective, and it's easy to accept how a week of rest fits into your program. Bike rides, hikes, and shooting hoops are all great for physical rejuvenation and clearing the mind. Kettlebells and the Russian philosophies that spawned them litter gyms from Indonesia to Indiana.
If you're sick of worrying about aesthetics, switch it up and master all that kettlebells have to offer.
Some people don't have the financial means to train and work three jobs to feed their children. We provide the technology, tools, andproducts you need to burn fat, build muscle, and become your best self. You are not being cocky when you talk to customers about all the work you have done to please them. Use your creativity to come up with interesting gift ideas that tie into your business, the customer’s business or his or her recent purchase. Rest is necessary before you refocus and push forward again, and one rest day isn't going to cut it.
Combine daily small challenges with larger weekly conquests, and your training will be filled with purpose. Olympic lifting has surged in popularity, and powerlifting and bodybuilding remain steadfast.
Make the commitment, and know that every training session brings you one step closer to standing toe to toe with other athletes who want to beat you.
Take a global view, and you'll see that merely being able to enrich your days with physical training is a rare privilege. Here are ten quick website changes that will take you no more than 30 minutes each to implement.
When I met my husband (now of 36 years), he lived with his parents, which coming from the States seemed odd for a grown man. Just make a phone call and let them know they don’t have to worry because you handled the paperwork, called the attorney or double-checked the shipment — one less thing they have to do. All of a sudden, the physiological changes that accompany your traininga€”more strength, better movement, better physiquea€”are just an added bonus. Why what is the point, its so hypocritical sometimes althougn can be lonely on own i think o well i dont have to spend it with a partners family either.
Happy families i think are a bit of a myth, sometimes being a [partnerless only child seems the best thing to be you dont have to pretend to like people you dont.

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