While resentment is usually a feeling towards an outward source, it is also important to rid yourself of any inner feeling that hinders who you are as a person. The concept of non-attachment has to be one of the hardest to learn as one who is interested in pursuing their highest goals. If you set a goal and work towards it with focus, positivity and block out all negative doubt and emotions you will move towards your success at a very rapid pace.
To be successful one needs to first enlighten them-selves by shedding the anchors that are keeping you from RISING UP.
If you've never done a workshop before, or You suddenly find yourself required to do a workshop, or If you've dabbled and would like to improve your results . Is this your first workshop or would you like to make your workshop presentation more dynamic? The e-book alone gives you "hands on" access to already designed, dynamic exercises that will capture and engage your audience. Grow a list of glowing testimonials that you can use in your marketing materials (web site, brochures, etc.).
I was attracted to 7 Simple Secrets to Successful Workshops because at my recent speaking engagements, I've been asked by participants to provide a follow-up hands on and practical workshop.
If you're considering purchasing 7 Simple Secrets to Successful Workshops as I was, buy before the price goes up! This 5-day class was a model and structure for developing workshops and provided me with the confidence that I can produce a fun and dynamic workshop. I found this teleclass of enormous value, so much so that I actually looked forward to getting up at 3am in the morning to attend.What I found valuable in this 5-day teleclass was the level of knowledge that was passed on by the presenters. Whether you are choosing a topic or one has been requested, 7 Simple Secrets to Successful Workshops will guide you.
Having you WALK us through it personally - and having the personal anecdotes, stories,ideas has been bringing it to LIFE so much better. I had an out-of-town three day Workshop to get ready for and was a little stuck (diff material than I was used to presenting) and thought that any additional resource to better prepare for the workshop would be beneficial. This book worked exceptionally well for the workshop I ran, will definitely refer to again for future projects.
It covers a wide range of topic queries a new presenter may have and can fine-tune the final product of a seasoned presenter. An "Instructional Design Checklist" which will help you determine the design work required to develop your workshop.
NavAir Orlando's "Training Revolution Lexicon Dictionary," a 60-page reference with hundreds of training-related terms. Langevin Learning Services "Training Terms Dictionary," a 45-page reference of training terms A-Z. I recently delivered my first workshop and thankfully remembered to purchase Marion and Barbara's 7 Simple Secrets to Successful Workshops. The participants were so grateful not only for what I brought, but also for the clarity, high levels of active involvement, and ease of understanding. FEAR NOT THOSE LAST MINUTE, ALL-TOO-INEVITABLE SURPRISES THAT THREATEN TO THROW YOUR WORKSHOP OFF TRACK. Included in the e-book and further discussed with more examples in the audio program are the two masterful elements that ensure your workshop stands out and provides an opportunity for you to showcase your expertise. Click below to receive either your copy of the e-book and the RealAudio or the book alone and the three bonuses.
After a great deal of thought, we have priced 7 Simple Secrets to Successful Workshops e-book at only $47 NO! OR, for only $77 (that was the old price), NOW it's $47, you get the e-book, PLUS you also get immediate access to the 5 hour recorded program: Secrets to Designing Dynamic Workshops from Scratch as facilitated by Steve Davis and Marion Franklin, a course based on the book.
We are practically giving it away - at least for a short while - because we are so confident that it will generate referrals and happy customers and spread positive feedback. Just Click below and you can immediately download your copy of the e-book AND the three complimentary bonuses right away or order the e-book PLUS RealAudio, and complimentary bonuses. After purchasing the book, you are entitled to a 20% discount; After purchasing the book and audio combination, you are entitled to a 50% discount on the above-quoted consultation fee if you choose to take advantage of this offer. It offers tools for creating handouts, how to present them, workshop set-up and structure, time management, how to research your chosen topic and create relevant and compelling questions, exercises, and material. There are examples of questions to use at any point during your workshop to keep the flow and momentum going, and to make you feel like you can maneuver through any inevitable glitch or surprise.

I can honestly and eagerly say, after reading 7 Simple Secrets to Successful Workshops, I feel like I now have the tools to set up and present my own workshops in a way I wouldn't have believed before I picked the ebook up! If you want to maximise your marketing for 2013, you need to be integrating email into your marketing mix. Email marketing takes you directly to your customers, every time you have a product to sell or a message to get out there. And with the rise of mobile internet, email marketing lets you grab your customers’ attention on the move. With a great message, winning design, and solid campaign; including email into your marketing mix can be hugely powerful and beneficial.
But in an age of online and email spammers and scammers, your business needs to tread the fine line between being informative, and being a pest. So how can you increase open rates, click through rates (CTRs), and the all important conversion rate? If you want to increase your open rate and get the biggest bang for your email marketing buck, you need to hit ‘send’ at the optimum moment.
By taking the time to tailor your marketing message to specific sections of your audience or prospect list, your eshots become more personal.
Check out our blog post on creating emails your customers will love for more tips on targeting your message. If you’ve taken the time to construct an eshot, you want your customers and prospects to perform a certain action. By making it clear exactly what they will achieve by contacting you – and how you want them to convert – you can increase your CTR and conversions.
To make this easier for your recipients, include social sharing icons and an ‘email to friend’ option. Ask your designer to create a custom template for your email campaign that features your company branding.
Because of this, your text needs to stand alone in case your readers don’t download the images.
Perhaps the most important secret for email marketing success we can share is to always test your campaigns.
Test sending them at different times of the day, different layouts, types of copy, and different calls-to-action. If you’re thinking of implementing an email marketing campaign for your business, our online marketing team can help. As a leading marketing agency, we can work closely with you to produce a winning design, killer copy, and help you send them at the best possible time. 3 Crucial Signs Your Business Needs a Brand Makeover Most of us, when we first start out in business, usually have very specific goals for what we want to accomplish and the work we want to be known for.
10 Simple Keys to Building a 7-Figure Brand RESERVE YOUR SPOT for the 7-Figure Brand Master Class on December 12, 2015 to gain first-hand insights, resources and tools to help you simplify and demystify how to build a profitable brand!
6 Branding Lessons You Can Learn from South Africa I returned from my transformational trip to South Africa on Friday, October 30th, and spent most of my plane ride back to DC scheming about how to return to South Africa ASAP. The Major Mistake You’re Making with Your Brand That’s Costing You Money **Get your brand ready for a successful 2016! 3 Lessons from Hyundai on Turning Around a Failing Brand How do you go from being synonymous with shoddy, sub-par engineering to becoming a Top 100 Global Brand? 6 Major Mistakes Bloggers Make With Their Brands (and How to Fix Them) I love all things branding and believe that we are all “brands” whether we realize it or not.
A Media Expert Shares Her Top 5 Secrets for Creating Irresistible Videos If you’re working on building a successful brand or business, the reality is you also need great content that will help you stand out from your competition. 10 Simple Ways to Give Your Brand and Business a Boost What makes the biggest brands so successful? ABOUTBold & Fearless is a chic lifestyle brand and online magazine for professional women of Africa and the Diaspora who are passionate about faith, purpose, service and leadership. Mother Terrissa of Calcutta, unconditionally served, unwanted girls with their babies & Lappers also lived life like lotus.
I recently found a TEDx video with another seven rules for great living that I thought pertained to some of these, even though the delivery is a little more caustic. As we live and think too fast, it is very easy for our thoughts to grasp onto something negative. A moment of silence allows us to relax and to rethink about the events that happened the whole day.

7 Simple Secrets to Successful Workshops is a must have resource for any aspiring trainer, facilitator, or group leader!
The 5 hour audio program enhances the examples from the book through facilitator and participant discussion.Save yourself days of preparation, freeing yourself up for more leisure time and enjoyment.
The book definitely saved me time and energy, because otherwise I would have had to reinvent the wheel. I thought the content was great - the e-book is wonderful - succinct, well organized, and practical information. I walked away with a greater understanding of the importance of building trust with the audience and designing content that passes on a good depth of information. Included is a powerful, one step formula for selecting your own topic and a three-step process for presentations when you don't have complete control over doing so. The EASE with which you both delivered the information and flowed back and forth with each other demonstrated true mastery in action. It gave me peace of mind in knowing I had covered the bases of what a "Successful Workshop" should look like. Included in 7 Simple Secrets to Successful Workshops are ten, fail-safe ideas that seasoned presenters use to increase the likelihood of a smooth presentation. 7 Simple Secrets to Successful Workshops offers substantive guidance to understand workshop preparation.
The bonus tips offer promotional ideas, how to outline your workshop for the best ease of use during the workshop, how to handle difficult participants, and where to go for support while you begin to step out into the world of public speaking.
Rather than relying on them finding you through SEO, or interacting with you on social media, sending an eshot gives you another chance to reach out to your customers on a personal level.
Your customers are bombarded with hundreds of emails a day, and you need to make sure yours withstands the spam test.
Send your eshots too early in the day, and they risk getting lost in a mountain of overnight messages. People will have already worked their way through their inbox and replied to messages from the day before or lunch time. By sending a targeted message to a specific and segmented contact list, you will have increased success compared to sending a single message to a blanket audience. By producing something unique, interesting, controversial, funny, cute, or usual; your audience are much more likely to share it with their friends. Whether it contains a discount code, special offer, or something really memorable; include something your customers will want to pass on. Completely image based emails look great, but they’re not exactly functional for all browsers, devices, and email providers.
You will experience different levels of success, and find that different emails will work better for different audiences. They follow some of the most important rules of developing and cultivating an incredible reputation.
I've already recommended the book to fellow colleagues who are also in the process of developing their own workshops.
The information in the ebook was repeated, reviewed, and used as a launching point for discussion. You created an environment right from the start that was open, friendly which made all the participants well at ease and willing to share.
Send them too late in the day, and there’s a chance your recipients will just hit ‘delete’ before reading. This will help increase brand awareness, cement your status as an industry authority, and boost your conversion rate. It takes a strong mind, settled soul and focused energy to tune out our surroundings and tune into ourselves. You are freer to live your life, and thus you are freer to be yourself, and thus you are kinder to other people, etc and so forth. The things we hold onto really are like cement bricks sinking us to the bottom of the ocean. I received enough value before the first class to justify all of my costs and it just kept getting better!

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