I can also watch bunches movies through my Netflix online streaming.  As I type this I am watching Desperately Seeking Santa on Netflix. You can honestly say the month of December, particularly leading up to Christmas Day, is the pinnacle of the arts and crafts season in homes, community centers and schools everywhere.
Christmas seems to bring out the best in children and adult arts and craft ideas bringing to life colorful characters, people, and other images both secular and religious alike such as Santa, snowman, reindeer, elf, snowflakes, Christmas trees, ornaments, the star of Bethlehem, angels, Mary, Joesph, the baby Jesus and various nativity scenes. I have searched through dozens of Christmas arts and crafts DIY Pinterest pinboards and have seen thousands of ideas.
Looking through these 10 pinboards has been exciting and fun for myself, and I believe they will be for you too.
I love Pinterest and seeing these holiday images and craft ideas can really bring out the creativity in all of us.

All year round I watch horror (still do this time of year as well), but I have become obsessed with holiday movies. I selected these top 10 pinboards as I believe them to be a good representation of a wide variety of popular and unique craft projects. Here is a few sampling Christmas arts and crafts ideas: glitter reindeer, baby deer hat tutorial, 10 fingerprint and hand print crafts, felt ornaments tutorial, pom pom ribbon tree, DIY Christmas tree craft tutorial, how to make your own snow globe, Santa beard advent calendar, reindeer brown paper gift bag craft, make glitter snowflake ornaments, colorful whimsical trees, reindeer craft sticks, and sock snowmen.
Here is a small sampling of what you will find on this board: free Christmas printable gift tag cut outs, thumbprint and fingerprint art, recycling paper craft wings, stained glass ornaments using recycled materials, candy cane ornaments, yarn tassel ornaments, recycled holiday boxes, paper plate angels, yarn owl, button cards, wood crafts for kids, egg carton tree, popsicle stick ormaments, DIY Christmas stocking pattern, and sheet music star ornaments. Give your home that personal touch with these fabulous craft ideas: handprint and footprint Christmas plate ideas, reindeer craft, homemade ornaments, free print out nativity scene, free nativity pre-K pack, making a holiday mini-book, cute holiday characters with craft sticks, making candy cane paint, free printable candy bar wrappers, Rudolph bag craft, 50 crafts projects for kids for the holidays, DIY wreath, paper plate wreath, towel reindeer, baby food jar snowmen, 35 free printable holiday crafts, nativity scene craft sticks project idea, and free elf patterns. I turn it on and can leave it on all day without worrying about the kids walking in and seeing someone being dismembered or topless (like horror likes to do).

Just give these a try: DIY Christmas art, free planner, frozen pizza cardboard paper strip wreath, make your own fabulous holiday binder, cute wooden snowman spoons, click to print coupons, tutorials for clothespin art with magnetic strip, free printable holiday checklist, whimsical stocking patterns, great way to store lights without tangles, DIY Santa hat tutorial, pretty loud and festive Christmas sweater ideas, 258 handmade decoration ideas, 21 free gift tag printables, imaginative cork reindeer held together with toothpicks, DIY dollar store village, snow globe tutorials, 100 random acts of kindness ideas, 16 hand painted clothespin, dollar store snowflake ornament, 25 days printables, vintage Christmas tag printables, 101+ amazing ideas, and 150 stocking stuffer ideas for everyone.
Try your hand at some of these great holiday project ideas: DIY star cluster hair clip, tree earrings, pom pom earrings, the perfect holiday bow, super earring ornament earrings, 50 plus Christmas gifts to make under $10, crochet tree garland, beautiful and colorful crochet ornaments, snowmen pin and earrings tutorial, free printable holiday gift tags and labels, Christmas tree earring tutorial, no mess glittered ornaments, 101 handmade ornament tutorials, inventive decor ideas, how to make snowflakes, and little silver house using cardboard and duct tape.

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